Bulls on Parade

I have been a little preoccupied this morning with the market and some irritated executives. So many things to throw money at and so little time. I am amazed at the rally today, but am really impressed at most of the bearish picks holding ground today. The biggest loser is BXP and only up 1.28% at the moment. All this while the Dow is up two hund!

CTSH: That was easy.

RTP: Getting ripe

MA: I got a call from Mastercard last night. Instead of making my minimum payment, a supervisor got on the phone and begged me to buy this dip this morning. I agreed, but only after we negotiated that the "over the limit" fee was waived.

Recommendation: I don't really have a Mastercard account. Grandma bought up all my debts a long time ago (Rounders).

Long: Stocks and diversification

Short: Spreads

JK, I was looking at MA's chart last night and wishing I had capital... Some other day. Some other day...


If it breaks down tomorrow you can have some of mine.


As long as your doling it out, I could use some extra $$ while your at it..

Ugh, missed the CTSH due to just not acting on my alert. Nice jump though, good pick. Looking for the pull back now that it is over extended... but that may not happen for a while.
Ryan from SF
aka "The no-action alerter"

AMG at a nice entry point..

Ryan in SF...

It's been awhile.

Raimo, if you are looking for US dollars, I will sell you them all day long.


You are alright! A Team player to the core!

Haha.. grandma...

The thing is, if you can't spot the sucker at the table in the first 30 minutes .... then you are the sucker.

I love that movie.

Joel R.

Your a real sweetheart Jeff. Will your take .50 cents on the dollar, LOL...

I hope some of you took my REDF reccomendation a while back....

Jeff, jumped on MA this A.M. myself. Hoping it works some magic.
Does the dollar go down everyday ?



What happened to work?


14,000 or bust... something

Should I be concerned at all about good stocks that aren't participating in today's rally? (JOYG in particular)


Work was a grand illusion that I will be back to real soon. I promise.

Although, the market is "work" too.


Bob R,
I'm with you on your analysis of GS, dude. I've never met anyone who could hit the analytical nail on the head like you do. You'll need Catherine's bag of hammers, though as you seem to have 10 nails out there.

Personally I like to go on my gut feeling on those ones. And my gut says sit back, have a Yeungling, gaze at the bright blue sky, put a steak on the Barbie (que) and think about it. For a long while. I always say "whenever I feel the need to act on something I sit back and let it pass." Nothing beats lethargy like a little procrastination.

Doji Girl,

I am questioning my bullish positions also. Some are only up a few cents...



C&C - You crack me up. My lethargy kept me out of NMX when it was only up $1.30. Doh!

Joel R.

C2, I have a case of the Yuengling for you....

GBHARCORE, yeah, airplane exits I do have under my belt. My proudest one of course occurred in Bonaire, when my untied shoelaces casued me to tumble down the entire set of exit stairs on that puddle jumper. Jeeeesh, what jerk...

Do have some rapelling though out of choppers..that was cool, did that early 80's at West Point...

anyone take LFC as per JK ?? I did, nice..

Doji Girl,

My account is down today also, even though I am evenly balanced between calls and puts. I exited JOSB today based on my rules, rats!


Where are the POT Sept 75 calls?


How many WM's and Burrittos you eat today buddy? Jeeesh, there are so many bulls running today I can smell them...

What a move.


Can I use: "Nothing beats lethargy like a little procrastination." That is choice!


Don't look now, but BSC busted through $141.50...so if you're gonna hang, support will be at your friend and mine $145...except that time is eatin' away...

Looks like it's about time to bag COH. Ah well, I always thought their stuff was over priced. My wife said, "...it went up today...and I didn't even go buy one"!

What is your target on CIB? Is 40 too optimistic?

I have been trying to access your master talk from last night but I only get the recordings of Kelly and Alan. Can you point me in the right direction?

That REDF is totally insane! Why didn't I listen to you.
Hard to not get carried away today, but man, what a break out of that channel. A retest tomorrow would be triple digits. Crazy.
Peter V


Yeah, I am watching BSC....GS too. They are weak, like the Ukraine!

BSC will fall. Lower highs and lows buddy...

Don't hit the panic button, not yet..


POT split 3 for 1 at the end of may, so some months you will see just have unusual strike prices based on the split.

MMM, are we finally getting the breakout? I have been patiently waiting for about a month

Peter V..

I believe I also mentioned SIFY at the same time...don't look now...

Anything I say is usually ignored, so use whatever you want... especially if you want to be ignored.


It's at a bulletproof entry point today. Although a big spike like this one to bring it back to it's diagonal support worries me a bit... it's at a point where a move over $53 is my exit. But I think the likelyhood is that it's going to head down. Especially if the market takes a bit of a breather after todays jump in the gnosh pit.

Speaking of gnosh pits... The girls and I are taking Catherine to see Micheal Buble in Portland OR in August. We're worried about dressing up too much, cause when we jump into the gnosh pit we might get the sweat of some of the "Gnoshies" on us. Any thoughts? Does anyone know a good hotel to stay at that'd be close to the Theater district?


Flag Pattern Experts...

When planning my exit, do I look at the flag's breakout point or the bottom of the flag?


Greg, I noticed it split, but there is a "normal" strike price for every other multiple of 5 besides 75. The split may explain it, but it sure seems odd. Is it okay to play the split strike?

DG - I see you got $40 from the flag breakout. However, back out to a longer term chart and i see the potential for $45-50.

Also, I see today as an EXCELLENT entry to Jeff's daughter's favorite skate-shoe company. HLYS can't seem to get over trendline OR horizontal resistance. Throw in a doji and I'm all in Teddy.

(sticking with the Rounders theme).

Glad to see GOOG get some buyers here at the end..

Same for AAPL too..

I don't remember who tossed out the KBR trade a while back but whoever you are, thank you, thank you, thank you. Up 400% so far.

Both ONT and EXM are up 10% today.
Just sayin'....


Let's see if you and I can cause the bottom to fall out of that stock. I am a believer, even if I need to use force.

Also, I meant to address this earlier, but if you missed my Mastertalk presentation last night. It was beyond epic. I even endorsed it on Marketcast to generate some buzz.

All that and I didn;t realize it was my week off. The e-mail complaints have rounded 50, and I feel like a moron.

Long: Rounders

Short: Jeff

Bob R,
ONe day I will come down and take you up on your Yeungling. I'll bring Corona, and we'll have a civilized taste testing free-for-all. Nothing like a little alcohol and guns to liven up a day.

By the way, did you really get into REDF a few days ago? If so you can afford two cases of Yeungling, and a partridge in some Pear (or even a peach) tree. NNNiiiiiiicccceeee call, buddy. May I call you buddy?

Bailed on PAY today, and am getting into C instead. Actually I just bought some WNR (short for "weiner"... and because I bought calls, that makes them "long weiners") instead... Oooops. I need to buy a put. Sort of like buying a vowel from Vana.

Hey is anyone else in CTV today? It's up 100% TODAY!! Does anyone know when earnings are for it? I might just sell it today and use that money to buy my C.

anyone still in LCC for a bearish play. It is sitting at resistance.

CTRP...breaking flag


Jeff, Brett,

Since I feel I owe you guys, I will help on HLYS.

I just bought Aug $40 calls

That should make it plummet...

Hope it helps...


Clean cups.....is that how you say it DG


There's no BSC "Panic Button" on my desk...oh jeez...what do I do now...cr@p...I'll just have to hold! Was planning on it anyway, thanks!

COH has been bagged, I'll watch for a potential later entry...still going up, along with everything else!

Even BNVI is going up today for the first time in 13 days...it's a $0.12 rally baby!!!

The Angry Trader strikes again. Looks like "The Repentant Years" hasn't been written yet.

Repent and be saved.

No wonder the "shirts" keep hounding you.

Catherine and I are almost out of Mastertalks. After all the money we have spent at IT we are having a hard time forking out another whack of money for MT. Tim, can you hack into it for us? I'll give you twenty bucks and one of Raimo's cases of Yeungling. Oh puleeeeaaazzzeeee?

C2..you are on for the Coors/Yuengling shootout. Come visit me as Stone Mountain Lodge, and let the taste testing begin.

I went long REDF back in June...it has been frustrating me to no end..but now I am happy....like a pig in you know what...

I want in on the master talk as well Tim..and later for the Yuengling...that deserves JW BLUE...

China rocks, if you haven't noticed.

Let me present CN for your trading pleasure.

Dow up 285!!!

Only this market could panic higher.

Only I would run enough searches to start the week off 3:1 on bearish/bullish ideas. Diversify...diversify...diversify.

Hope everyone is long in my Water Transportation department or looking to buy some dips in the refiners.


Amy, great question on flags... I use the breakout point and draw that line horizontally to classify a flag breakdown.

Anybody have FLML puts? Think I might have made a boo-boo. Exit was supposed to be on a close above 24, which it just sneaked over the last half hour- missed it. Increasing volume on the upside, decreasing on the downside. On top of that, I bought July 30s, but it was almost all intrinsic value.
Peter V

I just ran across this article on APPL and a potential drag on the stock. Maybe something to keep in mind when looking to buy an iPhone or maybe even be long APPL.



I read the article and, while I see the points, I don't think it's a big deal. I have an iPhone, I've never had a more impressive device, and I don't think replacing the battery every 2 years is a huge deal. When you buy a Motorola Q, the battery is so crappy you need to immediately buy an extended battery for over $40. I know, I had to do it. I also had to do the same with the Treo.

Plus, by the time the battery goes dead on the iPhone, you won't want to replace the battery, you're going to go get the newest iPhone, which will be 16 GB of space and do many cooler things than this one. Let the guy who buys your iPhone for 75% of your original purchase price on eBay worry about replacing the battery. These things have such an amazing aftermarket value it's ridiculous.

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