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Long: The Watchlist

Short: The "Event"

Disclaimer: "Plan the trade, trade the plan."

Wow, Jeff....amazing list. I was happy to see that FLIR which I entered yesterday was on it. Also NVDA which I was stalking for later today. Much to choose from so I know what I'll be doing for the next couple of hours. Thanks!!

sorry, I am bit slow..

where is the watch list? in the video?


Thanks for the great watchlist! I'm going to go enter them in a watchlist, mark up the charts, add text notes, and wait for entries.


Hey Jeff-

Great information as always- thank you!


DIOD - can anyone confirm or deny the bull flag I'm seeing on this play?

Raimo - OMG is going to blow through $50, not if but when.


Great list for us to digest.

Brett and Raimo,
Your informative comments are very much appreciated from yesterday. I was wondering if Raimo could post a list of his acronymns and their definitions? I've got REE and RTR, but what is RTS? Are there more?


Unbelieveable!!! What a watchlist! I feel like the farside cartoon with the two mosquitos. The one has his needle in some guys arm and is filled up like a balloon. The other one is looking at him and saying "PULL OUT, ARTY, PULL OUT!!"

I have GOT to find a way to keep track of all this information. I know Brett suggested a JK Portfolio but there are SO MANY stocks to watch I find it hard to keep up.

Today's another one of "those" days. Everything is down while the market's up. I'm still just in with my little piggy... so the numbers aren't bad, but this is telling me that my trading is still flawed. I guess all this travel isn't helping. There was a time over the summer that I could spend vast quantities of time on this. Now I find it difficult to squeeze an hour a day in. Makes me appreciate Jeff, Brett, and Raimo even more.

Wow! I hate to go head-to-head with the master, but I'm sticking to my guns on MTH. I see a reversal and a nice rebound on the stock.

Can someone kindly point me the watch list? is it in the video? My company blocks me from seeing it....

if it in the video, can anyone tell me the symbols?

thank you very much....

If you are using Firefox, try using IE.

Here's a few other ripe, tradeable opportunities for today if you're bullish:

ATW - pulled back nicely to a trendline here.

BPHX - breakout. Come on, doesn't everyone here own this stock?

DRYS - love the pullback to here. It's a tad bit above the trendline but you gotta take your opportunities on this stock

ELON - My second favorite stock to the Phoenix. I've been building a position and I have no doubt that the volume is telling an explosive story.

LAZ - beautiful retest on the sym triangle reversal.

UA - watch closely. It's disappointed me, for sure, but a strong finish to this day could launch this one high and fast.

VDSI - good luck finding a better entry than this.



the watch list is in the video,,,you really need to see Jeff's analysis and not just the symbols


thanks for your kind help!!!

My company blocks me from watching the video!!!

big-cry face :-(

I will try to study the symbol then...

RTS means Raimo talks Sh*t
RIA means Raimo is an a$$
RLH meams Raimi loves to hunt
RLY means Raimo loves Yuegling


Raimo has thick skin and can take that,,,I on the other hand take offense,,,this is a positive blog,,,go away


My wife thanks you for the great watchlist. It keeps me out of her hair for a few hours anyway. Always appreciated.

Jeff, thanks is came at me fast and normally I like drinking from the fire hose but Chris' PULL OUT PULL OUT is right. I find myself forgetting many of the trades you mention and have as Brett does created a JK watchlist for each week and then that got over whelming. So now I write them in a book and those that fit my rules I create a watch list. Here lately I have not had time to even look at that. I promise to raise the bar here.

Is there anyway to block anonymous shadow snipers from this blog as it is really getting tiresome? Raimo we have your back.


I challenge the entry on VDSI and raise you a BIIB.

Yes, again.

Nice work.

we love you Raimo


Jesus Jeff...

If your watch lists get any better and longer..this is better than my searches.....

Kim, OMG...I don't doubt it, look uvol...(up volume)on that flag pole. I bet Laney is excited about that pole too, since she has let it slip that she does not things that are too short, you know, as a women..

Hey PP, geuss Laney would not like you then , LOL..(oh, Kim, I am in the zone, working on my PP response)


Ditto to Sue's "go away" GO AWAY!!! Please don't waste our time. If you find it necessary to blather on like that, I'm sure there are other blogs that would welcome you. But, not here! Even though, I've only been here for about a month, I perceive that Raimo wants to help and encourage, as do so many others on this site.

I am here for real answers. I will wait for them.
Thank you, Sue


Jeff, and Brett..

You can keep VDSI, wear the BIIB, as I am GOOGling....

Yes, Kim, I know, you are reisling while I am googling..

Thanks again Jeff for the Watch List. Next steps, see what fits my trading rules and then watch for entry signals, after the Fed nonsense subsides.

Great video

What do you guys think about NEM

CELG is at perfect entry


Please crash through $94......on volume, please....

Thanks for the killer list it is a great help. I'll double your BIIB.


Thank you for the watchlist Jeff!!

Thank you Brett and Raimo for your tips! And everyone for being so inspiring to me too.

What a great blog this is. SFM

Brett, I agree on MTH. I was thinking as I watched the video that it looked more like a triple bottom to me, and wondered how Jeff saw it as a continuation. UNT is another one that I'm not sold on as a put play. To me it looks like it could be forming a bottom and getting set to reverse.

Unfortunately this internet connection in Vegas rivals the one in the middle of the Mondavi Desert for slowness, so I'm having a real problem looking at all the stocks that have been mentioned today. Tomorrow I'm in Vancouver and after the Bed (er.. Fed) stuff has subsided I think I'll be looking at upping my "option" portion of the portfolio. There are soooo many great trades on the table right now. Thanks everyone.

I ust read your response to Jeff's post on 8/31/06 regarding triangles and their formations. You added:

"1) There's very little decision-making involved. Spot the triangle, set your alerts and wait for the signal. If you get a break on volume, you're in."

My qustion is this: does one need to wait for the triangle to be "completed" or "filled in" before a break out to consider it a confirmed triangle? I.e., how much wiggle room is there in these patterns?

I'm new and I do appreciate the help.


David S
Sorry I don't see anything in NEM that looks worthwhile. It's in a sideways channel and still has a couple of bucks to go before reaching previous highs.

Raimo, bite me and bite my descendants. BA makes way, way way better airplanes than Airbus and next spring I will be leaving the land of the frenchman for my beloved 767. From there it will be to the magical 787. For you to wish badness on BA.... oooooo..... it makes me so mad.... I could... oh, I don't know.... spit. But into a sink or something. Not on the floor. That... (like throwing a Barbie on the Barbee) would just be wrong.

Anyway, I see where you're going with it but I will but the famous Brown Voodoo Hex on it and it will soar to the clouds. No.... To Infinity.... and beyond!!!!

Chris .... if you ever write a book . I am the first buyer! The 'sitting with your back to the wall at the Vegas dinner' got me laughing out loud ... and the above ' middle of Mondavi Desert' was funny too .. You are hilarious! Oh .. did we mean Mohave Desert?

Back to trading!


A breakout is a breakout. As long as the pattern has formed and completed, the rest is history.

Remember I'm in Vegas. Mondavi can buy whatever he wants... including his own desert.

David S. I'm waiting for CELG to pull back to 65 before getting in, but I sure do like the settup.

i disappeared from here for a few weeks, and have spent the last few days finally catching up. I stopped trading options in the middle of august. I was sitting back because the volatility was so crazy (and wanted to spend the end of the summer on the boat). But while sitting back and waiting, I found myself daytrading, which I had no idea how to do, and paid dearly for it

I've spent the last week organizing myself back into the option addict mindset. The idea brett gave of a seperate jeff watchlist, seems so simple that i feel like an idiot that i didn't think of it myself.
I'm waiting for the fed statement before I get too heavily involved, however after today hopefully i can recover the lost profit from my stupid mistakes

Long: option addicts & JK

Short: trading stuff I know nothing about

Greg H
LI New York

It doesn't matter how far the triangle goes. When it breaks out on volume... it's broken out.


I would reccomend reading through the RESP thread yesterday and today. It sheds some light on your question regarding triangle confirmation, and whether ones needs to wait or not. If playing the Triangle breakout as a pattern play, yes, you need confirmation, a breakout with volume.

C2, Bite Me? LOL...maybe I will then...

Hey, look, Mahmood put the whammy on my CROX trade, now you on BA??

Burn baby burn... :)

Ooops sorry Jeff. Didn't mean to step on your toes.


Are you going to be taking in any good shows while you are there?

I just got a photo from my sis last week of her and Wayne Brady. He looks like hell.

Chris, still thinking of last night with that reference to the Mondavi (it's that a vineyard) desert. I have not been on the 787 but look forward to it. I like the Airbus seats though. I have more connection (friends) in BA than Airbus so I guess I am with you. I feel your pain though as I am working with builders and unfortunately, have been short their stocks as of late. Please don't tell! Speaking of which is LEN at that famous REE? Or at least it was...

I'm tired of just sitting here tapping my fingers. Will 2:15 come already? I feel like I'm sitting in the doctor's office waiting for a mammogram. Let's just squish it and get on with life.



lol,,,i just sprayed tea all over


POT is doing its' breakout thing. And I'm sitting here tapping with Kim (and laffing).

Good thing I wasn't drinking anything or my laptop'd be toast. I kind of associated that quote with pimples... but I don't have "Man-boobs" so my point of reference would be different.

Jeff. I'm leaving town in a couple of hours... but got to Blue Man Group last night. Fun show. Don't tell Catherine. I tell her that I just sit in my room and study options.

Michelle, I'm really not happy with the spread on CVD. When you got out yesterday did you have to go with the bid price? or did you manage to squeeze something closer to the ask out of these chintzy buggers?

Incidentally Jeff, I have to disagree with the statement at the beginning of this thread. There is nothing on the face of this planet that can make Oatmeal taste better.


Sure glad I didn't get into BIDU back 7 trading days ago when it bounced off the 215 support and fib lines. What a waste of money THAT would have been. "Options too expensive" I believe were my words. I think they were around $15 at the time. Now they're $48.


I think GRMN is waiting for 2:15 too...

FORM fro last weeks video is looking actionable if you did not take it already.

This comment has been removed by the author.

GNK, bouncing off support. I mentioned it last week as a possible cup and handle formation. To me it could be forming the handle over the next few days. My rules have me in the trade with a stop at 53.
Thanks in advance for the list Jeff. I am getting to it now.

I am no longer tapping my fingers. My on sale gene is vibrating after watching Jeff's video. Now to digest the wealth of info we were given...thanks Jeff.


Speaking of 'chintzy buggers', as Chris puts it, has anyone noticed our 'free' money on VAR is gone. The market makers are putting a .30 -.40 spread on it. The IV on GRMN has dropped off such that the stock price is more than I paid for it but I'm down $1.45 a share. Volitility will no doubt drop off some more tomorrow.


CMI looking like it is braking out


I came across CLB yesterday and got excited about it breaking through the ascending triangle until I looked at bid ask spread. $1-$2 spreads, are you kidding? Are option addicts just buying the stock?

Interesting to see what the VIX is doing...dropping. Lower VOLAT for options if it holds. Remember what Jeff and Eric said on the CAST last night.

I seriously just spit out my drink! LOL!

You are funny!


Patti, I hear you about GRMN. My Oct 100 calls are down 27% even though GRMN has only dropped about 1% since I bought them 2 weeks ago. I don't think it is IV, but then I can't get the Black-Scholes Calculator to work.

You guys have been on a roll! I had so much reading to catch up on but it was all good!

Sue-I'm going to email you tomorrow when my world has a bit more time.



OMG. Watching a 1m intraday chart is quite fascinating....


If you have access to Investools, go to the GRMN option chain and click on the option symbol for the OCT 100. It will bring up the volitility chart. You will be able to see how much it has fallen day by day.

Wow! A 50 point rate cut!!!



Wow indeed

Out all morning. Whew-hew, go, baby, go. Hope this rally holds.


What were you saying about not panicking when your puts hit all your exits????


Wow! I love that VAR doesn't care at all about the rate cut. So far it didn't react to the cut at all. Down baby down!



Nice call. Stay patient. Hopefully your calls are going nuts today.

The VIX fell off a cliff. now at 23.4

Speaking of intra day charts take a look at AEM over last 10 min.


Everything just started jumping and all my alerts started beeping. But it looks like my puts are leveling off a bit. But yes, my calls are doing very well. Especially BIDU... I'm definitely not unhappy. I just didn't want to push the sell button too soon. ;-)


gold will just stay on fire


Kim, Sue, MIchelle,
This is the best Mammogram I ever had!

Okay, everything is cranking. Talking about the VIX falling off a cliff? Geez. As I write this it was down 5 something. Now it's only down $4.

I did end up having to sell my puts because they started to go way over my stop line like AMG. Oh, well. Like I said, I'm not unhappy because of my calls like BCSI & BIDU.

I couldn't figure out why even though GRMN is cranking my stock wasn't moving as much as I thought it should. I'm such a dork! I forgot that I bought a JAN 110 OTM. Duh!


I am so mad I could spit!! I am trying to control my emotion here but it is difficult. I got stopped out of GRMN at almost the low of the day just before or maybe at the announcement. I tried to jump back in but wasn't quick enough and it just ran away. With the deflated volatility my loss which would have been okay was higher than I wanted or expected. This makes me question everything. I hate everything and everybody right now.


One of my only PUT plays left....VAR...all I can do is laugh...we nailed this party.....


boy,,,I agree,,got stopped out on all my puts for small loses,,,but had more calls push past triple digit gains,,,definitely a huge up day for the account, gotta love it


Patti - thanks, I had forgotten about that.

####CLEAN CUPS####

Jeff, Raimo, Brett and others,

I'd like to thank all of you. For the first time i feel like Kim and I were prepared going into this news event. The knowledge everyone shares here is awesome and I feel grateful to be here and I hope I can sometime post something that helps someone like you all have helped me.

It seems that it is all about having the right tools to react in the right way. Today i feel like we took a nice step in the right direction.

Thanks again,




This is my humble opinion, but GRMN is making a nice move on average volume. We may even get a new 52week high. More volume would be better, but I am bullish on it.

My Sept. 95 naked puts on GRMN look pretty safe now as do my 100/105 bull calls. I'm surprised the puts have any value left in them at all. January 95's plumped up nicely as well. Puts got pummeled but the calls more than made up for it with 9000 points of positive delta on my side.

Question- I'm looking to do Iron Condors with double wide legs to give a bigger factor of safety and a little more premium. As an example a RUT with 670-690/870-890 has a 180 point target range and still gives a $2 credit. The RUT has never moved that much in a month as far as I can see. Any thoughts? Thanks,

Stan the probability on that IC is high (90%) but just realize that the risk is $18 for a potential $2 reward. It'll work 9 out of 10 times but that one time can nail you.

Also, what is your trading plan if the index gets near one of your short strikes? Will you hold until expiration regardless or will you stop out. If you stop out, your probabilities of success go down.

Thanks Everyone-

I thought I had responded earlier, but apparently I never hit send....

Thanks for the info on traingles. I looked at the RESP example closely and I now understand.

It's also been helpful watching you guys respond to today's news.

Thanks again,

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