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Doji Girl,

here's my post from early this morning:

Some interesting ideas for today:

Long: ACO, ELON (the most explosive idea in a while), HNSN (a little extended), IRIS, ORA, RESP (if you're not in yet),

Short: HOLX, LAMR, WNR, VMC (not as great looking as it was this am, but still great)

Posted by Brett | 8:33 AM, September 20, 2007

Notice IRIS in the 'long' list? I don't post these things for nothing!

Sorry, Brett. I saw the list but I guess I missed seeing that name. Oh well. My loss.

As the cat is slowly coming out of the bag I will certainly pay it forward.

The artist formerly known as ARTY.


Is there any way I can change my name on your members list? I'd like it to read DojiGirl if possible.

Also, a question about your last post on option say to buy an extra month. But often you have to go to the next quarter if there is no next month. This week I faced that dilemna several times. October options were a little tight if I expected a 3 week move but December or Jan seemed ridiculously long for a swing trader like me. Would you still recommend buying more time and then just selling it back if I don't use it, so to speak?

Actually, if Chris & Catherine are C2, you should really be C4. And who wouldn't want to be EXPLOSIVE???

My take on that is that I usually go with the extra time as it gives me a little time to swing the cat (as it were) and your time loss is almost nil if you're out before there's just a month left.

Beware... the Canadian dollar closed at .9975 US dollars today. We will soon send our sled dogs south, armed with egg cannons and pointy sticks.

And bananas. But they're imported. Although soon we'll be growing them in the arctic. There's lots of room up there, you know.



Brett, why C4? Is this some sort of Arty/Brett conspiracy?

test message to see if picture shows up

Well let's just say I am big enough to be two people!


Sorry no picture, I am trying the same thing

Dear Jeff,

Thank you for ZNH. This single stock has brought my 401K back from flat lining and I only have a small position (bought back at the bull flag breakout at 62). What a great run, so far. I've been moving the stop up intraday and am reluctant to take any profits in light of what I saw happen to BIDU (which I don't own).

So now I need some help. Where should I set the stop? Am I being a pig? Should I sell half now and buy it back if it crosses 100? Current stop is at 90 based on some intraday suppor at that level.

Thanks in advance.


I'm always happy to see everybody! I know it's a bit dorky but it's the only picture I had. I'm the one usually behind the camera, not in front.

I can't believe Prince is on the blog! Is he wearing a raspberry beret?


how do I get an official blogger name instead of anonymous


Was it you asking about OA gear? Doji Girl said that there was a picture of her right? Well, there's a picture of me as well when we were in Utah. I don't think any other of us girls have sent Jeff pictures in our gear. Every time I've worn my tank top I get asked what it means. Good advertisement...


Artist formerly....

Went onto your blog to get the picuter. Beauty!! If we put you on a horse and give you a lance, will you promise not to hurt yourself? Keep trying to get that photo on. It'll be worth it.

liz... actually the hat he's wearing is made out of bronze or something. Makes me thing that X might be worth another look, as there's got to be a ton of the stuff in the hat big enough to cover that head. Maybe we could make him a suit of armour, too.

Here it goes. I almost bought that ZNH but I heard Hop A Long Cassidy killed himself there. Bow and Arrow, very wierd.


does the login on myBlogLog site and site need to be same. How do I get my picture to show up in my comments

GO to and edit your profile "Screen Name"

It is a big day Brett - Arty's coming out party! But I bet you Raimo still calls me Arty.


It is a good thing Raimo is in the mountains on a mid week jaunt because with of the blog grab ass that is going to go on with this picture thing is going to be unsettling for him. And he is going to be pissed that I didn't have the balls to hang on to my Sept Goog 540's.



You passed. :-)

OK, Jeff, I joined. I couldn't get "Laney" though. I had to go with "Laney G" just so you know it's me.

I am trying to find a picture where I am not eating or look like I'm hopped up on downers. Seriously, why is it so hard for my husband to get a picture of me looking normal?

You asked me about what I liked about that book right? And how it's helped me? I'm trying to remember that many posts ago. Anyway, here it goes (at least one of the many things I've gleaned)...

"In what way does a trader have to learn how to be ridged and flexible at the same time? The answer is: We have to be ridged in our rules and flexible in our expectations. We need to be ridged in our rules so that we gain a sense of self-trust that can, and will always, protect us in an environment that has few, if any, boundaries. We need to be flexible in our expectations so we can perceive, with the greatest degree of clarity and objectivity, what the market is communicating to us from its perspective." -Trading In the Zone... Mark Douglas


Okay Sue & Laney-
Now you've got to get a picture up during the comments. I finally figured out how to do that yesterday. Arty or artist formerly known as... said it correctly on how to change pictures or add pictures.

Arty (okay that's going to take awhile)-
Love the hat. Though, it does not look like a raspberry beret.


You like the Cult & the Smiths?!?! Very cool! My husband doesn't even know who they are.


what a high tech blog! before we thank Jeff, we should all thank Al Gore for inventing the internet.

... thanks Al.

In the meantime, JOE to the downside looked good today, but may not be at REE anymore.

They don't need to be the same.


I must give Credit where credit is do, Brett walked me through the picture. Something Like this:

New Post, Attach Picture on your own blog, Double CLick Picture, Copy URL into the Blogger URL Picture in your profile and there you have ut.


It's a bit far on trendline support but if you pull up a line chart you'll see some support/resistance around 34.60. A 4 pt move or so to previous low around 30.77.


Jeff..... thanks for bringing some "meat" to the dinner table (the option pricing post), good info

i have tried numerous times to update my pic and it never works!! it is annoying, i go to edit and copy the ulr or url (whatever it's called) and paste it in the box, hit save changes and the same ol'picture appears....if any one has some pointers i would appreciate them...thanks

Did you copy the whole URL? When I was trying to post my picture I was only saving part of it. Save the whole string within the quotation. When I realized what I was doing it finally worked.


It will come to you I assure you. And let me make it clear I like the Smith's and not Morrissey.

I am becoming more fearful that Raimo will be home soon so here is my last post for the night as I have to become the The FARMER Formerly Known as ARTY.

I am longer than Kohler's Duvet cover right now and I could sure use about 8 awesome put opps. I already have Brett's list and mine but if anyone had any diamonds in the rough????

I will check in later tonight - fare well.



A rush and a push and the land that we stand on is ours...


Obviously somebody else who use to listen to them as well.


testing this damn system that has screwed up my log in.

Am I wrong in my thinking that it looks like a bearish divergence might be forming on the historical graphs?



VA Beach Girl,

I'm having issues trying to get this damn member sign in thing squared away as well. It's pissing me off.

Well thank goodness it's not just me. I'm more wound up about this right now than the fed mtg. on Tuesday. This just sucks!

I'm with you there, LisaG. I have a yahoo email account & am now trying to set up a blog account, but the sign in screen just keeps looping me back to the previous screen. Maybe I'm just a retard. Any kind folks with helpful suggestions?

Dallas, TX

Trent/VA Beach girl/Lisa.
if you're having problems, i think mybloglog is having server issues right now. They just started incorporating the whole yahoo thing.... could be why you're getting the loop.

I'd try it later on this evening.


Trent (and others),

Thank God. I was beginning to think it was me. I also have an existing yahoo account and kept getting the same thing--going around in circles. My patience is gone--imagine that! I just emailed customer support. I will let you know if I get a response.

Kevin -

I'm taking your advice, moving on and pouring a glass of wine as we speak (well, Dan is actually pouring for me 'cause I'm spoiled like that).

Kevin was correct. I got a response from customer service indicating they have a "bug" that they are desperately working to fix... I might open a bottle of wine myself after that bout of frustration.

I'm having the same loop problem where I put in my Yahoo id then it asks to confirm the old myblog password.....

Feels like I'm in the movie Ground Hog Day.

I guess it's server issues.

Funny as it is I love this Blog so much I have created 3 different ways to be involved: way)
-eblog (have no idea what this is)
-Yahoo (I guess this is the new thing)

If I spent this much time trading I'd be rich

Nite all

Brian K

That was funny!

Liz, I am looking for a picture. I can't find one as cute as Arty's.

Hey Arty, I know Sonia Dada! I worked for someone who placed a personal assistant to some radio executive. We got an autographed CD from them. Cool stuff!

mybloglog is overloaded from all the OA's trying to set up accounts (kudos Jeff)......

It might have been Jodi asking about girls that have the thongs...and pictures to see how they fit???? not positive about who posted that.

Anyway, whoever it was, I bought the OPTION ADDICT thong for my hottie mistress lover (10 years married/ 20 years together).....

So I'll ask her (no guarantees) if I can get a few pictures.

If successful I will forward them off to Jeff to post ;)

Let's see what happens

recomendations: Do not get slapped Ladd

Long: photos

Short: pictures (so far)

Parent/teacher night for our youngest's first year at highschool. The other day she came home and said "Thanks for helping with my homework, Dad. Now my Teacher thinks I'm retarded." I had to go and plead insanity. She bought it.

Arty, I've always been a sucker for a woman in a hat. You'll be pleased to know the same is not true of men. Have a look at ICE. Pretty good entry point and for such an expensive stock the puts are almost reasonable, with volatility higher than I'd like but only mid-range. Because The Artist Formerly Known as Arty is far to tedious to type, I hearby dub thee TAFKAA. I'm thinking Prince Tafkaa could work.


You asked for some potential put plays. Sorry if there are some duplicates from above. I'm just running through my thought process for tomorrow.


"I never meant to be your weekend lover."


TAFNAA...TAFKAA...Whatever it takes. Damn the silent k's. Damn my foul mouth tonight.

I'm off to get the Life


Well, That was tedious to get merged with Yahoo. I agree what everyone else has said about the whole experience. And it's bedtime no less - I'll be dreaming of BlogLog instead of stock picks.

I think I missed the instructions on how to get a photo to come up each time you post a comment. Could someone please explain it to me?

I see the one where CC (C4) said Brett told him: 'New Post. Attach Picture on your own Blog...' but can not figure out where 'New Post' is and if that refers to photo on comment.

Thanks a bunch! --Patti





Jeff had so many great bearish plays on his watchlist but I know some of you were looking for some more ideas. So, here are some more ideas.

UNT-looks like its at trendline support/resistance and horizontal support/resistance around 49/50. It's also formed a bit of a channel between 49 & 47. Buy the dip to move down a couple of bucks or wait for it to break below 47.50.

RSH-moved down from trendline support today but moving towards support/resistance at around 20/21. Looking for break below.

RHT-Wait for it to move higher closer to horizontal resistance around 20/21 and then take it for the ride down. Or wait for it to break 18.50.

PPS-moved down from trendline support/resistance but still not too far away from horizontal support/resistance around 40/41. Still need it to break 37.50 or so.

MHP-break below 47.50

MCO-moved away from trendline support/resistance today but it's still not too far and we have horizontal support/resistance around 49/50. Take it to around 42.50 and or wait for the ride lower.

KNXA-near horizontal and vertical support/resitance.

Some may be duplicates of Jeff's watchlists and others. Sorry if there's repeats. Anyway, just some other ideas, nothing more... nothing less.


I like the way ICE looks. There is some support right around where it closed today. There's also some longer term support right around 137. If it turns around you could get a pretty decent drop out of it. This will be on my radar for tomorrow for sure.


AFKAA's picture is pretty cool. Love the hat. I have faith you'll find something great.


Hello everyone! Hoping this works! I have had a good week since going to the 3-day workshop and reading Jeff's blog!


What do you mean "used to?" The Queen is Dead is one of the most frequently played album on my iTunes.

Mahmood, don't waste your time going to HyVee for the Java Monster. I just cleaned out their entire supply of Big Black and also filled out a customer request card for the Loca Mocha. There is a can of Mean Bean there still if you're interested.

That's ticker symbol: HANS (just to keep this post on-topic).


I see you got your picture all loaded up.

Now you just need to prepare that Fetzer valve with some 3-in-1 oil and some gauze pads. And I'm gonna need 'bout ten quarts of anti-freeze, preferably Prestone. No, no make that Quaker State.


be careful on shorting exchanges right now,,,merger talks again heating up,,tends to float them all


test 2.

Well, I did the official member thing but appear to be having problems posting comments while being signed in. Something simple I am screwing up, I'm sure, but an issue to be resolved another day...... And the picture will have to wait as well. I'm not even sure why my name doesn't show up next to the smiley face thing at this point...

Did I mention CME yestrday?

Oh yea.....I did

Long: my wife

Short: pics

Wow, sounds like a lot of pain tonight on getting to be an OFFICIAL member. Tim without you I (and Pam) would be faceless members. Wished I could remember how I did it to change the pictures now and then but like Liz I am normally on the other end of the camera. I tell Pam years from now when I am gone she will try to remember what I look like. Or maybe that is why there are no pictures of me...

Stop me if you think you've heard this one before.


Do not worry about your picture not showing up by your name when you're logged on. It just means you're logged on. If you come back to the page while not logged on you'll see your name. Make sense? I hope so. I worried about the same thing when I first joined.


You're funny!


I'll be liking CME much more once it decides to break 539.00


It's funny only if Pam is not reading this.


Liz, I like your picture too as you look happy.

Erin (Brett),

A rush and a push and the land that we stand on is ours...

I am hoping this is a reference is to my caffeine intake and Java Monster. (HANS to 100)

But let me tell you Sweetness, sweetness I was only joking

Which is equal to: (The Artist Formerly Known as ARTY + (C&C)+(CC)-TAFKAA)

I know that Jeff had so many great Bears on his watch list but at that time I was like Raimo holding a jelly sandwich. So I am looking for something fresh, like a new Sonia Dada album. Thanks for the ideas!



Don't tell me my business boy....I was talking about the ISIS!


Brett and Liz,

How soon is now? for September Paper?


Brett- Looking at your picture, all I can say is Wow! That sex change operation was a big success!


Regarding GRMN and UA (and Raimo's battle with PP):

Frankly, Mr. Shankly, this position I've held
It pays my way and it corrodes my soul
Oh, I didn't realize that you wrote poetry
I didn't realize you wrote such bloody awful poetry...

Prince Tafkaa,
I copied the URL and ran it and my youngest daughter came running from upstairs yelling "NO WAY!!! THAT'S CHARMED!!!"

Why is it that when I call her to clean the kitty litter she doesn't hear me if she's in the next room, but if I whisper something about her she can hear what I said if she's at a friend's house in the next county?


Nice work on the Bear list. I love to hear your analysis (actually I can only hear it if Catherine reads it to me... otherwise I read it) so I can compare notes with one of our top "non professional" traders.

Gadz, I thought I was up early. Was going to post at about 5 AM but didn't want to wake the rest o'youze.

While we're talking trash, can someone please tell me why/how Uncle Ben got the name Helicopter? I keep hearing it but don't understand the significance.

Oh, and someone email Raimo before he gets back here to skip this entire thread lest he get aggravated with our banter.


I know you're sick of GRMN questions, but this actually is a much larger concept...

Regarding stock pinning at expiration, I notice that the GRMN september calls have a heavy concentration of open interest in the $105 and $110 calls, whereas the majority of open interest in the puts is below the $105 level.

Am I reading too far into this, or does it seem more than coincidental that the stock is stuck between $105 and $110, when it has been widely accepted that the stock should be flying by now.

My hunch is that after today, or even later today, the stock begins rocketing up.



the conspiracy theorist in me says it is probably not a complete coincident,,I'm waiting for both UA and GRMN to bust out


From the mountains, and ready to rock. I have something later today I am working on that I will share with all of you.....yes, TRADE related.

I see I have lots of catching up to do. H,mmmm, new pics I see. Brett..nice pic...I thought you were short on it is confirmed. Nice sex change.

Will you marry me??

Easy Raimo,

The lack of Erin and Becky today has me in a sour and grumpy mood. Or maybe it's just the Smiths doing that to me.

"Oh Mother, I can feel the soil falling over my head.
And as I climb into an empty bed
Oh well. Enough said.
I know it's over - still I cling
I don't know where else I can go,"

Erin, (Brett?)

Is that a no?

Liz (and Grant)
regarding CME, yes, that was my point Wednesday, nice triangle, watching for the breakout of 240ish. But I also mentioned that one could take an anticipatory stance by playing the bounce off descending diagonal resistance.
thanks for your input

Brett, Sue,
I agree. For the last year and a half 75% of the markets gains are made during options expiration week. Buying The thurs friday before and selling fri nets big gains.

It will happen.....until it doesnt happen anymore.

Some stocks close just under strike. Concidence? I dont think so either. SFM

welcome back Raimo,,you obviously must have bagged your limit of bears, now ,where are Chip and Sean?


I was thinking the same thing, uh oh when Raimo gets back, we're gonna be in trouble.....

While the cat is gone the mice will play??? today the day?? Next week...stay tuned..

Brett, Ramio, Sue and SFM,

Would you please explain what you guys are talking about the different options open interest and expiration? I am a little lost here with why you think that based on this info it is more likely for GRMN to take of after today?


I can understand why you were so frustrated the other day. I am out a lot these days and had to scan through 80 posts. Please accept my apology again.
Let's get into some meat today.


I love NUVA..

Thank you Erin...

WCC is going to collapse. Love those October $40 puts.

ATW...bull flag breakout today??

someone mentioned, GNK. I like this too. I'm seeing a cup & handle with a 12 pt move with a nice retest today? Does anyone see it different.

Also, AKS, another cup and handle.


ATW looks good so far for a breakout.

(I'm not familiar with a bull flag, though).



GNK looks like a thing of beauty... I might get in on that one today; either real money or a paper trade.

I too have AKS on the radar



in an overly simplistic manner,,what it could mean is that GRMN is waiting until next week to bust out,,,thus leaving all the Sept option holders in the dust,,,if the price stays basically where it is,,a lot of paper expires worthless,,thus making the market makers for the options a lot of money


What Brett is saying that since there is a large open Interest at strike 110 for september. The market maker might be pinning the price at $110 (keeping the price lower then 110) so that those option will go worthless. It is a concept seen often in aapl, you will notice that certain stock get stuck arround a strike price arround expiry and once the expiry passes the stock moves again.

Since today is expiry we might see the movement in GRMN come Monday (or even near the end of the day)

I am planning on adding to my position then. currently I have a credit spread 100/95 in GRMN (play I started before the Fed anouncement to play the VOL crush).

Hope this explains (brett please correct me if I am wrong)


Good question. The majority of open interest always tends to be near the money, and the call interest is normal. However, the reason the open interest is so high in deep out the money puts, is a good portion of their volume was made when the stock was trading at these prices. Open interest hasn't changed which means these puts expire worthless at the expense of the retail investor. Smells like amateur hour, agree?

Also...on the topic of "stock pinning" since I have gotten 2 or 3 questions about that recently....
everyone remember that the pruchase/sale of a derivative does not change the underlying. It is the underlying that changes the derivative.

Great questions. I am tempted to sell off my position, which will no longer obligate me to answer them :)

Hadn't the ATW bull flag B/O already occurred?

Welcome Back, and all though it's already in my gallery, I love the PIC.


Mr. Raimo,
I respectfully retract my last statement. That would be a Bull Flag bounce. $10 bucks says Erin took that trade back on the bounce.


Dang I am late withmy comments.

Great explanation and good point about the underlying jeff. Sometime it alomost feels that the derivative is moving the underlying.

my CTSH is getting by the ORCL upgrade. Will wait till the end of the day to act on it as per my rules :-)

ELON looks like it finally wants to break out of that triangle... will be interesting to see if it confirms at the end of the day. I've been watching this one for a while as well.

Did anyone take PBR yesterday? What a bounce.

SCHN is also bouncing

I forgot FSTR low risk here, there is some soft support at 42.5 area and then 41.5

(Brett) or is it Erin,
I was spending a little time with Mr. Murphy (Tech anal of Fin MKTS) in the wee hours reading about saucers. Now does an upside down Saucer pattern work inversely to a Rounding Saucer Bottom if it plays out. Like the one on Cap One Fin COF?

I would have spent time with Mr. Shankly, but frankly he wasn't around.....and sometimes I feel more fulfilled, making Christmas cards for the mentally ill.



I'll let you slide since you addressed me properly, that is, with your tail between your legs....LOL


Yes, you can pretty much turn any pattern upside down and it works. Except the reverse 'J', however. That one needs to be vertical with a very strong acc/dist.


Look up this link to read a bit about your upside down saucer.

The Option Addict Presently known as Sean M.

Been following ELON too since Erin pointed it out (back when she was Brett). Did you notice the # of contracts at $30 that have traded today? Or is this simply expriry activity?

Sue I agree with your explanation. Of course, I would NEVER trade based solely on this piece of informtion, just buy yourself more time if you need it.

I remind myself, Control yourself and let the market do what it may. But it is curious how this is a week that stocks tend to move. SFM

ISRG looks like a good entry today. I took the trade yesterday, but looks like more of a REE today. What say you?


I am trying to work on the second rule of taking profits and exits.

Right after Fed, I took profits on NOV and POT and only left 1/4 position. They have met my target, but are still going strong.
What would YOU do? I am planning on letting them run, since they are stock plays. I am just trying to study your methods and watch the stocks according to your rules and hone my exit and taking profits strategies. That is where I am weak in my trading. Any suggestions, ideas, questions would be appreciated.


DRYS up nice today.

Sam H:

Good question on the number of contracts traded on the ELON 30's. Maybe one of our trading gurus has some thoughts? Possibly Brett since this is his baby?


I own ELON stock, so I haven't even looked at the options.

SNCR. This is why we don't freak out intraday. Probably some stupid downgrade on 'valuation'. Just like VDSI yesterday. Every day, some idiot analyst has to try and slow me down. It won't happen, so give it up rookies.


I trade options not stocks. My rules for stocks might be different than for stocks, but in theory, my application would be the same. I would never take a trade on either a stock or option without knowing my RTR...and my rules have me taking profits at least half...but with a stock, you don't have the problem of I might approach things a little differently..

Sam H:

The other thing on the ELON options is the implied volatility--pretty high... Definitely something else to be taken into consideration.

Just testing to see if I signed up on the blog right and if my picture is there.
Good day all. Thanks again for all of your wisdom. I've been spending time reading over Jeff's articles and finding them to be great reading.
What is GRMN waiting for??

Brett, wow on ELON what a ride glad/sad my position is so small :) But do explain VSDI some more.

Oh, and BIG thanks to Sue for talking me thru the options calculator in TOS for getting a better idea of how a trade could result.


Raimo. That helps. I normally would have waited for target to take profits, but was concerned about a possible counter-Fed day, so took profits, so it kind of screwed up my system. Anyway, just trying to get better at this end of the trade. The good news is I took them at REE so they are in good shape no matter what I do.
Will probably just move stops up and let them do their thing.



It's VDSI. Nothing really to explain. Ascending triangle breakout, still holding the trendline.

I'm having a hard time trying to figure out how to set up my profile on the blog- not to mention, get my picture up there. I thought I did it right, but I don't see my pic when I comment. I see that you just need to click on your pics to see your own personal blogs- how do you do that?

THere is some interesting price action on NM I made money on this one a while back.
I see a continuation triangle,( am I the magician?) cheap stock. I say it tests new highs again.

EXM is moving up on volume. Keep an eye on it going in to the close. It may officially break out by the end of the day.

Joel R.

Brett, maybe I have my diagonal a bit off ... I'm curious how much further it'll retrace till it his support again?

On another note, NTRI looks to be hitting former support around $47.50 ... what say you?

PS: On chapter 4 of the John Murphy book ... like his writing style.


test of the picture profile again

I promised a trade related post, here it is, for what it is worth, probably nothing..

Trade Tracking……and for me, this is KEY for learning, KEY for staying sharp.

1) I have a watch list called current trades in prophet and this is where I monitor my current trades.

2) When I take a trade, I e-mail a copy of the chart to myself the day I took the trade. On my chart I have why I took the trade, REE if it applies, RTR, trendlines, patterns, whatever it is I saw that compelled me to take the trade. I use one color line for support, another for resistance, and another as my target (RTR) another as my REE. I use circles and highlight my entry. The e-mailed chart goes into my outlook express in a folder called “TT” (trades taken). It is here for my review at anytime. I do this so that if a trade goes against me and I get out of it, or if I make changes on the chart in prophet as the trade moves along, I always have a copy of the chart that shows me what I had drawn, what I was thinking, the day I took the trade. This is an invaluable tool for me. Especially if the trade goes bad…

3) I have another folder in outlook called “TGG” Trades Gone Good. Kinda like girls gone wild. All trades that went well get moved from the “TT” folder to the “TGG” folder once the trade is over.

4) My last section is “TGB” trades gone bad, you get the idea.

The biggest benefit here for doing this is that I get to see what I was looking at WHEN I TOOK THE TRADE. It is amazing how the charts change as you watch them daily and make adjustments, move trendlines, etc. It is even more amazing to look at a chart of a trade that went bad, look at it 6 weeks later with all your original thoughts on it, and you now look at is and say , “what the fu@* was I thinking then” !!!!

Anyway, hope this can benefit someone as it does me.

PP...yes...still coming....


You brought back some long repressed memories!

Panic on the streets of London
Panic on the streets of Birmingham
I wonder to myself
Could life ever be sane again ?

Excellent! I would never have thought to email the chart to myself let alone keep separate folders in Outlook Express. What a great idea. I love it! It sure beats the notebook method. Thanks for sharing.


Thanks for taking the time Raimo, that sounds like a good system.

Have a look at AGU breaking out of some small consolidation

Welcome back Raimo. Nice picture.

Scoot- the 3 day live class really changed my trading for the better. The rules taught there are definitely working for me.

Currently long 5 plays, short 2. Looking for one more bear play to better position my portfolio. I'd then be 60% bull, 40% bear. Where is everyone on their bull-to-bear percentages?


That's good advice. Sometimes I take trades and months later, I'm like.... why is my money in this trade? How do you chart when you buy (option or stock) and then take profits at a bounce, get back in, take half profits, etc? My charts get kind of messy. I used to highlight with different colors.
Do you treat it as a separate trade and document it that way?


Boy I wish I had taken that trade.
My old trading style would have jumped in and hoped it kept running up, but no way to manage risk that way. Oh, well. I hope some of you out there are making buckooo bucks on it.

AMZN, the stock that keeps on giving.



Thanks for the post. I like the Ideas.


VMI looks like it might be creating another support around 91ish. Great pick from weeks back (maybe months) Jeff.



Your post was great. I also had not thought of emailing the chart to myself. I have noticed that sometimes the info that I write into profit at the time I take the trade is missing. This should solve the problem.

I have a question on RTR. IS this the Reward to Risk ratio you are referring to?

It is good to have you back.


Brilliant! Thanks so much for sharing this technique. I've always wrestled with a good way to journal and document my trades. Never occurred to me to email charts to myself. I gotta give this a try!

Now, how do you use/organize your watchlists?! :)

I'm going to go buy a manure spreader and paint "Garmin" on the side of it.

Jeff, Sue and Mahmood,

Thanks for the explanation on the options expiry


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Hey Addicts,
great reading all these interactions.... just a couple stocks i'm looking at.
CMG, looks to make a break higher after a little consolidation. Let me know if i am correct on my analysis: looking for about a 30 pt. move in about 8 weeks.
NYX, looks to finally break from its downtrend.
Good trading to all and to all a great weekend.


Today is one of those magical days when nearly everything is going the right direction. Short MNST and VAR and long GRMN, CNQ and SNDA.

Makes me think "hey, I can do this." But also makes me get trigger happy and jump on RL earlier in the day before it had a chance to retrace all the way. I hate emotion. Oh well, I do still think RL is retesting a H&S breakout. Anyone else have different thoughts??

Long: good entries
Short: bad entries

Hello everyone it's great to be here. I think this will be quite enjoyable.

testing again

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