I Know I Got Skillz

Recommendation: I needed some "Mood Music" before I release today's thoughts.

Long: Shaquille O'Neal...the basketball player or deputy sheriff.

Short: Shaquille O'Neal...the rapper.

Disclaimer: I get kickbacks for posting this video. BOOM-SHAQ-A-LAQ-A-LAQA!!!

Does anyone see a breakout on NILE?

Speaking of having skillz, how did the tryouts go????

Hell Yeeeeaaagh! I see a breakout on the NILE.

OK Kohler you get some game, but where is the post? MAybe a little DOW 16000 or something. 'mon dawg?


Tryouts are next week, can't wait.

I am hoping to capture some good footage for the blog. At least of me sitting on the bench.

Jeff,,,close your eyes,,I'm gonna talk forex


you posted on the previous thread about the FXY jumping today,,and does it mean the markets should go down,,,,,actually, looking at the forex markets,,the FXY jumped today because over night the Bank of Japan voted to keep interest rates the same,,,but not unanimously,one wanted to raise them,,this was seen as bullish for the yen, plus they have had some bullish economic announcements this week,,,the pound/yen, which has been the biggest carry trade vehicle has stayed down,,,but has not tanked again as it did earlier,,and some other carry trade vehicles have actually seen some increases. Because the FXY is a basket of currencies,,,it is a little muddy right now using it to use as a gauge for our markets,,I think Eric has done a good job in conveying that could happen,,,it has only recently been a good barameter,,,but things can change quickly in the forex markets. Clear as mud?

C2,,,,,,yes,,I am enjoying a nice profit in POT coupled with a nice gain in my long Canadian dollar


oh lordy !!! Rod and his friends breakout this old song when they drink too much!!!! too funny, can't wait for him to get home from work to show him!!!

NILE has been on fire since it bounced off $75, but i don't see the volume required for a breakout

Jeff....why do you plan on sitting the bench???? we expect Flash Kohler to go All Star

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Ok, some one explain CEA, ZNH. I guess they are chinese like BIDU? I would have loved 40 points in a week too!!!!!!!!! SFM


Thank you very much for the info, I was wondering if anyone was reading my posts.

I have a 1 day chart ( 15 m) of the FXY to give me a heads up as to what the market will do. Like you said it has been a good indicator, I will keep on using it until I see the correlation completely deteriorate.

Thanks Again

Boom Shaq-a-Laq-a-NOOOOOOO
I like shaq but not in that capacity.
I THINK E on the MC (EMC)? How about it.
(Where in th heck is spell ck on this thing)

shaq is waq


go JK!

Susan FM,

Here is my list of China stocks:

ZNH, CMED, ACH, PTR, GCH,TSL, JRJC, CEA and.... LFC, which is at horizontal and diagonal support as I type. Did I miss any?



I know how you feel now.. I have been liquidating some very profitable sept options. One of them is POT now it goes up agian this is frustrating!!! I made $12 per contract could have been another 5 plus $$ before friday!!! Rats!!

I forgot the infamous BIDU for the list of Chinese Stocks



thank you for the list on Chinese stocks to watch. I already had a few, now I have a watchlist for all of the ones you listed. I am late to the train but will find a low risk place to hitch a ride on something to the promised land.

PCP breaking out to the upside. The volume is not quite there yet and it may pull back before the end of the day. Something to keep on the radar.

Joel R.

You can draw a symmetrical triangle on PCP with the breakout occurring on Fed day with about a 20 point target = $150. It may stall right here at it's previous highs from August.

Joel R.

Jeff, how pathetic is this... I go to town to the store, upon returning home, I leave the little one outside and set the groceries in the backroom without being put away so I can quickly catch up on the blog to see what I missed while away. I guess I'm an addict also! Thanks for staying with us!

you have a low risk entry of SCHN right now.

low volume on the selling side

Brett, Tim-

I bought VAR Nov 45s just before you advised me to chill. What's there to worry about, the MACD and STO are rolling up nicely, and yesterday was huge up day with great volume. Oh well, you're probably right, but I think I have itchy fingers for bearish plays right now. Target=37, stop=41.2. Decent trend and risk reward is what it has going for it I reckon.



Clean cups!


My $.02 on SCHN for what it is worth. i drew a diag support line starting on 8/28 with a touch on 9/12 and a horiz support in the area of $64. According to what IT teaches in the 3 day live class, to increase the probability of the trade and see what it will do in the short term you will need to see a bounce off of either the horizontal or diagonal support. IT defines a bounce as the point when there is a close above the high of the wick on the lowest day (including the wick).

For me I don't think there is any way to tell whether this is going to take off from here or coming in to touch the diagonal resistance.
I'd wait.

Again...my $.02


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