Ending on a Positive Note

I went on a blogging rampage today didn't I? What can I say, something came over me. I am in a zone and each day gets better and better. Plus, there is so much out there to write about it seems. I wish it was always this easy.

Heading into the close everything looks to be in order. For those that took the GLD trade, congrats. You were a part of the biggest move in the metal this year.
If you are looking for another way to profit on a weak dollar, consider the breakout on FXE.
How could I forget LVS?

I like the pullback on SYNA, but I will check it again tomorrow before buying this dip.

BIDU (China in general) is throwing more money at me today, guess I will take it.
On a personal note, despite today being a day that is remembered for tragic events, I can say that I remember this day as the best day of my life. Happy Anniversary, Amber. 9 years strong and I love you more each day. Thanks for all your love and support. It would mean nothing without you.

Congrats you two. You've beat many of the odds!

Congrats to Jeff and Amber!

Congrats Jeff and Amber.

To everyone else ...LVS...know about it


Happy Anniversary, Jeff and Amber, spend some part of every day "lost in some corner booth."

Congrats Jeff and Amber!

Best Wishes to Amber & Jeff.


Congrats Jeff and Amber

Celebration is definitely in order.
Nine years, wow.

Hope you guys have a great evening.


Happy Anniversary to Amber and Jeff! Have a great evening!!

Very romantic. Keep the fire burning.

Happy anniversary!!
You are about to break out with lots of volume. I can feel it

Thanks Everyone,

You are all way too kind.



Between that post and the 'Afternoon Delight' thread, I'm afraid we're going to need an NC-17 rating over here.

I had to read through your post twice but the second time sent me to the floor LMAO. Thanks for the laugh!

That was tooooo funny (falling on the floor laughing.)


P.S. Didn't want to embarass Amber and ask if the afternoon delight was what it sounded like, so we'll just move on to the next topic and keep it at Happy Anniversary.

Congrats Amber and Jeff .... 9 is great .... best wishes for many more ..

Some of us are older around here ... we can handle NC-17 ... Heck - we created it! :)))

Ok it really has been a week stuffed full of lovey dovey......uh.. stuff. So I must apologize to all who are ready to throw up by now. :) But today should mark the end of it at least for awhile anyway.

But in all seriousness, I want to say Happy Anniv. to you, hon. I love you more than I can say, and you give me reason each day to love you a bit more. I can't wait for the next 9 years to forever. I love you. Now can you PLEASE call it a day and lets go out!

Oh and thanks everyone for the congrats! :)

Jeff and Amber,

Awesome work! Congratulations.
BTW, I love the wedding picture on your blog Amber (hope you do not mind me sharing that)
Thanks for everything (to you both)

I'm late to the party (2 day workshop) but HAPPY ANIVERSARY to you two lovebirds!!!

Just caught up on the blog and your prolific posting. Thank you! Lots of good stuff that I will probably miss but but a few good ones to add to to my watchlists. Based on today's market action, I need some new trades. It's not a good day when the underlying of my put plays go up more than my calls.

Happy Aniversary Jeff and Amber!!!!

Jeff you better get a move on,
Then you and your wife can get your groove on.

Well I am certainly not one of the blog poets , thats for sure. SFM

Are you and Amber making a video tonight? Just kidding. Have a good time.

BTW my post was not supposed to be construed in that way. Just congratulating you in your success.

Brett you are funny!

Just got caught up on as Doji Girl said your "prolific blogging" today. You were on a roll!

Happy Anniversary Jeff & Amber and congratulations to 9 years! Grant and I hope you have a wonderful time.

And thanks for all the great stuff on the watchlists! And the post on the intraday day index trade and the list goes on.

On a side note: Got to try a Monster Java today. I have to say, it is pretty good. It's way better than the starbucks coffee do da.

Once again, have a great night.


************* THE ANGRY TRADER TAKES A WIFE ***************

"SOMEONE KILL THE LIGHTS!!!" he cried out. It had been a long day and he wanted to get home. The Jazz were playing the Celtics, and he knew it would be a good game.

"BANG!!"... a shot rang out and the room went dark.

"Pshhhhh... pfawwwwww" There was that noise again. It could only mean one thing. Amber was at work. He loved that girl like a sister, only... more. She was tall, good looking, funny, and could shoot out the lights from twenty paces. They didn't make girls like that any more. Hmmmmm. Should he ask her out?

"Pshhhhh... pfawwwww" it was closer now. Suddenly he felt a hand rubbing his stomach. He wished he hadn't eaten so much lunch. The hand was getting a bit lost in the outer vestitures of lunchdom. "Pshhhhh.... pfawwww" the noise was right in his ear now. "Luke" but... but.... but it couldn't be. This was a female voice. The voice of an angel calling him "luke." Or was it "Duke?" They were a great basketball team. Yes. That was it.... Duke.

He whirled around and heard a crack as his shoulder hit her nose. Oh dear. This wasn't going well. After mopping up the blood that he could feel trickling down his arm, he took her in his arms and asked her out.

"Pshwwww... pfawwwww." It turned out to be Eric Utley. "Stop it dude, you're scaring me. We've only just started the Marketcast together. Hardly time to start dating yet." Somewhere off in the distance a door opened and a sinewy silouhette slipped out into the light. The door closed.

"Pshwwwww.... pfawwwwww"

********* How did they ever meet? ************

How did Jeff ask her out?
How did he get the blood off his sleeve?
These are all questions that must be answered.

But not tonight. 'Cause I think I feel a hunka' hunka' burnin' love happenin' tonight.

Hey liz,
I see that EXM survived the day and was up!! I lost out on my ATI put today and did well with EXM, GRMN, and CVD. All in all I was up TEN BUCKS!!


On days like today, being 15% invested sucks. Actually, not true. I am learning lots and still having a tuff time getting caught up at day's end. Tomorrow I have some time during the day that I'll be able to be online. Can't wait.

Congrats Jeff and Amber. In another 9 years you'll have caught up to Catherine and I. Believe me it only gets better as time goes on. She loves me more now than the day we got married.

Trust me.

I'm a pilot.

Tim... I'm fascinated with your 200/195 put vertical. Do you sell both puts for that? I'm still just sorting out the verticals... so any info would be appreciated. I tried an Iron Condor once and made a small fortune ($25) so haven't played them since.

Brett... I LOVE the quote "You've probably heard of me... I'm kind of a big deal." Sounds like something the iphone would say.


You guys are so cute!!!! Congrats!!

ps. i am realy mad (pi$$ed is a better word) about LVS !!! i have been watching it for a break above $103 to ride it up to $109 and hang on for a break out....DANG IT !!!! i guess i should have took the REE as it floated around b/n $100-$103....i guess i will go pout by myself while i listed to the marketcast (have you guys ever heard of it??? it's pretty good, lol)


Can you comment on Garmin?(you may have on the cast but if not please reply).

Basically I exited according to it breaking support at 105 as I felt I should, then today it gaps up and stays up past 105, what do you do in a situation like this? Should I have not gotten out in the first place? Do I get right back in or do I now see if it retests again?

Your guidance and infinite wisdom is much appreciated.



market...cast.. you say? no idea what you are talking about!!! ;-) :-D

Happy Anniversary Jeff and Amber!!!!!


BTW: took the GRMN trade yesterday, so far so good, about 10% up. Looking carefully at the 107.27 range though, hopefully it will pass smoothly and seek new highs.

I actually got out of EXM on the 7th. I have been moving my mental stops up higher as the stock moves so it crossed my "moved up" exit. I'm just not giving my stocks much breathing room at the moment. I know that means I may miss part of the continuation of it moving up higher when it dips a bit but if there's another good entry I'll get in again.

This system has been working for me. I wouldn't have done this a few months ago but because of all the craziness I'm just not giving my stocks a lot of room. EXM has been hanging around 46/47 for a few days so we may see it start to move again.

I think you mentioned ATI as well. ATI has been good to me. I entered on the 5th. We'll see what it does tomorrow. If it hangs around 95 that's okay with me.

BIDU has been great as well. Nice volume today. Hopefully enough to sustain that pop it gave today.

I feel like I'm constantly refining and I'm soooooo NOT perfect but for the moment the adjustments I've made in my trading are working for me. I've actually been digging this up and down thing. I don't know if it's because I'm keeping a tighter reign on everything but I'm doing okay so far.

I really would like to learn more about spreads. My first few attempts didn't fair too well. I've read through the manual and listened to the trading rooms but I still feel kinda nervous about them. ;-) I'm really interested in combining a bunch of spreads together.

Well, I haven't had much chance to blog so far this week. It's been a little hectic. My romance with father time has ended. I've only had enough time to pay attention to my trades, read through the blog, barely listen to marketcast and that's about it.

Oh, and thanks for the continuation of the "Angry Trader" saga.


Whoops! Didn't realize I wrote a novel. Sorry! ;-)


**SOB** That video made me absolutely loose it. *sniff,sniff*

Happy Anniversary Jeff and Amber. May you always know that kind of love, it's a gift from above that not many are fortunate enough to have. I have that love, too, so I know of which you speak and what Faith and Tim sing.

May God bless you both, richly!

Argh! "Lose" not "Loose" Too many tears.


Congrads on the Nine year streak Gives me something to look forward to seeing a great marriage. Currently I never have been married.

God bless you guys

Great mover!!

Man you just got to love this LVS play. Started this with a put back early june sold out june 27th near the bottom Then bought a call on 6/29 after the bounce of the channel sold it on 8/9 then rebought another call on 8/21 and still in there for this up swing. This is a fun stock!!

Jeff and Amber,

Congrats!! I am a believer in loyalty and you have just experienced the benefits of loyalty. As you get older and grow together, you will realize that dedication fulfils you. My wife said I used to be a work in progress and now I am FINISHED. I took that as a compliment?? Congrats and may the next 9 years be as exciting and filled with Afternoon Delight!!

Jeff & Amber a great marriage is better than anything else in life.

You will have good and bad days just like trading and the key is the same to have more good than bad.

Congratulations on 9 years!

Jim J


Explain to me how that works? You are finished do you just agree with them letting them think they are in control or do you make sure they are happy because then the end result you will be happy? Need good advice for future reference when ever I go down that path..

Liz's post reminded me to update you on the Monster Java quest. I'm in Orlando and my husband had to get something from the nearby C-store. So I asked him to see if they had Hansen's Monster Java and that brand only. Not interested in any other 'energy' drink. So he came back with a can of Java Monster. Now I could have sworn it was supposed to be Monster Java, not the other way around so I examined the can thoroughly for the Hansen's Natural name. Nope. Not there. THIS IS A FAKE! An imposter! They even have a website www.monsterenergy.com.

I haven't tried it yet since I would like to sleep tonight. I'm saving it for tomorrow afternoon so I can stay awake for the last bit of workshop and the drive home.

But make no mistake about it, this is NOT Jeff's favorite game changer and this confusion is NOT good for HANS fans.

By the way,

Afternoon Delight, after 9 years of marriage, means the kids are sleeping and you both have 30 minutes to nap!! My wife and I have 4 kids and we coined the term "Stealth Sex". We were so quiet, we did not know we were having sex, much less the kids. I know....TMI....! Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy. Life comes at you fast and sometimes you have to watch Ferris Bueller and take the day off.



In a good marriage, no one is in control. Anything I say is in jest and can get me in trouble faster than C2 can say "back hair".

By the way, I have been married 26 years and dated my bride for 6 years prior. I am a seasoned husband so I can make the prior comments and still survive the subsequent beatings. Your head gets thicker with age. The kids love me and try to pry my wife off during the beatings.

Enjoy courtship and buy a helmet. Ask Chris, the bag of hammers is not mythical.


I have posted so many times, I feel like Arty on a weekend in Utah.

to Jeff & Amber,
May we also extend our congratulatons to you on your 9th anniversary! A good marriage just gets better with time, stronger than ever, and even more romantic and loving as the years goes by. We are blessed with 36 years and counting.
Yvonne & Mark

Chris, the BIDU put vertical.

I saw the stock right at my support line (212) last Friday. I knew that if broke down through 212 I would want out. But that break down might take it as low as 205 or so (3% below support) before I would get out.

So, buying a straight option for me provided too much risk because the stock is so high priced.

Therefore, I sold the Sept 200 put and bought the Sept 195 put simultaneously. I received $135 which is the max profit. The absolute max loss is $365, but I still trade this with my normal stops mentioned above so by using the TOS analyze page, I could estimate that my real loss would be around $50-60 if it crashed down through support. So, it's 2:1. And actually (this is one of the great things about spreads), every day that passes the potential loss goes down as time decays works for you.

That's the upside to spreads -- that time decay works in your favor so if the stock doesn't move, you can still make the max profit. The downside, of course, is that if the stock makes a big move, you are limited to the max profit.

For me, it just lets me keep practicing the trades even on high priced stocks without taking the higher risk.

I know you were talking to Chris but I appreciate you going into detail about this as well.



Doji Girl-
In one of Jeff's past posts he had a picture of the beverages. Wednesday, August 8th. I got confused as well when I first saw the can because it says JAVA Monster.


Doji Girl-
I also looked for Hansens on the can to verify. But if you look up "stock symbol for monster energy company" a list of articles comes out naming Hansens as the drink maker. I just wanted to let you know or you else you were just kidding about everything and in that case aaaah... I'm a little dense. ;-)


Jeff and Amber

Congratulations on 9 years of marriage, Jeff I am sure you have been a real trooper in this marriage as MOST Men are. With the eternal love we have for our wives we have became the BEST LIARS god have ever made. A few examples:
1) When Jeff is clothes shopping with his wife, and his wife has picked out the UGLIEST blouse in the whole darn store, Jeff hangs his head, grits his teeth and turns the opposite direction from Amber. But to know avail Jeff still hears the 5 dreaded words,” Don’t you just love it? Jeff breath is laboring his hands are sweaty he lets out a low grunt meaning yes.
2) Now the dreaded slow torture –buying blue jeans for Amber
• Jeff already knows this is an all day event and Jeff also knows NO ONE will be happy until the perfect of jeans are in Amber shopping bag.
• At the first store you noticed there are no chairs to sit in while Amber tries on an arm full of jeans. So you stand close to the dressing room so Amber can tell you to go fetch the third pair she looked at. Jeff has no idea where the hell the jeans are or what style they are. So being a considerate husband Jeff grabs a blue pair of jeans and hands them to Amber. The jeans come flying out of the dressing room with Amber shouting” So you think I am fat? Jeff frantically says” I think you would look good in those jeans”, Amber tearfully says” I wear a 6 and these jeans, as she wrestles with waist is a size 12. Jeff goes and wrangles up 6 pairs of blue jean in size 6. Now the hard time has just begun when most men will hide, but not Jeff, Jeff is way to inexperienced at shopping for women’s clothes. Jeff patiently stands next to the changing room where Amber is changing Jeff starts to get a twist in his neck something wrong here .Amber opens up the door to the changing room and asks Jeff a Kamikaze question, Amber said “Do these jeans make my BUTT big” Jeff does not utter a word just shakes his head no. Jeff answers the same way on the other 5 blue jeans.
3 Jeff is on his way home from playing basketball in a skins and shirts. Jell being hot and sweat form basketball gets a cal from Amber that they need some female products and he (Jeff) can stop on the way home. Jeff being the trooper goes up the front cashier says” I need some female things, the cashier takes Jeff down the aisle to boxes and boxes that no man knows what it is or what it does. So Jeff being logical takes one of everything and get home fast so no one knows he knows about the curse of the female products.

So Jeff to make a great marriage work just remembers the MALE needs to act like three little monkeys:
1) Speak no Evil
2) See no Evil
3) Hear no Evil

By the way buddy when get done reading this its best not to share this with your wife or anyone, including mine wive

Happy Anniversary

Randy & Sue.

I was not kidding about the Hansen's stuff. I was all over the Hansen's Natural website and there was no pictures or any mention of Java Monster. Or Monster Java for that matter. So now I am really perplexed. But Mr. Dave Johnson is about to begin to teach me why "I'm a great trader" so this will be my last post until very late tonight.

Have a great day, traders!

Monster Energy or Monster Beverage is owned and operated by Hansen. No worries!! SFM

Congrats Jeff And Amber!

I'm not finding much in the way of bearish trades that are at REE but plenty of bullish ones - as of yesterday anyway. We'll see what today brings.


Maybe this will clear up some confusion:

Hansen owns Monster Beverage Company. Wikipedia gives more info on all the products Hansen markets including Java Monster.


the bulls are here..

Are you out there today? I just wanted to say thanks. You said something on the blog that has really made a difference in my trading -- cutting down on positions and increasing size of just a few trades. That takes a lot of stress out of my trading. Instead of doing 20 or so trades, I do about 10 and have a little larger position. I am doing better with this approach. Thanks for the suggestion. Between that and some of Brett's suggestions and Raimo's entry/exit, and, of course, ALL of Jeff's trading ideas and pattern teaching, I am learning. I cant' name everyone else that has said something that has helped, because I'm sure I'll leave someone out, but I just thought of another two, Doji Girl's advice on GOOG and Chris's advice on better entries....



Are you alright, man? I saw a flash of light, felt the heat of the flames, and noticed that even in Boise, Idaho yo can still feel the fire of the PHOENIX!

Phoenix Rising. Again.

anyone else
(Besides Brett) enjoying LVS??


Congrats, I'm glad its helping you. I hope your account explodes.

Raimo, speaking of exploding , don't get me started on LVS... I was in this trade twice and both did not work out, but I see a gigantic cup and handle forming, maybe 3 times is a charm or is that a strike out.

Anyone (besides Raimo) enjoying the delightful saucer/handle breakout on AMZN?


yes in LVS as well..

CCC up 7% in 2 days. Added SUN at the close and ILMN Dec 55's this A.M.

The REE on ILMN was two days ago...but it is breaking out today and has good volume the last 2 days.


Adding RCL to my bearish watch list



so nice to hear it is going well,,knew you could do it,,keep plugging away,,,,I agree,,,this blog is invaluable


Thanks for checking, I put my fire proof silver suit on this morning...yes the Phoenix has scorched Idaho.

Thanks to you and Raimo for keeping the Bulls in tact while I was out fishing.

And for those who missed the first 93 entries on BIIB take a peak, you'll be glad you did.


Brett and Raimo,
Shouldn't we get Jeff and Amber a set of steak knives or something for the anniversary?

Happy anniversary A&J.

and a little advice from Arty too.

A great gift for the anniversary, a vacuum cleaner. It will go over huge!



I missed the first 93 entries on BIIB, but I love this chart, so I just maybe taking the 94th. that's my lucky number.


"Okay, well, uh... candlesticks always make a nice gift, and uh, maybe you could find out where she's registered and maybe a place-setting or maybe a silverware pattern. Okay, let's get two! Go get 'em!"

-Bull Durham


For Jeff I'd like to get him a Ruger Super Alaskan .457 casul...

A perfect, compact, bear killing handgun.

Let the bulls run...

Hey somebody, What does REE mean? SFM

syna was some REE yesterday.

it is moving big time today

SFM, REE stands for Raimo Exit Entry

basically means you enter where you will have put your exit at hence very small risk on the trade. It is a very good and powerful concept.

It's nice to still be in the game.
Haven't been around much. We are relocating across-country and trying to find a house at REE. I think in entry/exit terms now (laughter.)


REE means Raimo entry/exit. It's where Bob gets in a trade - his entry is at the point where he would get out if the trade goes bad. He keeps his losses very small because he doesn't chase trades.


Thanks everybody.

Jeff is going to need a Shot Gun as well because Eric is taking him waterfowl shooting. Once he proves himself safe, I will take him as well. You think we can get a volume discount somewhere?


Couldn't get into any more trades or I'd be in AMZN as well. Congrats to those that are!

But I got some good ones working for me like BCSI, BIDU, GRMN, ATI and ABC. ACLI has been waffling a bit and ELON seems to be hanging around 27/28. And POT keeps butting it's head on 90.

Keep GLDN on your radar for today. Volume has been going down for the last few days but maybe it'll have a pop today to help it break that ascending triangle.



BIIB? How do you look at the 2.5 year resistance around $67. Would you disregard it as to old, not significant because of the huge drop probably caused by news.

This horizontal resistance/support is something that keeps me out of a lot of trades. I am wondering if I should only be using diagonal lines on long term charts.

Anybody have some in put?


VOD is flirting with an all time high today with decent volume.

SOHU is breaking out on good volume.

JP from OC


do you consider COST a failed H+S pattern. I gave it
to 59 for intra day movement. but I'm thinking it's not happening.

I too bullish in the market. But cannot find good Bearish ones, any ideas out there guys.

BEBE is up big today, but is at trendline resistance. Keep an eye on it for a bearish play.

JP from OC

I know you asked Arty but I'll step in for a moment until he answers.

I use both trendline support as well as horizontal support. Where they meet together is even better for me.

If you take a look at BIIB on September 6th it went right up to previous resistance. After it breaks up from it's flag it will more than likely hit it's head against previous resistance. But this has been stair stepping it's way up nicely and it's in a great uptrend. And it seems to keep getting some nice volume spikes that help push it along.

I hope this helps.


Does anyone here watch the show "Fast Money" on CNBC at night?

Last night, Jeff Mackie was doing a story on Dick's Sporting Goods and he closed the segment by saying...

Get ready for it...

Here it comes...

"Get long Dick's."

You can even here Pete Najerian chuckling right after he says it.

Funny stuff.

Never seen the show but I know I couldn't say that with a straight face.

liz ;-)


Thanks you confirmed my take on the chart. It looks like experience is what I need to judge the strength of the horizontal resistance against the strength of all the other indicaters the chart is giving me.

I will have to figure out a consistant rule for my book on this.



Used to watch Fast Money religiously. But tivo it now, just in case. You are right: Najarian almost lost it for awhile there. So, are you following Macke's reco?


Hi VeroBarbara,

Actually I reco'd a purchase of DKS stock a few weeks ago, just before earnings. But in general, no, I don't follow the stock reco's of talking heads.

Anybody keeping an eye on NYX it is moving in the right direction

I was sitting in my hotel room last night curling my hair and stumbled on the new game show "Power of 10" (I think.)
One of the questions asked was "What percentage of Americans have left work during working hours for some "Afternoon Delight"?"

The answer, by the way, was 25%.

Somehow I thought it was important to share that.

Incidentally, the 9th Anniversary Gift (Modern) is leather. Traditional is pottery. Either way candlesticks works... and what better gift for a trader's wife than candlesticks?

Actually after 9 years, maybe you need some leather..... SFM

JNPR is reaching for the sky!! Not at an entry, but go long at the dip.

JP from OC

Diana.....i am no seasoned professional, but from what i have read, the older the resistance the weaker it is. The reason for a pull back near previous highs is alot of the people who were in the trade before it pulled back will be relieved that the price has finally reached the previous high and they will sell out.....so for this resistance to pose a problem these traders that were in the trade at the highs of 2 1/2 yrs ago would have to be still holding on and be waiting to pull the trigger. it is possible that some of them have been VERY HOPEFULL and are still hanging on, it looks like alot of them may have gotten out around $50-ish....i think we will find out in a few days....hope this helps (i kinda felt smart for a moment, now i have to go back to work)

I think FWLT would be a good play an inverse head and shoulder with a 25 point move.
I would like to see if by the end of day it retreats a little.

Anybody agree with me?

Does anyone see this as a good REE for long calls on SOHU? It has had a B/O, but does it need more Volume than this? Average is 920K. Today so far is 992K.

Thanks for any feedback,



I was just looking at FWLT. I like it as a breakout play (no inv H&S here).

Congrats on the 9 yr. marriage!!

My wife and I have been married 4 years that include 2 preemies, hospital stays, bed rest, surgery, blood transfusions, heart monitors, 70 hour work weeks. Just to name a few.

When you have a person that stays with you through thick and thin, Nothing is better than that.

As far as the BIIB 5 Yr chart yes the resistance 67ish is pretty interesting. I do think if we get a breakout here with volume it could be very meaningful to upside.

I am laughing so hard at Brett's observation on Fast oney that I am having trouble typing.

SOHU has dine broke out on high vol.


Anybody in NUE? What do you think of today's action?

If that number 25% seems low to you that is because some of us just choose to stay at the office for our Afty Delight!



Good ones from you today .. They are on my list .. just had not seen them yet ....

I'm taking down SOHU / NYX and FWLT at close if the next hour holds ....

Thanks for your comments along the way David ....

PCLN has been good today .. KSS continues to be a winner on the PUT side.

My fifth anniversary is coming up next month. What is five years?


Thanks for SOHU feedback. Is anyone doing anything on SNDK? It looks to be B/O to downside.


Your logic makes perfect sense. I know I couldn't hang on that long. I have trouble getting through days like yesterday.

Arty - Yes on the up sided breakout. Possibly be an REE for me if it moves with volume. Now to see if the RR ratio can work for me.

Thanks to both of you.


been away, so if already mentioned, I apologize. EQIX H$S break

that should of been H & S

Traditional 5th is Wood. Modern is Silverware. Chris' "Post Modern" is diamonds. Mind you... Chris' Post Modern is diamonds for all anniversaries except for 19th (the one we're coming up to in November.) For the 19th it's gravel. Any other questions on romance can be directed to the C2 Director of Romance... Catherine.

By the way... GRMN is still sitting right on the perfect REE. Gittn' ready to pop.

SYNA is bouncing nicely. I had a wild ride on it today and could easily had a day trade out of it but not equiped for that so I am staying in.

GAP was a good bearish play for me as well as I got into NYX, thanks guys.





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