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Thank you for the great video!!! You are soooooo on top of this as usual!!!! SFM

Posted again from the end of the last blog:

GRMN - Boy you all are making me feel like a wimp!

Lis - I took my trade based on an ascending triangle breakout. My triangle started on 8/1 and confirmed on 9/5 (I took the trade on 9/4 towards the end of the day). $105 breakout price less the $90 price tag on 8/1 gave me my $15 price target.

I see $120 as a logical mental level which is why even if my profit target was $121 or $122 I'd probably still consider $120 as my true target.


I used to use trades twice above/below on TOS but that is gone now. So I use mark now. As for contingent buys how would you set one up for a breakout trade. If say you wanted over $100 in the stock and greater than average volume say 150% for a number?

My target for GRMN is probably a bit longer term at $130ish. Actually I had to go back and look as I was just going to let it run until it runs out of steam.

Kim, I agree with your method of finding a target on GRMN. I think there are two possible targets from the triangle. Either 120 or 130. 130 requires you to take the low back at end of July, which was right before the earnings bump. To me, that earnings run was an anomoly and I didn't want to count on it unless I was willing to hold over the next earnings, which I am not.

I had 120 as my target originally, but then second guessed myself and thought it was too low. I drew a trendline across some of the highs and created a channel which made me think it could probably get up to 122-123.

In retrospect, I think I would be better off with the 120 target and taking my profits as I need to keep things short term and fast. I only have one contract so I can't let it run. Unfortunately, I missed the spike but hopefully we'll get back up there.

Is anybody else not getting any sound from the video?

thanks for keeping us all informed, you've got an optionaddict addict in me.

Jeff, your list is awesome. Houw can anyone go wrong with such a vast list to study!

Man I am mad at myself for missing the CROX retest. I got alerted to it and everything but hesitated to pull the trigger and missed it when it was around 60.

I'm thinking along the same lines as you in regards to GRMN. Although my target based upon the triangle drawn on my chart is $125, I too am focusing on shorter term profits in this market so will take mine if we get that spike back up to $120. I only have 1 contract as well, otherwise I would take half and let the rest run.

Okay, you pattern gurus, does AAPL look like a cup and handle?


Jeff, great list again and many are already on my watch list.

Tim, or others, I had a crazy idea or wonderment. Is there a way that Jeffs watchlist could be captured to a link that we could capture and populate our portfolio watch list? When taking the three day online I think the instructor did that once. That would probably be huge for saving us time to allow more time for evaluation of the trades for our own rules. Not that I am lazy (well ok maybe) just a thought.

Oh and the sound worked great for me n the video.

7/27 to 9/24 that is on AAPL.


Jeff, Bravo your list. Great! Great! Great!

JB, I got in CPSl on Thurs a.m. Diana

Thanks again for the watch list. Your explanations really bring chart reading to life for me.

Be sure and open the video in a new window. This usually works well for me.

I finally opened the video up in my Windows Media Player and I've got sound now...

Jeff- thanks for putting us in front of so many great potential plays. Question for you on RESP. You said you would see RESP as a stock play rather than an option. Why?



I hope you were able to nail CROX sometime in the last hour. It was hanging there all morning.

I know i reco'd LAMR when it was at $51, but today is the confirmed breakdown, if you're bearish.


Like always perfect set ups.

Thank You

I posted NVT last week, I think it came from Jeff but it is running hard today. Keep an eye on it, for a pull back or take it here with a close eye.

Thank you again for the awesome shopping list!

I've got my homework cut out for me for the rest of the day.

NVT - wow! I was in that with a nice profit which I exited before Fed Day. Now I'm kicking myself for not getting back in. Sigh.

Haven't had a chance to watch the video yet, but very much looking forward to it!

ELON retesting the breakout level. Possible adding point?? Thoughts?

Thanks, Jeff, for the great watchlist.


Thanks, Jeff, for the great watchlist.


Thanks a bunch for the video. I normally have to watch it a couple a of times.

I also see VRTX at low risk entry pt at 38. Anyway seeing the same.

Jeff, Great list as always and thank you!

Brett, thanks for LAMR. I did get in at $51 and have a very nice profit.

Does anybody else see CME as a descending triangle about to bust out?


Brett. Kudoe's on ICE. I went thru my watch lists and looked at the 10 day charts. Very enlightening. Now putting it into my analysis process. Thanks for sharing.


I look at CME more like a topping pattern or a head and shoulders at the top of a rather short uptrend. Either way you look at it, I would just concentrate on that support level at approx. $540 and watch for that to give way. I have made money on that stock before but it scares me because it can move very fast and it is quite pricey to get in.

From Jeff's list:

DW is breaking out of the symmetrical triangle today.


DW does seem to be breaking out, just not sure the volume is there.... Will watch this one at the end of the day.

And Clean Cups!

Just found your site. The watchlist is awesome! Thanks very much.

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