Recommendation: You thought I was joking about HANS, huh?

Long: HANS

Short: Where was the plug for JAVA?

Disclaimer: I am considering taking my HANS profits and rolling them into a new vending machine for my garage and/or basement.

No java plug,because you can't find it anywhere. I believe it does not exist!

Oh, it exists, Sarah. My local HyVee is now completely cleaned out of the Big Black. If you need them, check my fridge.


What might we have to look forward to between now and "Options expiration Friday" to end a week like this one has been?


CNQ is looking like a retest of breakout, I would like it actually pull up from here before I will take the trade.


I have been looking for JAVA drink in Omaha, Which HyVee has it?


Kudos to you, CMI at $130, you nailed that one.

BPHX - my exit rule on stock
positions is 25% if they're this overextended, and this looks like an exhausion gap to me. Do you simply
ride these as long as they're trending, or do you bank profits on the way as well?

I'm asking because this one is fond of a steep retrace.

Thanks! Beth Ann

"Erin" and Mahmood,

Thanks, I have found those searches in the IT toolbox.


I think the Java Monster is what got to me yesterday. I had a half can at about 2 PM and was crazed the rest of the day (witness my temper tantrum here yesteray)plus I couldn't fall asleep until after 2 AM. I think they don't agree with me.


Check the one at 156th and Maple. By the flower section in a special refrigerated aisle.

Beth Ann,

You can do what you like if you think the stock is overextended. I just look for retraces to trendlines to add to.


No idea. Does anyone ever know?

DG - it's all good. We all have temper tantrums, I had one myself yesterday. No worries, we still love you.

Couldn't fall asleep until AFTER 2 am? Now you have my attention. Can someone ship me some to Canada...I could use a few more hours in the day :)

Was loooking over some past Jeff watchl list for put plays and FAST looks interesting....just can't break through the previous high.


I am drinking a Monster Java Big Black right now. Another great call by our esteemed leader.

Remember, once you go Big Black, you never come back, (to Stabucks anyway).

Too soon to short Home Builders? I can't keep my eye off LEN today.


You look much prettier now. I did not know you had such beautiful eyes.
I can't wait to see Raimo he is more like Maria

What about NVT actionable here

Loca Moca for me! Love that stuff. Good looking trend on NOV. OIH looks like a break start.

LDK is on fire today. It seems to keep going up and up, hardly coming down to support. This is one to watch.

JP from OC

CME, you could call it a H & S, or symm tr, or desc. triangle (I like Desc Triangle myself)...whatever it is, if it confirms, potential 50 point move.

Or you could play the bounce off descending diagonal line and be in front of break out...on CME


There are many reasons why HOLX is a dynamic put play here, so why not just list some...

1) The stock is at horizontal and trendline resistance

2) the big market moves of the last 2 days were unable to move it higher

3) There's a nice engulfing candle forming today right at resistance...on an up day.

4) Oscillators are overbought

That's all, really.

So I'm at lake Okoboji fishing and ran up to the gas station and there in the corner is 8 cases of monster java, hmmmm. Also had the pleasure to meet fellow option addicts Sam and Lori last night, Sam,Lori hope you enjoyed the fish fry. Rock on HANS

I HOLX in merger talks with CYTC?

On MNST is it a failed des. triangle or a triple bottom?

Brian K

Brian K

my .02 on MNST. I don't see it as a confirmed triple bottom until closes above 37.5


Any thoughts abouts Puts on BARE. 26 seems to Resistance.


Dang Brett, it's amazing what they can do with sex change operations these days.

SFLY - I'm calling that an official breakout with 30 minutes left to trade.

DIOD finally moving.


thanks Jamie I agree.

Did anyone take a look at Rick lately look at the volume.

Also PBR looks good

Hey Wahly,
Does this mean you've already caught your limit and the fish is frying as I type? Hmmmm.
I sent a photo to your email address and one to Sir Kohler.

Clean Cups!!!


Is that beautiful woman your wife?


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