Weekly Watchlist Part 1

Fun video, cool shirt!

Hey champ - kicking ass! btw the page rocks :)

I appreciate your efforts.


Cool Sh*t lol I want a shirt.. I heard you just got back from Vegas. Where did you stay? I just got back on Friday.

Danny DR

Jeff, We need a printer (are there any printers out there?) and we need to take preorders and get those shirts/sweatshirts for Chicago! Besides, it would be a good addition to the online store. You would probably sell a few... thousand!

Thanks for the list, there are a few ideas there that are not already on my list.

Happy Fourth All! Drink plenty of beer! Or nothing.


Good List, some old, some new and some great possibilities!

Is that your OA logo? Cool, keep using it on everything you 'publish'!

Keep pushing the envelope, you're gettin' there!

Hey, where are the dancing girls...okay, okay...at least the girls have you to look at! :-/\

Have a Great Holiday everyone!!!

Nice video and I WANT A SHIRT!!

Quick question...a couple of the symbols I could not read or figure out on the video. (AYsomething and the last one BRsomething). Can someone post them here please?



I believe they were AYI and BRLI. Hope that helps.

Jeff Kohler=S.T.U.D.

Get me a shirt right now.

He's a trader
He's a teacher
He's a mad-man marketing creature ...
(sorry Bob!)

Utley cuts a Forex commercial in Chicago
And our guy says .. "Forget it .. let's cut the makeup and and high budget ... and get a cap and a OA TShirt"

The videos work Jeff .. and the personalization excels it .... Keep up the great work.

Someday ... we'll say ... "We learned the Kohler Method!"

Jeff: Congratulations, I bet all your dreams are coming true. I can see this site breaking out to new highs. Great video and format.

CNBC watch out here comes JEFF

Only the best!!

Jeff, Great technological advance to the weekly watch list! I really appreciate your efforts.

When will the shirts be ready? You can see we all want one; especially to wear at the Chicago Conference.



Shirt...where do I send my money?
Video...cool, very cool.
AAPl...c'mon, going to break to the upside dude, your killing me!!
Blog...what can I say, this place rocks...


Good stuff....

Jeff your amazing, The last thing I would ever want to do is make a video before bedtime! (now that could be scary!) Thanks Again & Have a great 4th

The "Option Addict-O-Meter" pegs a hard 10 on the new video delivery.
Up close and personal.

Great job Jeff!

Happy and safe 4th to everyone and as always...prosperous trading all.

Steve K.

Jeff!!! What a cool video!! You are breaking out!!

My preference would be a pink one - How about a tank top or capped sleeves.

Otherwise, I will just admire yours.


Anyone else interested in the women's version?


SusanFM--A women's version sounds good to me, but I would actually take either version!

Video..I love it. Now you need the staff..hair,makeup,roll camera!

BTW anyone else long FSLR....parabolic!


Great addition to the video. Your experiment with the technology paid of. Jeff, could you create a video in which you show a recent price pattern trade that reached its target and one that didn't and your thought process as it evolved. What you did with the swing/ trend trades differentiation really helped.


Here's my trade of the day:


Looks like VIP and CMI have July 4th rockets on for the holiday!

Can someone help? The last two videos I have been unable to watch. When I click on it nothing happens. Any suggestions?


Jeff Kohler Esquire if you please could I get a half shirt with the sleeves cut off?

Let me know if you need someone to sell them in the crowd in ChiTown. Awesome vid, great talent, what else is there?



I like the new technology. I need some help, though. When I play it, it shorts out a lot. Does that mean that it's too much for my computer to handle?


If you're having trouble watching the video, right-click on the link, which will open a menu, then select "Open in New Window" or "Open in New Tab", which should then open your Windows Media Player.

Alternately, you should be able to "Save Target As...", which you should also be able to open with Windows Media Player.

FWLT - Breaking Out on good volume.

Also want to buy shirt

Thanks Jeff! Interesting I had to watch this one twice for the first time as I found myself watching the video and not the charts and it was what ticker was that again.
Looks like a slow day although CAL stopped out on me before I got to my computer this morning. Funny that it stopped out at breakeven for me.

Thanks Chip....The video worked great!


Let's see if AAPL can be fruitful and mulitply today...to the upside!

As always a great video and the new technology rocks!! Catherine thinks we should call you "Swing Daddy" but I say you're a trader, not a swninger. Somehow "Trade Daddy" doesn't have the same ring... but it is appropriate.

I tried swinging on STR, DO, EMC, and SLB. All of them headed back up before I expected them to and I've missed out on the next leg up. Crap. So far being a swing trader sucks. Now I can't complain because I did get into some other trades with the money I got from selling these guys at their alleged peaks, and they've done reasonably well... but I'm not convinced it was worth the flurry of activity and subsequent fees I had to pay to get out and then back in.

XTO looks like a good entry.

OSG and PCU continue to rake in the money.

Doji Girl... which way are you swinging with MRVL? I just bailed on my Nov $17.50 puts I had on it.

Sarah, I love FSLR but it's very expensive on the option front. Might be a good stock to hold for the long run, though.

I am BULLISH on MRVL for several reasons. Technically, it looks like a breakout of a 6 week cup 'n handle. Fundamentally, it is strong. And the kicker is, it stands to benefit from I-phone mania as one of its components is made by MRVL.

Thanks for the tip Michelle. The site now works.
New format is great Jeff.


Jeff, I am moving to South America soon so if you make some sort of Option Addict man-thong Ill sport it and we'll get this site some advertising going Latin America style.


Loved the video! Very cool. My husband wanted to have a t-shirt made up for you with Option Addict on it. I want one. Actually, I'll take two! Where do I send the money!


BSC is testing me today.
Not sure if I'm gonna keep it over the holiday.

I suppose we can call the down draft in MLM and POT profit taking before the holiday?

A lot of text book setups!
I like the new video format.

John O'Shea


From your question yesterday re: NILE & EXM...

EXM-Personally, I don't like the set up. Resistance seems to be pegged at around 22.50 and your highs seem to be getting lower. This might be an early set up of a triangle of some sort, I'm not sure but I think there are better trades out there.

NILE-This seems to be stair stepping it's way up ever since earnings. I think you might want to wait until this is a little closer to a resistance point before getting in.

I hope this helps.


step_inv... There's a thought that doesn't improve with age. I spent a lot of time in Sao Paolo and trust me... the girl-thong is much more popular and would garner more (positive) attention.

Jeff I forgot to mention we'd love a couple of shirts, too. Today we'd pay $25 for them, tomorrow's a whole new day. Now we need a contest to come up with the logo.

Jeff ~ Love the video! And I definitely want a shirt too.

Chip. Thanks for the tip on wathcing the video w/Media Player. Much better quality.



I whole heartily agree with C&C. If you want to fit in with the guys wear a speedo. Maybe a logo on the backside. You don't want to scare off the girls before you even set foot on the beach. ;-)


SNCR is a stock to watch for a possible take over. The volitility is sky high! I bought the stock @ the open, it could go higher? AMG should've would,ve, could,ve Oh well!

doji girl,
If BSC is testing you, your entry must have been like mine usually are. To me, this looks like a perfect entry point. My puts have been nothing but cheap insurance this last little while. Everything I get into (put-wise) has reversed lately. MRVL, RTI, AKAM, ALB are all losing bits and pieces...PAY is the only one that I've made any money off lately.

LCC could be near a good entry point. But I'm not convinced it's going to head back down. It's a good time in the aviation industry (except for the price of oil) so it may stablize for a while.

Yeah, my puts are putting it to me. FFH (I think I should have gotten out while I was even yesterday.) That one has been up ever since I got into it. LCC, well, not doing great. BSC, you guys know what that one is doing. Oh, well. At least I don't have lots of contracts or lots of them. KIM is still looking fine.


Doji Girl-

Look at what BSC has done since May. It's making a steep staircase downwards where the stairs are getting a little wider as they go down. Almost like a reverse triangle. It looks on par with what it usually does.


Everything else is kind of lackluster (pulling back or doing nothing) except AAPL and CME.
I have a feeling it is going to be a boring day in the market with everybody heading on vacation.

I think I'll go find something to do with the kids.


Liz + C&C

Thanks for the tips:) Also, did you guys have a favorite town? Im looking to stay in one of the cheaper countries with great beaches and nightlife. If you have any suggestions I'd appreciate it. I was dissapointed to find out that Buenos Aires does not have much in the way of beaches. Either of you been to Montivedio?

I think my entry on BSC was good. I've sat through one retest while my profits evaporated and now it's doing it again only this time I'm losing more than profits. It hasn't hit my trade loss stop but it has crossed (sitting on actually) my resistance line. I probably won't bail on it unless it radically moves above this line in the next 2 hours. I'm still bearish on it overall.

I knew today would be choppy so I'm trying to just sit tight. I hope nothing blows up over the holiday. Literally.

Looks like everyone here is rah-rah'ing, and throwing out big winners. I just wanted to remind everyone to make SURE you're diversified. Don't get too overextended and DON'T count your gains before you take them.

The next time we have a correction, it may be the big one, and the buying on dips may not work again. Enjoy being right, enjoy outsized gains, but please make sure you're set up for a market drop also.

On a side note, I ordered an iPhone.


I thought you were trying to convince yourself not to get one?



FFH has been on my list for a while but I didn't enter the trade yet because a) the puts were very overpriced, imo. And b) it hasn't broken down through support yet which I have drawn in at 190. I think when that blows it will be good for 20 pts. But not yet.

You're making it sound like we should take our winnings off the table NOW. So how are you handling your portfolio for the holiday?

Run AAPL Run!


new thread

Doji Girl,
I couldn't agree more. I have watched profits evaporate as stocks re-test support lines. This is what has me contemplating swinging instead of trading. But it doesn't always retrace to the right spot. I think I'll take some stuff off the table this week and go buy myself some Corona and sit by the pool with my sweetie. I agree with Brett, in that these are the times that we get frustrated with puts that go nowhere and eventually I find myself getting too heavily weighted in calls and then WHAM!!! comes another 400 point loser. I think it's time to cherry pick. Find the ones that just seem to be bullet proof and buy small amounts.

No one told me you people bail early the day before the 4th. We hard working individuals north of the border put in a full days work before we celebrate out nation's birthday. This works well, as my youngest daughter is competing in a horsey type jumping competition tomorrow and I won't be here.

Happy July 4th to y'all. Drink and trade responsibly. Can't wait to see us all in OA shirts.

My name is Chris and Catherine and I are a addict.


Great stuff as always! But the fonts on the video are really difficult to read. It's what happens when you resize a graphic in the browser to something smaller than the original display. Anyway you can make the video appear larger in the browser? Or when you make your video capture, make the charts window smaller so the browser doesn't have to reduce it so much from it's original size.
In any case, the info is great and the stuff I'm learning here is revolutionizing my trading. Keep it up! And happy 4th!!


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