The GRMN Video

Recommendation: Make sure you are watching this while under the influence of Monster JAVA. Preferrably Mean Bean.

Long: GRMN

Short: GRMN

Disclaimer: Long/Short only because this ticker is a tired subject. Too bad we didn't have more controversy when I gave the initial reco at $64. Nobody would care what it is doing today. By the way, you'll notice that the CEO couldn't make it. However, he sends his regards and recommends you double down on your position.

I'm on a mac and i can't view the video file at all.

Let me clarify:

I can never view the video. i only get sound.

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for the video on GRMN. It was, as always, very helpful. I so appreciate your desire to help us.


Me too. On a mac(because they are the best!). Hear it but can't see it.

Jeff, great listening nonetheless, that's why you're our leader.


It must really boil your blood when Jeff adds music videos, personal notes, sports info, and silly side clips of cute blonds babbling crap. Oh wait--scratch that....I know you like cute blondes babbling crap.

My point, Jeff directs the chat, and we follow. KEEP SCROLLING. It will take as much time as you are taking to defend your bipolar opinions.



Great video. It clarifies and reinforces what you have been teaching all along.


I had the same problem when I was using Firefox as the browser. On the Internet Explorer browser though it works well.



Interesting. Sounds like a major chunk of your price patterns class on that video (for free, nonetheless). Just a quick poll: How many people here HAVEN'T taken Jeff's price patterns class at least once?


Thanks. The video helps. It is a reminder to me to do my own homework and to leave emotions out of the process (usually easier said than done).


Jeff, great information on the GRMN video - I think I will go to the lake this afternoon and ride The Waverunner to 60 MPH to get the rush of the day.

Thanks David in NH

thanks Jeff for taking time to discuss and post the video! The reason i dont ask questions like what about this trade and what about that trade is because i should be responsible in "Planning my trade and Trading my plan" as you always say. We have all the resources here to incorporate in trading.


Thanks for the insight on GRMN and your trading style. I have counter AO idea on GES that I would like input on.

I sere GES channeling between $45.75 and $52.50 with the bounce coming yesterday. If i'm right we're lookin gat a $6.75 move.

I know jeff sees it as a triple top so please give me good reasons to not think of this as a channel.


BTW Anonymus.....grow a set and sign your name!

Coincidental... I think not. I actually did watch this GRMN video with a JAVA monster. The only difference is that it was a Loca Mocha.

Thanks for re-iterating the price movement that usually follows a break out.


I must say Anonymous, I agree with you. SFM

Thanks for the video. Drawing support and resistance in the zone helped. I sometimes try to get it too exact.


To Anonymous,

Shoo! Keep your opinions of fellow bloggers to yourself. We are here to help each other, not to criticize each other. Raimo, as well as others, takes the time to share his knowledge and experience with us and we appreciate it.

Go away!

Can we please move on from the blog fighting... I hate fighting. It's bringing my trading day down.

And I'm psyched about BCSI & ABC.

LONG: blog friendliness
SHORT: blog fighting


Boy are people bored today or just thin skinned. In order to get through this blog I just search for the names of the people "I" think know what they are talking about and interested in helping eveyone trade better i.e. Jeff Brett Ramio and a few other ... they rest I ignore. If people want to socialize go to a CMG together and eat some buritos.

Pure wisdom! Thanks Jeff!

I do like the silly blondes too..

And who cares if annonymouse leaves a name or not, does that matter?? It could be fake anyway.

I could care less about annonymouse..please...but thanks for the support OA's..both publicly and guys ROCK!

I care about solid trades, and all of us making $$...and a lot of it. wanted to take this private, but I now see you prefer an open forum. I won't waste time or blog space, Liz is I will move on for the greater good...

In fact, if you feel I was mean, I offer up an point was to get the blog back on track, not to hammer you....

Brett (and other MAC users),

Since the videos are recorded in .WMV format, I believe you need a plugin for Quicktime (or some other conversion utility) in order to view them. You can dowload some demos from Apple's website.

Great video and good review. Patience is developed over time and nurtured along by many, many early exits.
Thanks again for all the help.

Nice break down yesterday. Re-testing today if you didn't get it yesterday.


Thanks Jeff. Very helpful. :)

Fantastic video, as usual, 'ol Jeffy boy is the prince, no KING!!

Raimo, I think we can be logical about this, dont you. I think Michelle took it as a personal attack when you told her to stop talking about her home. I think you should apologize for that. When everone got excited and was talking about their TV shows, that was somewhat excessive, butnot obscenely so, but it was after hours anyway.

I know you talk a lot on the blog about guns and shooting. And personally it sickens me to think that animals living quiet lives have to worry about someone killing them just to get their rocks off or for a trophy.

I dont say anything about it because we all have to get along here but I really dont like to hear it.

So my opinon is POINT TAKEN about the TV shows, but you should APOLOGIZE to MIchelle because she is a regular contributor and her home is personal and important to her, just like shooting at animals is to you. SFM

Have you been watching GLDN? Today looks like the day. Breakout out of ascending triangle and it looks like volume is getting there.


I tried to take it off-line, but you didn't respond.
I apologize again publicly and accept your apology as well.

I agree, let's trade on. I am sorry for getting mean. I felt attacked and attacked back. That was childish of me. It is something my three-year-old would do.

Okay. No more blog space wasted on this mess. Raimo apologized, I apologized. Let's let it alone.



Boy do I like BOOM here. excellent volume, nice break over 45, a new support level??

This is REE for me...a close below $45 and you are out...with good upside potential...

Trade at your own risk..


I think you did this specifically so you did not have to respond to my last poem. You are not getting off the hook that easy pal. Take your time and make it a good one.



Has anyone noticed the huge B/O down on SHPGY? If the Rising Wedge Bearish is accurate on ProphetCharts, a significant drop will occur. It broke down below 71.50.

Any thoughts?


See, we agree on something. I have been riding BOOM since 40 and like the REE, too.

The FORM pick from last week looks great.


Jeff, love the video (and every video you put out there).

Brett/Sarah, IMHO you are missing alot by not watching him draw the lines! I know it helps me, maybe try that IE suggestion...

I have only taken Jeff's one time offer of a free class from a few weeks back.

[step on soapbox]
I feel I'm at a bit of a cross roads with my trading. Over the past year I have seen my knowledge grow by using IT, listening to the marketcast, and following this blog. The first 6 months were rocky and frankly, I was almost out of money in Feb 07(in a small investing account I am using for my learning, 401k is still in good shape).

Fast forward to today and the account has grown 8 fold since then. I have focused on learning and frankly imitating Jeff's style. I do have my own rules written down and they are my rules and I follow them. Small position size (to take out emotion) and I'm in and out of trades quicker than I think Jeff and others are. I do this because of the market swings latley and because I put a huge value on any profits I can get.

Anyway, I feel I'm on my way, but I need to have the account double a few more times before I can really feel that I have made it (short-term goal is to get back all of the money I have lost over the years trading (before IT and blog) and to pay for IT classes and services). I guess when I make that happen, I will feel like I really have something.

Things I still need to improve:

1. I wish I could be more self relient with spotting opportunities (seems each time I do a trade I find on my own, they are not as good as one talked about here).

2. Need to develop a few huge stock winners that can just sit in the account and have nice gains (like if I would have taked grmn back at 64 (actually I had it but sold at around 75) Right now when I'm not in trades, I'm in cash.
[off soapbox]


Killing on BCSI, NUE, JEC
Long & waiting to develop: WHQ, UA

Short - nothing, need to fix this fast.

This week got out of ATI, IWM, ICE, CAM, DECK with modest profits.

Sorry for the soap box, but it was cleansing for me. Hopfully it can help others too. It helped me to write it down.


I also have DDR on my radar for a break here over $54.....a bit of a sloppy inverse H & S ?....but I like the recent higher highs and lows..toss this on the watch list...

VMI, it's either time to exit or time to add to. Guess only time will tell. Good REE.


Right there with you! I feel like if I can not only get my account back to what it was originally (almost there-maybe by the end of next week) then my next goal is to pay off IT and then yes... I guess we have some of the same mile markers. ;-)


Liking BOOM!



Great lesson on GRMN. It never hurts to go back to the basics. I'm still in the trade, but found myself annoyed with the lack of price action. Great points on how long it took the pattern to form, and needing to be patient. I continue to remind myself about patience....

To everbody else--loving all the trading comments. Looking forward to being able to spend some quality time going through them and reviewing them in more detail later. As soon as this work day ends.... So much to learn.

Dear bloggers,

I don't understand the sudden interest in trading only commentary and resent the suggestion that this blog is or should be dedicated to purely that subject. From the beginning various bloggers have occassionally sidetracked the conversation into something more personal.

Those sidetracks have given us all small snippets of insight into the personalities of the people of this community and made them more human. It occurs quite rarely and provides me with some occassional levity I often desperately need to keep my sanity while I learn to trade.

The side conversations are the very reason many on this blog have become friends.

From rather bizarre poetry, lovey dovey comments to significant others, to TV shows its a rare side path and completely harmless and easily avoided by the spin of a mouse wheel.

To get uptight about it while also posting poetry is hypocritical. From my perspective it's all good. So lighten up. I love all you whacko's.


Forget about big winners. If you look for them and try to find them, it will not happen. and you will take risks not worth the reward.

Also, on finding trades...(and I said this to Jeff yesterday)...some of the best trades(winners)are right here on the blog, offered by the big kahuna himslef. Yet, we rarely talk about Jeffs picks once the video is played. I know for me I seem to focus on the silly blondes...

Seriously, with all the blogging that goes on, it is easy to lose and/or forget about Jeffs picks.

Here is what I do so that DOES NOT HAPPEN. Create a JKB watch list, put his picks in there, look at them every day, pounce on them at REE...That is what I do along with my own trades.

It is easy to lose sight of Jeffs picks when we are all offering up our own littel gems, writing poems, talking shit...

As for big with the intent to preserve capital, make smart entrys, make PREDICATABLE trades...the winners will happen, the big ones too, but you have to let them happen on there own..dont go looking.

Let your trades work....and they will.

Work your trades after you placed them, they wont work.

Also....MONEY MANAGMENT, HUGE...don't overtrade, and dont take position sizes that are not balanced within your account.

FAST- retesting resistance @ 44 today. Seems fairly low risk. I have a first target of 40, and second of 36.


When I replied to Anonymous earlier, I wondered why you responded as you did. Then I took a look at the previous thread - I was out yesterday and missed the comments between Michelle and Raimo. Now I understand why you posted as you did.
I agree that, though the blog needs to focus primarily on trading, most of the other comments are enjoyable. And yes, I too am an animal lover and don't like hearing about Raimo's killing them. But if he can write poetry and talk about hunting, Michelle can talk about her interests. I like getting to know everyone. I don't post often but I read everything and enjoy most of it. And I love you, Raimo, even if I don't like hunting :)
And thank-you Michelle for all the help that you have given me.

CVD, on Jeff's watchlist eons ago.
It has done nothing but move up and make money. Has held steady, even when the market jumped all around.
Jeff, you rock.



I agree with all of your comments. Thanks for that.

I do a similar thing wtih Jeff's list. I look at them often and try to see if I see and agree with the pattern and I try to pick the right entry and exit points.

I quit looking for big winners, look now for patterns, trends and entry points.


UA looks like it's turned itself into a sym triangle and will break out... just not sure which way. I agree it's a low risk entry... but which way? I'm waiting for the break and possibly the re-test. Also, COST looks to me like it broke through the neckline making it a failed pattern. I failed patterns in sewing class, too. No I never took sewing. But my guess is this is going to keep going up. But I won't stake my reputation on it.

Or yours.

liz, I went to get into GLDN because I love the setup... but there's very little open interest and very wide spreads. Did you get in earlier... when the Buy/sell spreads were better? I'm having a tough time with CVD right now. I've made decent money on it (65% if I can ever sell the darned thing) but I'm having the dickens (not Charles) of a time selling it. .50 to .75 spread and every one of those options is being held by the chintziest buggers on the face of the trading planet and they're not willing to give a nickel!!

Even VAR is not cooperating. I'm trying to get in the Jan 45s and I'm bidding 5.95 and theres a wackload of people offering them at 6.00 and not ONE (or two) of them will sweeten the deal. I'm .15 above all other offerers, too.

Jeff, thanks for the video. I'm still in GRMN and have been for a week. Time for it to get a move-on.

For those of you on a Mac you need the free FLip4Mac WMV plugin for Quicktime. You can download it here

And, Jeff, this was a great back to basics video. Thank you.

I bought stock on CVD. Have been trying to play more conservative lately and only buy options on a few. I hate it when that happens and you can't get a good price.


Are you not concerned in this market that CVD is going to pull back here to diag support? It did bounce this morning off of 75 horiz support so I'm feeling a bit better this afternoon. I am taking my 3 meager contracts off the table and going off in a huff.

Ooops, we crossed wires, there, Michelle. Stock does make things much easier... I agree. My RRSP causes me much less stress than the options. Although I'm getting better at my options stuff and feeling less stress. Must be the Coronas.

Bought some stock at 72.50 (diaganol support) and some at 74ish where I see some horizontal support. Got a tight stop on the add-on stock. If it bounces to the diaganol line, I'm okay with that. If I had options, might be a little less willing to let it bounce. It has held steady, though. I am going to have to get my Webster's out, I think I misspelled diaganol.


Bottom Feeder,

I don't disagree...but lately the blog has more personal stuff then trade stuff...

I used to have to read through 12 posts to get 10 trade related ones. It's been getting crazy latley.

Imagine this blog in 6 months if it continues on that track?? I won't be able to read any more cause I wont have the time, or desire..not that I don't love finding out about people, but I am here for another learn, help, trade, make some $$...

I used to have time to bantor back and forth with the PP every day..a challenging, fun, and even trade related duel..

I have gone from maybe two or three poems a week, to maybe one or two a month lately..

And for the guys are talking more about hunting than me, and all my posts about hunting are me killing bears (which I have not done)to get the bulls to run! I don't think there is one post on this blog about me actually hunting or killing anything!

Anyway, we are all here for the greater cause, to make some freaking Cha worries, lets trade on..this is a great community, and everyone here rocks....

Well, except for the Phantom..

I have been trading CVD since earnings in May. Just look at it.
It has stayed on that trend line all through the 300 up days, 300 down days. I am not trying to convince you to keep it, because it very well could bounce to diaganol support, but keep it on your watch list. Just another reason to keep a watch list of Jeff's picks. That one would be rated "outperform" by me.


Great REE on a H&S re-test that has less hair than me. Although you may want to wait until it breaks below 72.50 as that seems to be some resistance to this latest trend.

I agree. Owning the stock, however gives you a much longer perspective. In this market I've been reluctant to let my winners run. I just grab some profit and run. So far... reasonably successfully. I think I'm going to give this one a bit more rope though. I've got Nov paper, so time is not my enemy (although my mother once told me time is always your enemy.)

I've been doing that too with options. But CVD is one I have bought stock in and let it do its thing. The bigger movers, I take profits quick (like Eric suggested) because sometimes the profits vanish in a day. I have not held it the whole time, even though it was stock. I buy, let it move up and bounce, and sell and wait for REE. But looking back on it, I could have held it the whole time. Who knew?? With this market, there are no gurantees.


Jeff ... great video as usual and always good to revisit what you have said no less than a million times on this great blog...

Guys .. a suggestion ... I attend the Patterns class in the Trading Room at Investools weekly .. have been for several months ... Jeff teaches like this every single week and walks through all types of patterns and gives great comments that help me to be a better trader ... It's worth your money to enroll just for that - believe me ..

OK ... enough plugging .. back to trading! :)

NWK is having a nice little flag breakout at the moment. Low cost stock.

I got in this at 11 and loving it.



I took Jeffs pattern class over and over and over again. Best class out there, bar none.

Jeff's class worth every penny...

Chris, Keep trying on VAR. If you have TOS, you might call the trade desk to see why it's not getting filled.

Raimo, Don't ever bail on us. You are an invaluable part of this blog.

Michelle, Congrats on CVD. I, too would have taken profits on it by now.



Sorry about your hair problem.


REE ??

You are correct that $72 is a support area...maybe a double bottom for the CAT if rates get cut more next week than expected, maybe this stock gets a boost from that..and I really don't know either..I can be way off..

But do you go long here, or short??

Or walk away........and wait...

Same with CVD. If the market likes what the Fed says, I think it will bounce and head up. Or it could go down and hit the lower support level. Are you willing for that to happen? Don't know how many contracts you have, but just a thought.


Clean Cups

The video was great. Your teaching style ROCKs! I learn so much from your work. Thanks all you have helped me gain.


your responce to Stat was spot on. Perfect perspective. I have copied it and put in "my book" of wisdom.

Thank you all for this fantastic education. It is priceless.

Off for the weekend - you all enjoy.


I looked at GLDN, posted about GLDN and then got sidetracked because I have a 2 year old who does not want to be potty trained. Anyway, by the time I got back to GLDN it had gotten away from me. So Boo Hoo! I set an alert if it re-tests and if it does, I'm in because I really like the set up as well.

I also like SNDK re-testing today.

I would really like POT to get a move on it though.

ABC hit my 1st target so I sold for a 40% profit. I may be in again in a few days depending on what it does. Have alerts set on this one as well.


Jeff, I read your stuff every day, and read the comments every day. I listen to Marketcast everyday, and if I should miss a day for travel or whatever, I go back.

I generally do not comment, as I am not sure I have anything to add. I think the blog does stray, and get a little cute, but that is alright, people have persoanlities, and it shows.

I really appreciate your review of your techniques and what you see and we should recognize as opportunity and how it should be played.
The thin line between nervous and cautious, reckless and confident are hard to find, but knowledge makes it possible.

I am sure there are many who do not need to seem their thoughts in print that appreciate and respect what you do, why to do it, and how it needs to be considered and contexted.



Very good video with valuable information.
Your sharing gives you strength.
Thanks for your time and information.


I am always a little late with the blog, but I wanted to say that your video is Spot On! I very much have learned from you to make my plan before I take a trade.

So I think I had similar thinking about getting into GRMN, although I need to fine tune my entry points some, but that comes with practice.

Thanks for your super ninja trading skills, it helps me when I look at other stocks and how to approach them.


I've been a Marketcast fan the day I bought into IT (about 1 month now). I've even gone back and listened to the archives (I was looking for something to make sense of the volatility). Two days ago I found the highlighted archive posts and have been working my way down the list.

I too appreciate the time and energy you Jeff and others (Bob Raimo, Brett) put into your posts and responses. To tell the truth I had to learn a whole new language to read the blog for the first week (REE, taking down, shooting bulls, phantom traders. But I'm glad I stuck with it.

Please keep up the videos (love the video watchlists) as I learn best visually.

Thanks again to all of you,

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