I Love You

Prepare yourself, I am going to chime in about all the recent comments.

First I want to start with the role I play in distribution of off topic content. I must admit, I get depressed at the response I get from my daily production here. I have put the masses in front of tons of profitable and wildly profitable trades. I record videos, I share opinions, I take a lot of time out of my day to add this value to the world in their pursuit of achieving greatness...

And often it seems over looked.

I appreciate the recent recognition by a few to say "thanks" for my efforts. I am in a zone right now with all the trades I have presented, and of all the tickers I see in the comments, none are consistent with what I put out there. Uhhh....Ok.

I'll quote Joseph Marshall Wade...

"If I wanted to become a tramp, I would seek information and advice from the most successful tramp I could find. If I wanted to become a failure, I would seek advice from men who had never succeeded. If I wanted to succeed in all things, I would look around me for those who are succeeding and do as they have done. "

After a great post I get excited to check the comments to see what people think, only to find that my efforts acted as a service to move conversation & banter to another location. I am not complaining, but I agree that this site has become somewhat of a chat room. Don't get me wrong, I love the idea of community. Duh! That is why I created this mess and encouraged comments!

But let's not lose sight of the task at hand.

I like the idea of trying to stay a little more trader focused. But only if that means we all elevate our game to this level. I'm guilty of talking about reality tv, sports, music, energy drinks, my sex life, etc. I only do this a small amount of the time in relation to what I offer related to trading. Let's all try to shoot for that same goal.

In closing, if we are going to get back on track, let's try to elevate our standards as traders. If you are going to contribute, make sure that you are profitable and experienced in your ideas and methods. The person on the other side of your comments appreciates it.

Also, as always, please do not attack the ideas of others or ever make things personal here. Respect opinions, and if people are behind the curve, recommend where to go (ARCHIVES) to play catch up. Consider this a club, and we are all for one, one for all. One Nation, under Jeff. :)

And Remember..."I love you....You love me..."

Recommendation: Can't we all just get along?

Long: Happiness

Short: Weakness

Disclaimer: I will up my standards, so up yours!

Jeff, it is posts like this one that amaze me. I do not know many people with the wisdom to navigate difficult issues as well as you ... especially as young as you are. I don't know where it comes from in you but don't lose it.

You are a great example for trading but also for how to respect and respond to others.

Thanks for leading.

Seriously, what you do and teach on this blog is priceless. Not only you share your thoughts and your ideas, but you take your precious time to explain on how you reached that conclusion.

Thank you

Hi Jeff, and others:

I just found your site last week and already have learned a lot.

Two days ago you had RIMM as a trade of the week on the MarketCast. You mentioned that you would trade the spread in the front month.

Did you mean to actually put on a full spread in Sep, or do a diagonal.

Loved the video on GRMN.



Your efforts are sincerely appreciated by us plebs! Thank you for putting us in front of some ABSOLUTELY GREAT information. Kudos to you and your ability to lead by example.



Well said. I could not have said it better myself. In fact, I didn't...

But Barney..are you kidding me?

I am gonna throw up...

I definitely prefer the silly blondes..


I have said it before but maybe it was too generic but this blog is one of the first things I check in my daily routine and I have used it as a resource multiple times and read all the old links. If I can gain the knowledge and ability that you have I aspire to do something like this(or maybe i'll just tell people to go here :-D).

I am continuously impressed by how you and Eric handle emails and questions that have already been asked hundreds of times and you still calmly reply. Now, I am sure you get frustrated and make fun of us behind the scenes but that is perfectly fine and natural because you are able to be composed when needed and you seem to obviously enjoy passing on knowledge.

This blog has been a huge influence on my trading and for the better, even though profit wise so far it hasn't but I haven't been in too many trades as of late, just watched.

In regards to the garmin trade, which I and many others greatly appreciate the video, I definitely wasn't upset about it, because I did define my own support level and got out when that was broken, which is what I should have done, I just wanted to see maybe where I went wrong in defining my level since it was not necessarily consistent with your level, and I figured I have less than a year of trading, you have about 10 years.

Maybe we take for granted your resources because you are so willing to help, I try not to but I do try to take advantage of it. Hell, I'd pay to have one on one phone calls with you, haha.

In regards to not seeing many of your mentioned trades, I would say I do see quite a few mentioning RIMM, BIDU, GRMN etc. However, I think the nature of this blog is filled with those who want to do it themselves and apply all the teaching you teach to their own trading, obviously you won't learn unless you risk your own money, but I think if we are only using this blog to take your trades, while it seems to hav been profitable, in the long run it wouldn't be good because they would still be partially reliant on your picks.

I took everything I have read in books and on this blog and applied it to the GS trade, to see if average me could use what I had learned from you and apply and find a trade on my own. So far it has worked out well, could be coincidence so I'll have to keep at it, but even if it had not I felt good that I had defined risk, picked a price target, knew when to get out if it failed and if it succeeded, all things I learned from you and the blog and cast.

Hopefully you read all this, because I tried to give you the praise and feedback you are looking for and deserve.

As always, thanks for everything you do and keep it up and thanks for the help.


Thank You for all you have taught and continue to teach me. I must admit I do more lurking than contributing on this blog, but you and the other addicts have taught me much in the past 3 months.

Liked the GRMN video earlier today, and appreciate the topical respite of entertainment you add to your posts from time to time.

However, I must draw the line at BARNEY.. . .

Hope everyone has a safe weekend.

((((((Group Hug))))))

I've told you before Jeff .. I tell you again ... You should write a book ... You're a gifted teacher but the way you thoughtfully worded this latest post is another gift ...

And Barney?? Hey - my kids grew up with him and I am sure Jeff sees him quite a bit at home himself with his young ones ... It's more than appropriate in light of some of these posts today.

I know we all mean well!

Anyone with an iPhone:


and just to keep this post on-topic, AAPl still sucks as an option play.

Thanks Jeff! Thanks Brett! Thanks Raimo! Thanks Option Addicts!

Long: ELON at REE, JEC, POT, NUE, JKBlog, weekends and beer

Short: Purple dinosaurs, VMC, All homebuilders

Keep up the good job that you are doing on the blog and Market Cast. I look forward to hearing and viewing your words of wisdom. We appreciate all of time and effort.Thank you


Thanks again for all your help.
I write down every trade that you give us, draw my S/R lines and watch them each day. These are the ones that I give most of my attention to as I am learning and they are the ones that I trade the most. Perhaps they are not often mentioned on the blog because we are trying to find more trades on our own so that we are not just relying on your recos. It may be a way of "showing" you that we are learning to fish and not just taking the fish from you. I hope that I am making sense. Again, please don't think that we are ignoring your picks. Far from it...they are the bedrock of my trades. Bless you for all that you are teaching me.


Why do you not like AAPL as an option play?


Anu, mainly because it's the most hyped stock in the world and the pattern setting up is bullish but volume is bearish. There are better opportunities out there, that's all.

Yeah, AAPL was cool in 06...or maybe that was 05?

What about NVDA at REE
looks good here anyone agree?

Ahh, the good old days. I remember Jeff's debut on Mastertalk. He presented AAPL as his first trade idea. I believe MAN was another one, but I don't recall for sure.

Good times.

Jeff, Well said. I appreciate you and learn from you daily. I know we all realize how much work you put into this blog with no compensation other than our thanks. Speaking for everyone, we definitely don't take you for granted.

Ben, Judy..I agree.

The blog is a part of my education and truely compliments InvesTools. I appreciate everyone sharing to help each other become better traders.

The archives are invaluable. Everytime I re-read one of them, it becomes more clear to me as I grow as a trader.

Have a great weekend!


David, I'm watching NVDA too but I don't know. support to me look anywhere between 31-32, I'd have to give it down to 31 and given that, I'd like to see it pull back a little closer before I jump in.

I know that I have missed a lot of the great trades you've posted but I've also been in a lot of them as well. I also know I wouldn't be where I am now if it wasn't for this blog and all the hard work you put into this and all the people in this community. Because of the great videos you put together like the one on GRMN I am continually refining my trading rules. So I really appreciate all you do and I know everybody else here does as well.



Remember the other idea?

If anyone can remember the controversial trade that put me on the map, that was going against the opinion of another big name instructor, I will offer a prize.

Again, this was my first Mastertalk presentation.

The price retails at $999.

Just to let you know: I made a comment regarding GLDN on the last post.


Jeff, I'm going to guess and say TIE because I know how much you hate that stock.



Thank you for the video on grmn. I have struggled with planning exits in the past, but I planned mine very well with this grmn trade, and it's been helpful to me. I got in on 9/4. I have only one call option contract for the sake of position size and market conditions. But I did find myself getting emotional, yesterday, in fact. And that emotion was fear. I looked at the chart and thought, "Why isn't the stock going anywhere?!?!" I found myself getting more and more fearful and emotional and thinking, "I just need to close out this position with a small loss."

And when I started thinking those thoughts, I made myself stay away from my laptop because emotional trading decisions are BAD trading decisions. Instead, when I had cooled down some, I went into my Trading Journal and looked at the exits I had documented for both taking profits and losses. Then, I looked at the chart of grmn and saw that the price action had not met the requirement for EITHER of my exits, and I told myself to gather up and get in control of my emotions.

I am a beginning trader and have learned some very hard lessons in the past few months, but I can identify some definite growth in my trading skills.

I have also been reading the archives (PLEASE, FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE, KEEP THEM COMING!), and those are very helpful.

Keep up what you do! I appreciate it very much!

Fishers, IN

I've been mostly absent this week but please don't think for a minute that I am not so grateful for the time, effort and knowledge that you share with us. Judy said it very well (about learning to fish) but you should know that I write down every one of your trade offerings, then I go through each one, marking and evaluating the charts and then select the ones that best fit my style and rules. I also try to pick my own and share those with the group (VDSI from back in June, ABC more recently come to mind).

Another thing I am learning from your constant reminder is: patience. Today's video on GRMN reinforced that one.

I'd like to share with the group something I learned from Dave Johnson's workshop this week. That is, that confidence is the key to trading success. Ultimately, you know that you know. Meaning you know that your systems and rules work.

I'm gaining in confidence every day and I think a large part of that is due to this blog, your guidance and this community. I may forget to say 'thank you' after each watchlist but I value every post and idea that you throw out there.


Thank you for the comments. I appreciate the "thanks" but realize I am not trying to fish for it.

I am only pointing out the power and potential of what goes on here, and want to see that we all contribute appropriately to its greatness.

Plus, I am kinda blushing over here from everyones kindness.


Who has the answer to my trivia? Big Prize on the line!!!

Well duh, looks like I've found the comment link!!!
Again, thanks!
The Rev

Great way to end the week.
Thanks for pulling it all together and putting us back where we need to be.


I think it was either CTSH or SHLD. But I'm not sure if that was from your very first trading room.

I know it was a reversal on one of Kelly's picks. I suppose it could have been one of Alan's, since I would have been sleeping through his presentation anyway. I loved your style. I think that was the night I decided there was a new Sheriff in town.

It was actually against a " *higher profile* " instructor. I haven't seen the right ticker yet, but I am watching...

*= Not my opinion.

I don't know if I listened to the first one you did. I remember when I first started to listen to you though because like Brett I was falling asleep in the other rooms. I'm going to guess and say GRMN. Just because we've been talking about it and they do have a system that retails for $999.



Not GRMN. However, I felt compelled to buy one of their products after making a small fortune in their options.

I decided against it. I find it better to not get emotionally attached or know the prodcuts of the companies I trade. That way there is no separation anxiety that so many experience.

Chevy On Star and GPS will have to do.


We know you're not fishing for all of these "roses," but we also realize that you don't have to do any of this, especially for free.

I, for one, have great respect for you and your expertise. I have a lot (and I do mean a LOT) to learn. And even though my husband and I have gone through the IT Master's Program (which, at the time, did not include Advanced Technical Analysis), and only now is this stuff beginning to click. We made did very well in the beginning (over 2 years ago), only to lose a large portion, but are trying to study and make this work from here forward. We will very appreciatively take all the help we can get.

So thank you for this blog.



Was it MA through 100?

I own a GRMN Nuvi and love it! My C70 didn't have a built in nav option (at least not any in the us yet..a few months back)

Loving the BCSI trade!


I will only speak for myself but I assume that many of the regulars feel the same.
I have made money and lost money on stocks that you have talked about on both the blog and the marketcast.
I am none the less grateful for both the winners and losers. I confess that I did not do enough homework on my losers have entered and exited on both winners and losers based on gut feel rather than rules.
The losses and mildly profitable winners have forced me to take a "now practical" look at my rules and reasons. Looking back at each trade, I can see my mistakes and where my rules and appropriate homework would have made a difference.
Going back over my training material makes much more sense now that there are some real time experiences and real time screw-ups.
Those assholes who blame you for trades gone bad should close their accounts, buy some mortgage bonds from Contrywide and rent the movie "Time Machine" for non-fiction entertainment.
Keep us primed and please do not change
Long: Morlocks
Short: Assholes

Don and Deborah
Greer SC


Good post Jeff. I personally have benefited greatly from your insights and experience. I started trading actively about 10 months ago and have learned alot in the time. I have learned the most from listening to the marketcast and reading your blog. I think the information provided is very actionable and INVALUABLE!!
Without the knowledge I have learned from you I would be sitting in front of my monitor like a drooling moron totally bewildered why I dont see an earnings release date for SHV! Thanks to you this is not the case.
On another note I use a mac and like others I couldnt see the video on GRMN for some reason...tried viewing in Safari and Firefox but no dice.

Sorry for the grammatical errors. It's tough to proof the text in such a small box. I realize that's not a good excuse.



For me personally, I am not even sure I would still be trying to trade full time if it wasn't for you and this blog. I admire your ability to pick the trades that you do, your understanding of the markets, and your selfless efforts in trying to teach us all to be better traders. Thank, you Jeff.

You sir, are THE game changer!

For all the Mac Users,

Can you watch them in YouTube?

Jeff, was it an Iron Condor on the SPY? :)

Have a great weekend everyone. Today was a bit rough on the blog but all ended well. Even the greatest family/community/marriage/partnership/friendship has a down day. The important thing is we have recovered and that is because we have good leadership and, as I see it, a group of people that care enough about each other to be invested in each other's success. I think Bret once said that IT only really teaches you to be informed investors and that Jeff is helping us become traders. Think about what you could do for your families, your lifestyle and for charity if we achieve what we all want to achieve. We can't get there without Jeff and without each other. So, lets keep the commmittment to each other going and make some coin or else Jeff with post some more Barney clips!!

I don't know if my notes go back that far. I've got notebooks piled up here and there.

Was it RIMM?


Damnit Liz! I was just getting ready to write RIMM. If you win that prize because of my slow fingers......


Jeff, Thank you for all your good work. I do not post often but I am an avid reader, I learned a lot from your post and I am haapy to say that I am know more confident to trade.
The GRMN video is great. Thanks a bunch.


Better to have a rough day on the blog then in your account..

Have a great weekend everyone, and a heartfelt thanks to all of you who supported me on the blog and privately.

Tonight I raise a glass of Yuengling and toast all of you..or maybe roast you...not sure, but it's all good...and on monday, we kick market ass...


Alright, here's my real guess. I actually have no idea because I was not there so this is a totally low probability trade, but since it costs nothing, I might as well put it out there. Wait for it ...





Great guess, but LVS was actually the first Marketcast trade that I presented in late 06.

That was my 2nd guess.

Yes, I know I'm lame, but I went and found my previous notebooks and started looking through the notes. And then started entering stock symbols to see how they've played out the last 5 years.

I'm not even sure if I heard Jeff's first master's talk. I remember my husband listened to him first and then I started listening to him. I have notes on when Jeff was teaching spreads.


If I weren't working right now I may be able to get the answer. I am fairly confident it was talked about in a fairly recent marketcast, although when i say fairly recent that could be a couple weeks ago, even if not I am 99.9% certain it was discussed.

Hmm, is the prize a case of Java Monster? haha.


Tell you what...

Here is a hint.

I started Mastertalk in May 06.

The set up was a price pattern, specifically a bearish reversal when the market was kicking ASS!

Since guesses are free, how about X?



The price of the "prize" retails at $999 Ben, which is what Monster Java SHOULD sell for.

I'd pay it.



PS- You won't find it in my archives.

As time goes by, I will give more hints...

Damn Jeff, how'd you know I was looking there..

How about POT?

If you buy a lot it could retail for $999... just kidding. But not about my guess.



How about HANS?




I meant LEND?


Okay, I just realized I wouldn't have any of that in my notes because I started Jun 06. One month later. I keep guessing anyway.



Ahh, the prize retails for $999, gotcha.

Hmm, not in the archives, I feel I am disadvantaged not being a member of Investools for this if it's in there.

I will have to sit helplessly by and wait to guess on clues.


TIE ??




There is only a few of us left, sitting here idly at our computers like a bunch of lab rats stabbing in the dark here for the holy grail...

was it a H $ S on google?

See Jeff, told you this would be a team building exercise. Wish I could chime in. I was at your first mastertalk:)

Everyone keep going this is fun...

H & S on MOT??


Just looking at my trade journal and stocks you suggested that moved.


PCAR?? Oh, wait, these are '07. You said '06.


Okay we have a choice of H&S, Triple Top, Double Top, Bump and Run, and a Bearish Rising Wedge...


Jeff, is it GOOG?

Liz, Bump and Run? That souunds like a , uh, uhm..never mind..

Sarah..so, you know, you are in on this pain staking challenge...

I'll get you....

H & S on CAT??


There's only 11,985 choices left! Hurry! Hurry!


pretty soon were going to need a new thread. lol.

Is it MNST?

Did someone already mention that?


I don't make up the name of the price patterns... but it does sound funny. ;-)



Hey everyone, isn't Jeff probably recording the Market Cast right about now?

You know...Jeff is probably in the middle or recording the Marketcast.


Sam H-
Probably. But I have a few minutes to kill while my kids are "supposedly" taking a nap.


Liz, for some reason that is ringing a bell for me, MNST, I don't want to give you false hope though, haha.


I just got in from helping my daughter do her paper route. If you ever need to sit back and re-group... deliver papers in the few moments before a thunderstorm begins. We laughed... we cried... it moved me Bob.

The answer is GM.

Actually I have no idea as I wasn't even a twinkle in Jeff's eye back then.

But that's the answer. And the prize is their latest car.

Thanks Jeff.

Jeff- AAPL did pretty good in May of 2006.

How do I find some basic definitions used around here such as "REE" and "Clean Cups"

Also, what was your reasoning for getting into BCSI on a pull back when the technicals all looked like it was losing steam?

The sad thing is, I know you know what you are doing so I jumped on the bandwagon and have made good money, but as you say, I need to learn to fish for myself.

Whoa Nelly! I take that back, APPL did good in May of 2005, not 2006.

Clean Cups (a term coined by Doji Girl) means there is a new posting with a new comment thread. Term comes from Alice in Wonderland.

REE stands for Raimo Entry & Exit (term coined by Bob Raimo). This refers to a low risk entry point at or very near Support or Resistance.


REE is the Raimo entry exit- basically you want to get in a trade as close to your exit (linw ub the sand" as possible.

Clean Cups is when Jeff posts a new string and we all move to the new post to publish our comments.

Hope this helps.


For those looking at CVD... for the third straight day the Nov 75 call didn't trade.

I'm not making any more guesses on The Trade because I've already guessed correctly. I like Blue.

HANS did well in May of 2006.

Jeff's hint was a bearish reversal pattern when everything in the market was doing well at the time.


Did anyone say RIMM yet?

Bob was the closest, with the stock, and the pattern.

It was a head & shoudlers reversal. If we don't get it in the next hour, I will release a hint of where the company hails from.

Sony (SNE). The PS3 retailed for $999 when it first came out.

H & S on BUCY

H & S on DE




You are getting warmer.

Aw man!! I was going to say DE. Someone tell Jeff he can't read my posts.

GM. It's the right answer.

I'm sure of it. Why else did he talk about Chevys and OnStar?

With regards to DE.

I talked about Chevy in regards to the comment I made about putting a Garmin product in the Tahoe.


In a weird way, you are getting closer too.



The reversal came some time in April.

Clue: Not a 4 letter ticker.


The youtube vids work fine on a Mac, better in the firefox browser than safari (mac browser). The GRMN is the first one that I personally have had a problem with.





va beach girl-
now you were faster!


how many guesses do we get I just got home from work




Here is what we know...

timeframe, pattern, and the ticker is similar to GE and DE....

I really just want to give the prize away...

F ? Or should I ask what the F?







(Disclaimer... no I don't)

Hey. Nice call, by the way. BA in April of 2006. You just might be on to something here. You ever think of doing this for a living?


(what she win, a pony?)

I am glad I did not post the remainder of my stupid guesses.

Jeff, How is BA similar to GE and DE? Two letters? I was looking for something that ended in E.

Anyway, good way to get the group re-focused before the weekend.

DAMNIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My dinner is now cold because I'm too competitive to put the pc down.

Congrats Loretta

Congrats Loretta!


(what does she win?????? what does she win????)

Thaks Jeff. That was a fun way to finish the week. Does Loretta win a new airplane? Now in all fairness I'll bet she can't even fly it. I think you should give it to someone who can fly it.


Jeff thanks for the GRMN video
My problem remains time and PATIENCE

If you don't have it don't trade..

Thanks for all you do!!!!!


In my mind I was thinking they were similar in 2 letter symbols, Ginormous cap stocks, older companies.... a few similarities I saw.

YEHAW!!!!!! This is right up there with winning the Power Ball!!!!!

Thanks for the little competition. It was a fun way to end Friday. Of course, I still have to listen to the marketcast but other than that I am done for the weekend. Well, until Sunday night at least.

I hope everybody has a wonderful weekend. And restful.... I'm going to go to the movies with a friend on Sunday and on Monday I'm giving myself the day off to visit with a friend I've had since 1st grade. Riding the train down to San Diego. Should be fun. But no posting for me. Maybe Grant will chime in for me.

LONG: Weekend


I will create a post a little later on the prize and such.

Nice work Loretta!

Loretta, take a look over there....tell her what she's won Jeff.

(curtain rises)

....it's A NEW CAR!!

Queue price is right music.


congrats Loretta and to all who chimed in. We do have a great community here.

Have some fun this weekend.

OOOOO LA LA a real prize!!!
THANK YOU JEFF for all the time you take to share your trading wisdom and to create a great learning community for us all!!!! You are the Master Option Addict (or should I say way beyond PhD+++++ LOL).

This comment has been removed by the author.

Congratulations Loretta!

Jeff: Fun ending to a wild week.

Happy Friday everyone!

If you were reading my mind on our second simultaneous guess that is one scary place to be! I'd suggest you quickly run the other way!

Have fun with your friend. We'll hold down the fort for 'ya.


Is it a DVD set of Prison Break Season one and two...oh wait.. wasn't supposed to mention TV shows.. is it an investools dvd set? :-)

Congratulations Loretta!

Jeff: You are the best, I am still learning to become a successful options trader but without you I would plain simple: be a horrible options trader. Hard to admit but I would be the one on the other end of your trade, yes, I know the one you would take money from. Keep up the good work! Your contribution to the world is enormous; you are making many people successful by what you do! PLEASE NEVER RETIRE!!!!

EVERYONE: I love how you all contribute, work together and provide feedback to each other... I learn everyday by just reading everything you guys post and getting feedback when I post. Still disappointed that NONE of you seemed to like prison break though but one day I might get over it!


Liz You live In Southern Cali?? I am glad I am not the only one out here.. San Diego is a blast I hope you have a great time!! I am down there alot ever since we built the Orphange in TJ Mexico.. Not that far of a drive from the OC..

and to think I missed all of this fun while having a date with my wife seeing the new Jody Foster movie! I knew something was up when I'm gone for 3 hours and there are 156 comments!

Congrats Loretta ... If the prize is a plane, you should give it to Chris even though for $999 .. I'm not sure it would be air-worthy ..

Good weekend everyone!

clean cups


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