Hello! My Name Is: Angry Trader

You've all had days like this, so I won't bother apologizing up front.

Question: Jeff, why are you angry?

Where to begin?

The market rallies, as it was foretold, and I am "half mast" in most of my unbelievable positions. Out of everything wrong with the world today, this has me pissed off the most.

I ate Oatmeal for breakfast.

I have been slapped in the mouth with truckloads of e-mails asking about where the market is going.. What my thoughts are about a recession? Am I bullish or bearish? Do I trade stock splits? What significance is 50 basis points compared to 25? Is that a triangle? Do you like the MACD? Or is it a head & shoulders? Do you use the Sto? Are you worried about inflation? What is your favorite song? Ok, is it a channel? What is a lake play?

Get the point? Or shall I continue?

"I know what you are thinking...and yes, you are right. "

(I would quote Brian Fantana from Anchorman, but it is inappropriate)

I am just venting from a rough day, my bad.

However, here is my thought for the day... Does it matter?

If you knew the fate of the market or economy for that matter, what would you do differently today? What if the economy heads towards a recession next year...does it matter? What if the market finishes the year higher...does it matter? Even if you know the specific closing price of the S&P 500 on Dec 31st, 2007...does it matter?

Bear with me, I am thinking out loud... but honestly I don't think I would do anything different. I still trade in a market of stocks, not a stock market. I pick winners and cut losers. That will never change.

I hope to get everyone to the point in their career where the "market" becomes less of a factor in their overall account.

By the way, lots of stocks that broke out yesterday offer great entries today. So, bon appétit!

Recommendation: You can't hold this post against me since I used my alter ego to write it.

Long: Jeff

Short: Angry Trader

Disclaimer: If you didn't notice, my mood is at a 2 on a scale of 1 - 1,000,000. Mostly because "I hurt myself today."

All hail Johnny Cash and NIN. One of the few remakes that was better than the original.

Time to crack a cold one and get away from the computer.

Joel R.

Only a seriously upset man would post the near-death Johnny Cash version of that song. I can't even hit play.

Jeff, snap out of it. We've just emerged from the toughest trading market in years and you beat the living crap out of it. Forget today and focus on tomorrow. That's what I love about this business. Every day is another unlimited opportunity to make money. You can't say that about every job. In fact, you can't really say that about MOST jobs.

And you know what? There's really nothing to learn from today because when you made the decision to scale out, you did it with the information and market feel you had at that moment. As you point out, you can't control the market and you can't control what your stocks do after you sell them. The trade is over and that stock has set sail the moment it's gone. Had things turned out differently, you'd crack a Java Monster (provide Josh Black didn't steal them all), kick back and say, "Phew, I really locked in some gains today."

Big picture, my man. Big picture.

Thanks dude.

We all have those days.

Angry Trader,
I post once in a blue moon, never say anything as witty as some in the group and sometimes disappear for weeks on end. Investools student over a year, but with outside distractions progressed slowly. For better, or worse, I come to this blog more than anything. I love the realism, Jeff's willingess to teach and methodology for trading. I continue to work on building more time to trade and look forward to a day when I will post more and trade more. From what I have seen it has been an excellent year for Jeff and I look forward to hearing from him tomorrow.

Castle Rock

Jeff, I know this won't make you fell better but I broke my rule today and bailed out of NYX near its peak this morning. Que the sad Johnny Cash song......:(

What a day! Sue, I emailed you. If you did not get it, please me know here.



If you were commenting on some of yesterdays gains plus morning gains evaporating, we are all there with you. It sucks!

I'm back to -0- on GRMN but the good news is looks like the 107 area is holding as support.

I use MACD and RSI on my charts and saw VAR getting ready to turn up yesterday so closed the trade during the day at what turned out to be the very bottom. When it's ready to turn back down, I'll re-enter.



Thanks for sharing and sorry your pissed. I hate to talk like my trading shrink, but what pissed you off? Was it missing the gains, or did you break one of your rules?

I think I am doing better in the past couple of weeks at trying to lose the emotion in my trading. I have had some serious down days and felt better than on some days when I have made money. The difference has been if I stayed with my rules and lost it felt better than making money and not knowing why. I mean it feels good to guess a top and be right, or guess a bottom. With no rules for the trade, the trade feels empty.

Anybody see any good REE to the down side or has most stuff broken out.

Tom D

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I already discussed holx and lamr. But what about wnr and vmc?

How many Hans drinks did you take? Take it easy. You are blessed to be able to trade another day.

I picked up a great quote today, I am not sure from where but it could be the answer to some of the e mails


I posted that on my screen so I do not make as many mistakes

Great post Brett. Talk about refocusing. Perhaps you should write a book. Very well said.

Brett, Thanks Was on Vaction for a week still had time to trade, but not so much to blog. Catching up on work, lawn and now blog. Priorities need to be changed around...

Brett, I like VMC to the downside but didn't get in yet. What about MNST? I got in today. I see it as right up against an intermediate diagonal trendline and also the long time support level from a year ago that it recently broke through. I like the low volume on the recent up days.

Anything you see that I'm missing? I am right at my exit so it is low risk to me.

Hi Jeff,

I know it's frustrating to take the prudent action and withdraw profits only to see the stocks rise the next day. You teach us to do the wise thing and not take unnecessary risks, living to trade another day.
So, thank you for all the good advice and for being an example to us - you practice what you preach and thanks to you, I am learning to be a better trader. You're the Man!

Oh, and Jeff -- you rock. 'nuff said.

Jeff, thanks for keeping it real. Someday I'll show you the fist prints in my drywall.

I just watched the Wallstrip videon on HANS. Darn near pee'd my pants. BOOYA skee daddy! I've yet to actually see a Java Monster drink around here.

Thanks for being open and honest on days when you do not do your best. It is oddly comforting to learn that even the most successful traders such as yourself can have a bad day. We do not mind you blowing off some steam once in a while.

Brett (aka Erin): Thanks for your response. No one on this blog could have said it better.

Short: Emotion, Self doubt
Long: Making money tomorrow.

Jeff, Thanks for being the realist trader I know and sharing every detail of your life with us. Brett, thanks for putting it back in perspective.
(clapping my hands furiuosly) HEADS UP!


You're right Jeff...... it doesn't matter. I can only imagine an email box full of all of the same questions asked in different ways.

I will repeat to you what someone told me during my temper tantrum yesterday, "you're cute when you're mad".

Awww, Jeff. I feel guilty because I was coming to tell you that I took a beee-utiful profit on HANS. You should still feel good because if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have made it.

Have you heard the superman joke? If not, I will tell it to you because it is hilarious!

Thanks Jeff,

Yea I will have to, I really should join investools, although the only reason would be to get more direct info from you haha. SO i guess in that sense it would be worth it.

Can I get an internship working directly for you and in exchange I will retrieve and open Monster Java for you at any time you want!!! lol.


Also that was posted in response to another thread since I figured it would no longer be checked.


Jeez guys, I am blushing.

The reasons I was mad at the market today was because I was a little over-cautious by reducing many position sizes by more than half.

Think of it as if I was dealt a black jack at a $10 table instead of $5000 table.

Reflecting on past decisions sucks.

By the way, my jaw is on the floor! As of yet I haven't received any hate mail!!!!


I normally get pounded after posts like this!


I like the photo. I have been looking to replace mine, since I used to rotate every few weeks.

Still looking...

Hate mail? Seriously? That's just wrong.

It's probably from short people who don't care for oatmeal. :-)

Jeff, I am a bit confused. Why are you expecting hate mail? Because you were honest?

You have evolved into quite the money honey! Was the surgery expensive??

Dear Angry Trader,
Please tell Jeff that we are all upset that we scaled back in our positions prior to the announcement yesterday, but as someone at work said yesterday "hine sight is 20/20 and there was no telling what would happen....what if the market took a $hit dive, would you be upset that you scaled back" (my answer was "heck no!").....so you see we are not psychic here, although sometimes jeff seems to be. You have to be happy with your decisions and move on to the next trade. Now regarding the ridiculous amount of annoying emails.....hmmm i am sure everyone on this blog has sent him at least one email this week ( i know i have met my quota for the month)...so hear is a solution, i'll raise Ben one and become his intern and in return i will fetch the monster java and handle the email traffic.....how does that sound??? And one last thought.....if we are trading the chart, who cares if and when we will have a recession....the chart will tell you when to get out, thats all that matters....right?
now please pass this message on to Jeff and tell him to pull himself together....isn't he teaching master talk tonight???

Love the song! I think it's one of the best remakes.

Sorry you had such a hard day but I appreciate that you shared with us.

Thankfully, like Brett said, tomorrow is a new day.

Quote for the day that I think fits trading:

Life can be found only in the present moment.
The past is gone, the future is not yet here,
and if we do not go back to ourselves in the present moment,
we cannot be in touch with life.

Thich Nhat Hanh



Awesome point! Trade the chart!


You'd be surprised, but yes I do get some decent hate mail. In my position, how could you not?

When I advertise emotion like I did today, it usually comes back to me. I was surprised that today it didn't.

That sucks! You seem to handle it all really well though. You are talented in more than just being a trader. I couldn't do it. I would be a little wiggly ball of stress. And getting hate mail on top of it all....

It did suck scaling back and getting out of some of my positions like BIDU but really, in the end I can't be too upset because I hit my target, sold half, kept the other half going and sold at the end of the day yesterday with over a 300% profit. And yes, it sucks that I missed it going up again today and if I had listened to the marketcast before I sold I would have held onto it but like Tonya said, hindsight is always 20/20 and if it had gone down today, I would have been even more upset. I wouldn't be doing this well if it wasn't for you and this blog. So thank you!

LONG: Stocks making us money
SHORT: Hate mail!!!


When you deal with the public, every day is an adventure! I, for one, am glad you stick with it!


"Thich Nhat Hanh"

Have your computer checked!!! Your spell check has a serious problem!

Wow, what a day and a lot of posts.

Jeff, you played smart with your money. Woulda, coulda, shoulda. Who knew? I also took more than half profits, but we are traders, not gamblers. The market could have tanked. Now you have cash in your account and are probably searching for some great trades to take again. Thanks for sharing and being honest.
We love you and appreaciate all you do.



I sure am glad I didn't send you that email I've been composing in my head. I went through a lot of the same emotions yesterday and spewed a bit on the blog. I do think it is exacerbated by the Java Monster.

As a result of my frustration yesterday I broke a trading rule this morning and am paying for it. I'm sure you have better control than I do.

So go ahead and rant and rave over here. We love you and we'll pick you back up and give you a kick in the pants to straighten out your head.

And then maybe you can straighten out my head. Meanwhile, cut back on the Monster!

Jeff ... I work with the public for a living - have for 29 years ... no matter how hard I work or how perfect I try to be - I get criticized .... Add that to making judgments that backfire (I have had my share) and it can make for a bad day!

I challenge you to compare your percentage gains in the market with anyone else here or close to you ... my money is on you being the highest gainer! If nothing else, the response on this blog today shows a lot of folks in your court - supporting!

Let's move ahead - Sir Grand Pupa Option Addict!

Sean M.-

Very funny!


Doji Girl-
The first time I tried a Java Monster I was up forever as well. About the same time frame too. Had it right after kickboxing which is around 1:30/2:00pm and I was up until about 2am. I decided that I'd only have half next time.


Welcome to my world!
But oatmeal? Really?


Brett, that picture is a trip.

I was having some trading anxiety this morning so I set my lines in the sand and then walked away from the computer until after the market closed. I let my charts and my technical analysis tell me what to do and that is that. This is me trading my plan and sticking to it. It's good to have rules.



great post



I can't believe you would tell us to scale back our positions! What kind of trader are you? You think reducing risk going into something like a rate cut is smart? It was so obvious that they would cut half a point you should have doubled on everything. How do you expect to make any money preaching about reduced risk, I am glad I had my whole portfolio on some 275 BIDU calls, there is no need to diversify when you have a stock like that!!!! AHAHAHA, I made a billion% return and it will just keep going too.

was that what you were looking for? Honestly, what could someone even intelligently say or even think they are in a position to write hate mail. Oh, that's right people are stupid. :-D


I am not sure who said this but I will never forget it...."The future is just like the present, only a lot longer"


At least for me. On the TOS software I just realized that to the right of the stock name it will tell you whether a stock is easy or hard to borrow (Short).

Maybe it has been there all of the time and I am just now seeing it.

Liz, After your 3 day live, has your trading become more mechanical?

I have been enjoying Brett's new photo and as always Brett what ever blows your dress up! Not STRA apparently.


I got back from the 3 day live last month, and it really changed my trading. I am becoming more and more mechanical and use the trading sheets and position size accordingly.

I also discovered this blog at the 3 day live, which makes those 3 days priceless!

Thanks jeff!


The picture really trips me out! I'm going through the comments and I think there's someone new on the blog and then I realize you just changed your picture. I'm sure I'll get use to it. LOL!


Are we mostly price pattern traders here? I have been a bit of a lurker lately and it seems like we spend an awful lot of time talking about news. Isn't price our king?

Please help me understand this.


Jeff - You are sooooooo patient with people who are trying to learn.

i.e. Mastertalk live questions.


Hi Everyone,
Hi Jeff,

In your post you said that people kept asking what the market would do and all kinds of mind gyration questions.

Basically thats the trading kiss of death according to "Trading in the Zone." Because you are trying to control the market by figuring out what its doing, instead of controlling yourself, aka with rules.

Sometimes I hate having to follow rules because I cant stand limits. What a brat. Pulling your emotions back into check with your rules is the discipline that turns people into traders.

Either Brett or Raimo said once a long time ago that, "once you can control your emotions, that's when you will become a great trader." SFM


Way to go long the Java during the session.

You are at a 52 week high,


I'll have to check that out on TOS.

I still have to email Sue so she can walk me through some groovy stuff on TOS. This week has been too hectic.

As far as after the 3 day... I have to say that yes things are definitely more mechanical and less emotional. Now, it started off a bit rocky (because I had become way too comfortable flying by the seat of my pants) but seriously, since I've been back I believe I've become a better trader. It was like I received another piece to the trading puzzle. Now, I did lose it today (momentary lapse is all) and broke a few of my trading rules and my husband kept giving me the sideways glance thing but I'm all better now.

I'm still refining and I know that I still have a lot more improvement but overall, I think it was really helpful. I've almost doubled my account since I came back. So between Jeff and IT it's a really good mix for me.

Sorry it was so wordy...


I like that book a lot. That book has also been a great piece to my trading mentality.


Holy $hit Liz! Nice work!

Almost doubled?!?!

Costco, in California at least, has the best oatmeal. It's called COACH'S Oats. Private label out of Yorba Linda, CA. If it isn't in Utah, you can order online.

Kim T

Angry Trader,
I thought the rant was brilliant. ISM,NAPM, Non-farm payrolls, CPI,PPI....doesn't matter. What matters is what we are trading.

The market becoming less of a factor I think it is one of your most important points. Follow the charts, pick the winners, cut the losers. It was a great thought for the day.


Thanks a lot! I'm being cautiously optimistic. I started with a fairly small account so I didn't think that was a big deal but I guess if you put it into a percentage it's pretty cool. Anyway, thanks again.


you always keep it real man....by sharing and venting makes me respect you more b/c you have nothing to hide while fostering an environment here where we can all be comfortable venting when we need to.
have a great trip back to the bay area

Jeff, Thanks for sharing the downs as well as the ups. It keeps it real, & we all truly appreciate it.


Did they talk about portfolio heat? I am taking the 3 day live online. Thought I was over extended, but realized I may be under positioned.


Must tell you about my reasoning for a stock purchase yesterday:
I was driving home the other day & saw a gentleman stopped by the side of the road speaking to a highway patrol officer. I couldn't help but notice the large number of plants in the back of his truck. I'm sure the officer didn't miss 'em either.
So I thought: "I haven't looked at POT in a while...". Checked it out, & there it was, right at support.
Only in California.

Long: POT (the stock)
Short: POT (the plant)
Also short BDK & RHD (the stocks)


That's awesome! The world works in mysterious ways. Here in California it was probably for medicinal reasons only. ;-)


TD (Flying-Pro)-
I don't remember them using the term "portfolio heat" but that doesn't mean that they didn't talk about what that means.

I realized from that class that I was under positioned. My account kept oscillating back and forth and back and forth. It was going nowhere. I was getting so frustrated because I didn't know what to do to make it move. But in class I got a better understanding of how many shares I'm really controlling and I'm keeping a million times better journal then I was before. Those things have helped me a lot. Also, I got a better sense of where to get out of a trade. I had much better entries. My exits sucked. Like I said, I'm still a work in progress. I definitely think it was worth it. I was bummed at first because we hadn't been able to take it sooner but I'm actually glad we went when we did. We'd already been trading for a year and brought our account to almost nil a few times and built it back up so we were ready to move forward.

Anyway, it's hard to talk about this without being so wordy. I am trying to keep it short!


Thanks Liz,

The instructor I have is talking about (portfolio heat) having 10-20% of your account at risk. They are recommending 10-12% at risk with a good R/R ratio. I have been around 4-6% at risk and have not managed in consistantly. I can see my emotions calming down daily.

Also read trading for a living. Can see myself in 2 years doing this full time

I really think that consistency is the key.


Was gone again all day today and learned some interesting stuff that I will get to later. Jeff, you said you were hurt, was that the market or something more painful?

Today was not our best day here either. I was in builder/construction industry meetings all day (not that it really matters) heard some interesting news on the FED cut. My information was that the FED cut was to be 25 points so I have been wondering why 50? As I hear it (and this is a trustworthly source) members of the homebuilding industry talked to Uncle Ben and crew just before their meeting to express how bad the industry is tanking and what it will mean for the U.S. Those at the meeting did not believe that they had convinced the FED on how bad it was and believed with us that 25 pts was all that was going to be done. No one knows why for sure but I think the homebuilder's heart-to-heart made an impact. Oh and all the builders I have talked to (at the highest levels) believe the housing market will get worse before it gets better and recession is the word they use. HOV had a big sell push that closed thousands of new homes but the rumor is that many will not stick.

Oh and one more thing, Countrywide, IndyMac and others had executives with the facts about the sub prime loans. 87% of all sub primes are working. 13% of all loans in the US market are sub prime. 13% of these loans have missed a payment. Forecasts are that 50% of these 13% will end in foreclosure. Most builders see the housing bubble as mostly a media event but it really does not matter as consumer confidence is gone and that kills the market. They even say that subprimes will be back and sooner than we probably think.

Again, not that it matters but after just listening to the CAST I thought it may of some interest. Oh and if you ever wanted to buy a new house now is a great time as many are making some of the risk out by paying you if your value goes down or they cut prices.

I had a crap of a day too mate, She'll be right.

Thank-you to you (and the rest of you guys) hard work.


PS - The HANS vid was great!

You're full of info. Very cool! I only know info from what I read and we have friends who are in the real estate market here. And as I said in an earlier post they've been freaking out a bit (before all the sub prime stuff hit the airwaves) because they've been having a hard time selling stuff.

I guess we'll see how it all goes down.

Well, time for this cowgirl to hit the hay so I can be ready for the next ride tomorrow wherever that may take me. Hopefully somewhere with less brambles.


p.s. Chris, where are you?


That's gotta be the tagphrase:

"option addict: it's a 52-week high!"

It's perfect! It should go on merchandise and everything.

How about...

OPTION ADDICTS: Hooked on a 52 week high

I can't believe RBN was not on any of our lists. Just saw this in IBD this morning and looked it up. WOW! A gorgeous triangle with a nearly 20 point target. It's too late now but it is going on my watchlist for the future. No options yet but I think that will change soon.

And Brett, if you don't change your picture I will change mine to one of Joe Kernan who has been giving me the yim-yams for the last 10 years.

I have been thinking that all of you are cah-razy until I looked at Brett's picture. DOH!

I just now got the joke. Maybe I need to add monster java to my coffee!

I think you should consider bangs, Brett.

Hi Liz,

Its a great book. What did you like best about it and how has it changed your trading plan or style?

For me, it is cutting out a whole bunch of unnecessary stuff I just didnt need to be doing, and just be present to follow trading rules. I thought the more I knew about the market, my trading would get better. No. The consistency we seek is in our minds. You would think a person who studied zen would get it faster.

Its a market of stocks, not a stock market. Our fearless leader is in the zone......at 100mph. IT takes patience while people resist it - until they get it. SFM

There's a lot of jokes I can make about that post, Laney, but i'll stay within the bounds of good taste.

Bad vibes for today:

1) I dropped my Option Addicts mug and shattered it.

2) Erin is off today.

Eeeee, mea culpa! I meant the hairstyle.

Sorry about the mug.

Liz, yep spent the whole day listening to get it. Like I said not sure it matters to trading but there it is anyway. I had to hit the hay before you I guess last night so didn't the post until today.

Brett, looks like your picture has sparked something here. A shattered OA mug, now that is BAD! Thanks for the warning.

I am on my way to the OA store to buy you a new one. Email me your address and I will order it. It is my gift to you for all the help and great stocks you throw my way.
I am serious. Karen@dojigirl.com

Good morning gang...........

I see AAPL at REE. I have a diagon support line right at $39.40 with a wedge indicating a 25 pt move. Does anyone else see it this way? I am considering a Jan 140 CALL for today.

For the gravy... I see it at support on the 60min chart.

Calvin, SC


Thank you so much, but I already ordered one. It is my privilege to be here and a pleasure to work with you guys.

Kim T,

I am in love with your screen name.

Don't ever change.

See you at Costco this weekend!


Doji Girl,

While you are placing orders, can you forward me a new thong? I stretched out the old one.

Haha, I'll order you one Jeff. I hope you get 4000 - what size?

Hey! Speaking of which, do you have any girl scrapbook pictures with OA gear on? I'd like to see how they look on before ordering....and I guess I'll have to get on it so you can have your thong.

Maybe you and Amber could do a photo shoot with the different stuff :)

Some interesting ideas for today:

Long: ACO, ELON (the most explosive idea in a while), HNSN (a little extended), IRIS, ORA, RESP (if you're not in yet),

Short: HOLX, LAMR, WNR, VMC (not as great looking as it was this am, but still great)

What size? Or should I get one for Amber instead?

A while back Jeff posted a pic of me in a tank and (I think) Liz in Utah in hers.

I am slightly disappointed we have yet to see any option addict Billboards. In time I am sure.

In fear of upsetting my old friend Bob-O I must say that I had poured a little Java Monster (HANS)over my Oatmeal Crisp cereal (GIS)today.

Could be on to something.

Brett sorry to hear about Erin.


VAR just hit its head on 40 (horiz and diag res), and is heading back down. REE?



I'd wait for the stock to start falling further. That's a wicked morning star yesterday.

Jodi, DG...

My intent is to build a user catalogue, but I am lacking photos. I can only ask so many times.

I have plenty of photos I could show you. I'll try to dig up a few.

I'll keep the thong photos to myself though.

OMG, check out the FXC. Never, ever before, has our dollar been par with the US dollar, this is a huge thing for us Canucks

I just love downgrades. I want to thank RBC Capital for providing me the opportunity to complete my position in VDSI.

POT, smoking...

Brett, I will never look at Erin the same after seeing your new photo. I am really disturbed.

Yeah, parity.

I love Gold.

$745 an ounce.

I better only have 2 portions.


you should see how i look at her.


Do you love lamp?

TSL off the the races. I would like to see it move above $50.


Awesome call on ZNH. It fit my rules when you brought it to our attention a couple of weeks ago. The stock trade is up almost 53% in two weeks. Go China!

Joel R.

What is your take on PBR could you call that an inverse Head and shoulder? At least you have a nice line in the sand.

Check out the daily VIX action as it goes below 20 and back to and slightly above...


Did you stab a man with a trident?

Peter, I just got filled (finally) on VAR. Though Brett's warning makes me a little cautious I like the risk/reward here. Small position, right at my exit. Options aren't terribly liquid, though but spreads are ok.

Wow, just left for a moment and now several that I wanted are beyond REE...POT, BPHX and others bummer. I was not around to get into GLD and now all I can do is watch it and congratulate you that are in it. This day job thing sure gets in the way. Hey, Chris I think you need my MIA sign, want me to send it back to you?

SNDA and CNQ seem to be at REE.

I am glad I did not panic with INFY, I was short prior to the fed and now it seems the euphoria is dying.

What worries me is that the FXY is bouncing hard and the market is staying steady. I am not sure what to make out of it, but it seems that we might drop unless the fxy retraces.

Anyone agree?

POT - Wow.
VDSI - I was going to take profits today. Brett, you are adding here?
I have a 40something percent profit on the STOCK. I guess I'll wait til the end of the day to decide.

GES, on Jeff's bearsish watch list couldn't even make it to the top of the channel before it started to roll over.

I could be wrong but GNK looks poised to complete the handle of what I saw as a cup.

Any ideas for songs when your on POT ?



Joel, hearing another trader out there soaking up profits puts a smile on my face.

That combined with a boost in LVS.

I am waiting for someone to tell me to stop dicking around and create a new post.


I will try to send more pix over the weekend. Maybe one of me on the broomstick.

But alright....give us some clean cups already!

OOOhhhhh my head.
Just got caught up on the blog after two days of no computer. Pulled into the house at 7:00 AM (another red-eye) and the cats had coughed up a hairball, the dog had barfed up some alien being, the hampster died, and when I went to heave it into the toilet, the fish was already there and wouldn't let the hampster in. I told Catherine I'd sleep but I couldn't drag myself away from the blog. I am a true addict. Now it's noon and I need to crash (in a manner of speaking.)

I did manage to get into DRYS two days ago and am happy. I've been in GRMN for two weeks and am sad. Held on to CVD and am happy. Got into CAT a week ago and am sad (although happy is still on the horizon.)

Everyone who bought the Canadian version of POT (like I mentioned a couple of months ago) will have doubled their profits by the Canadian dollar reaching par today. Congrats. Huh? WHAT?? No one did that?

Must sleep. Angry Trader... just be glad you weren't sitting on 85% cash like some of us. Oh... and we all know which night it was you stretched out the thong. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

Dear Angry Trader,
Get over yourself. Sit down and do it. Or I will ask you if I should use stops again.

okay Jeff...get your a$$ in gear, i need to go pick up my bride's maid dress......i wanna hear what you have to say before i leave dang it!!!

Jeff - then you should be smiling ear to ear as the last 3 days have been very profitable for me. Thanks to you and the other great OAs here!

*************** RAIMO... FEEL MY POWER!!!! ****************

Look at BA, my friend. It is purely through my will that it has turned around. Bow to the master of darkness. Err.... lightness.

Hey guys just wanted to know if anyone got into fslr I still got my target at about 120, it looking great


CHOP CHOP...lets go Jeff..

Ok, I'll bite. Stop dicking around and create a new post.

And ... is it to late to get into LVS? :) Sorry, couldn't resist.

Joel R.

Grant.....i am watching FSLR, i am not in yet....i see an area of resistance b/n 105-110ish once it closes above this resistance i will get in......similar situation on TSL....a close above $50 and i want in

Oh MAN!!! Just watched the HANS video. Now I know what I'll carry for the next red-eye I have to do. But I'm a liitle concerned about what it'll do to my "intendants." Has anyone had an intendantaloscopy since drinking one?

Just curious. OK, now I'm really going to sleep.

Pick it up cha cha! I got a life to lead over here. Come on Aunt Bea; jump on your keyboard and show us something.

If you don't have the game just let us know!


I am working on a glam shot of me in spaghetti string OA tank and matching thong.

I think CNQR, and VDSI are begging us me to get in.



I'm quite honestly just as happy with you chatting with us...... post when you feel like it, it's been nice to have you around this morning!



Arty.....my REE on VDSI is closer to $32.50 or $33, i think it can come dwn a lil more....


Yes, I saw what you saw on AAPL and jumped in this morning with a .99 delta - I'm tired of shrinking IV. It looks like it is completing an ascending triangle as well. Diagonal support at the 140 area. I'd like to see it moving up more today.


David S-

I like SNDA. Rolled over nicely and I am in - I see initial support around 30-31. Then we'll see.


Google's server is down. Can't get to the new post!

Dying here...


Technical question. For those of you in POT. How do you calculate the target? I see an ascending triangle from 8/15 at about 75 the break out was on 9/18 at 90. Do you put your price target at 90 +15=105.
Thanks for helping me to better identifying price pattern.

I almost forgot. Did you want me to put those two portions on the Underhill's Bill?

Thanks for Sears Holding

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