I like this breakout on ISIL. This one qualified as trade/investment of the week. Take a look at the 1 year and 5 year. Nice call Brett.

Recommendation: Looking at this as an somewhat short term play. June 30's? Very cheap!

KOP broke an ascending triangle today. Kramer opened his segment with it last night and I just checked it so missed the move.


Oh, and the marketcast was so darn funny tonight I laughed till I cried. The Scottish dude was hilarious. When he called Eric a kilt lifter I darn near blew an intestine.

Jeff, tonight's CAST was an ALL time classic. We have been to Scotland and while your Uncle did sound almost Scottish it sure did remind me of our visit, although I could understand this guy. This was just too funny...

Jeff, you & Eric are having WAY too much fun on the marketcast. It really was hilarious tonight. I'm guessing one of you fell out of their chair laughing.

How 'bout another bearish trade? I need one more for portfolio diversification. Already in CME (a good one). Kinda frustrating to try to diversify. I keep wanting to do 100% bullish everything, but I learned that lesson on 2/27.
Already long on AH, BUCY, FSLR, HOG, & PCP. Good luck, all!

Pat H


watch the airlines closely. I'm in puts on AMR and LCC. AMR confirmed a head and shoulders top following earnings last week, and is looking to retest the neckline.

LCC broke down from a descending triangle and has earnings in the morning.

Both of these should offer you opportunities since the entire airline sector appears to be in shambles.

___________DO NOT READ THIS____________

The writer of this strand doesn't have a clue about holding over earnings!!!!

Some of you may have read something I wrote a few strands back about my PCAR episode, and how, in hindsight, it was logical that PCAR was going to take off. Those of you who read it and thought "Hmmmm these Chris and Catherine people are savy investors and worthy of my attention" should have a look at FFIV this morning. It was in a downward trend and the past couple of days the downward trend accelerated on increasing volume until yesterday's volume was nearly triple the average. Looks like PCAR in reverse. HOLD OVER EARNINGS!!!! Right?

At 8:30 this morning the pre-market trading has FFIV up 17% Fortunately I actually noticed that earnings were coming up a few days ago and got out. Not a huge gain, but I was still edgey about holding anything over earnings.

Still am.

Chris and Catherine

Chris and Catherine,

I was actually thinking that it probably wouldn't send the right message for you to keep the cash you made by holding over PCAR's earnings. After all, what kind of physcological damage would you have by seeing that breaking a rule actually made you money!!!

My suggestion is to fly us all up to Canada and let's have a big bash!

ISIL does look like a nice set up, I'm also looking at July's calls just because of the "marketcast affect" that some of these TOTW's can have on 1 particular option.

Happy trading!


come on Brett,,,pony up to the plate and tell us your story,,,please,,we need inspiration!


Thanks, Brett -
The airlines are definitely tanking. Not sure I want to book a flight right now.
I'll keep an eye on them.

:-) Pat

The only difference is if you look at ffiv on April 17 or so there was a huge volume day going up. I had that put too and decided to take a loss on it. My reasoning was that all those buyers in one day, unusual for a downtrending stock, maybe someone knew ahead of time of the results? Also look at trading as a probability game, the probability of the stock not to continue down was given at that point, maybe yes or maybe no, now you are guessing. If you are going to guess the earnings game put as many odds on your side, also most stocks are beating earnings this quarter, that should go against that trade also.

Take a look at AMX should move today, ACL I am not sure.

David S

Brett has a long, sorry story that he doesn't like to share with too many people, so I'll fill you in if you promise not to tell anyone else. He was abandoned as a baby and washed up on the shore of lake Ocheewonbokee (in southern Montana) and was adopted by wolves. He became a strapping young lad with an uncanny ability to tune in to the "music of the spheres" (as his adoptive parents called it.) He still lives in a cave on the Montana, Alberta boarder with his pet cheetah "Bruce" who runs all his stock picks to the post office in Debuke, where they are typed on to the internet. A few months ago, Brett was bitten by a radioactive spider (which had escaped from a nearby nuclear power plant, where it was the pet of the Chief Electrician, Bart) and has since been able to predict stocks with his "Spidey Sense." I've glossed over all the traumatic bits, but I think you get the overall picture. Keep it to yourself. You've heard the saying "So simple even a caveman could do it?"


Chris and Catherine

Honestly Sue, I'd be delighted to tell you my story but it will be a lot more exciting in about a month and a half.

I will tell you this much: it's filled with a lot of bad losses, weekends and evenings studying mistakes, genuine soul-searching sessions, and trying out every trading strategy until I found what worked for me. Many nights i went to bed ready to quit and woke up saying, "who am i kidding? I could NEVER give this up." It starts with a genuine passion. That passion keeps you from giving up, it keeps you improving, and like anything else, you will excel at things you love to do. This may sound ridiculous, and it's probably not realistic, but I actually believe when i turn on my monitor that I'm going to be the best options trader in Omaha that day. And if I do something stupid (which I still do), I make sure to figure out why it happened. I make notes to myself during the trading day if I get emotional and review those notes in the evening. I want to eliminate all emotion in trading (sure, it's fun to celebrate and mourn your trades in a joking fashion on the blog, but it should never go beyond that). In short, I constantly work on myself.

Sadly, the thing everyone here needs is more time and unfortunately that's just not practical for the average person with work and family requirements. Somehow, everyone in my life saw how important this was to me early on and always believed in what I was developing. The other thing you need is to get your a$$ kicked. I mean REALLY get your a$$ kicked. The paradox is that getting killed is precisely how you learn to win, but is actually what eliminates the weaker traders from the game. I'd say read a lot of books too, but I know you've done that already.

I'm sorry for rambling and I'd be very happy to discuss further but like i said, it's going to be another month and a half before i'm actually professional.

However, my email is and I'd love to interact with more of you either on or off the blog. I've been chatting with a few of you and have really enjoyed it.

Above all, you guys really need to focus on what Jeff is saying. There are a lot of traders over at INVESTools but NO ONE provides the kind of one-on-one interaction, the quality of education and the real guidance that he does. The guy's just amazing and I would recommend going through the archives and re-reading his posts.

Chris, my man, you have a vivid imagination. That was some good stuff!

Looks like CY isn't racing to the moon just yet, and the volatility is bound to plummet so we may have made the right call.


The restest on LCC is holding following earnings. AMR looks good too and Jeff's pick HMIN.

There are 3 bearish ideas for your trading.

Take a look at bud for a bearish play lots of volume and missed earnings. Also since I think it is such a known name it should help on the way down. A lot of non pro traders buy it for the name and now they are disapointed due to the miss.
If it brakes 50 that should help the momentum.

What say you?

David S

What do you think about CRS, may have to wait till after earnigs to find out where it is going?

David S


looks like a failed breakout attempt and a long way down.

Looks like i'll be going to CMG again for lunch today.

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