I Need Your Help!!!

Before I release today's video, I need to ask a favor from all of you. I need to get some good feedback on the following topic....

Would you see value in the ability to get access to your favorite instructor for one-on-one coaching, mentor ship or personal instruction? The all-stars like me, Josh Black, Mike Turvey, Dave Johnson, Sven Guru and Bootch Utley. The service would be served a la carte, meaning you could sign up for one meeting or several meetings until your goals or objectives were reached. This could include the developing of trading rules, building a specific system, mastering a particular strategy, etc. Do you see value in this service?

Could you please send me an e-mail with your thoughts? If your thoughts are good, bad or neutral, could you send me something? The e-mail doesn't need to be extremely long or detailed, I would just like to hear your thoughts.

Please send your responses to : marketcast@investools.com


2 things -

1. I just got into a stock trade in CBAK. I see it as a flag pattern. Like the business and waiting for the next break higher. Line in sand is $6.9

2. Not sure why, but I believe the market is going to have a big day/week upward. Call it crystal ball.


I am posint to marketcast as we speak

great idea. How many opportunities do you get to sit down with Michael Jordan?
the best in the business

Harumph! Outlook Express and I are not getting along.

I would be very interested!

I can't get into emails here at the airport, but I will send tonight. I see tremendous value in that format... how much is being charged would be a determining factor as to how interested I would be. I have to admit there are so many worthwhile things to sign up for at IT that I have to pick and choose very carefully.

Don't tell anyone (it'll be our little secret) but this blog is of more value than anything I've seen at IT.

But I didn't say that.

VDSI is not at a good entry point but the volume is getting stronger as it's going up. Hope some others took this one out last week, too.

POT is at a great REE and heading higher today. POTheads of the blogspot unite!!!

Wow, whoever is in the GOOG, what a good play.



your email is rejecting,,have to work today,,call me tomorrow


love vdsi,,,lovely little pops to play aggressively

FORM is sitting on 50 DMA and horizontal support.

Yes BOT POT early this morning good REE. Good Volume

David in NH

DRYS is floatin' and POT is smokin'

My email is rejecting everybody. Looking forward to our visit tomorrow. Will call in the morning.

Re "see value in ... one-on-one coaching, mentor ship or personal instruction?" Yes, but being a newbie (less than 1 year and still struggling to make a consistent profit month to month), I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO ASK; I feel like I wouldn't even know where I need the most help.
I pull my trading journal out every month and look at my trades; but am I seeing what it is trying to tell me? Maybe an expert's experience could really speed up the learning process.
YES! I think your idea has merit.

The EGLE is flying along with the rest of the shippers. I also need to thank C2 for highlighting NM.


Yes, if you offer one-on-one coaching, I'll be there! It is the missing piece in investools education.

SOHU is moving today with some increased relative volume. It is hitting its head on resistance from 2003 at $41. Could see new all time highs if it gets past $41 today.

I feel exactly the same way- being new to all this, I know there's TONS that I'm missing- I just don't know where to start to really get things rolling. I think one-on-one coaching could be a great solution-


I have to give Utley a shout out for his "all-star" comment he typed into my blog while I wasn't looking.


Thanks everyone for your feedback thus far. The biggest question so far is fee schedule. The product would be very affordable, maybe a hundred or couple hundred bucks per hour, and early whispers indicate it would vary slightly based on instructor demand. Even still, very reasonable...like no more than a couple hundred bicks per hour. However nothing set in stone, I have just been pushing the idea of cheap and effective one on one mentoring around here.

Thanks for your responses, and keep them coming!

Watchlist ETA- 10 minutes.

One more short possibility - BTH
It has a lot of support at 20, which it's tested several times. If it breaks, it could be look out below.

BCSI appears to be breaking out this morning.

A question for the group here...

What's your win/loss percentage like when trading using the REE principle? I find I'm collecting many more losers than winners because I enter so close to the exit (REE) that inevitably my exit gets triggered.

Needless to say, this is very disheartening...I've been mostly lurking here for a couple months now, picking up tons of gold nuggets, but still waiting for that "golden moment" when the trades start clicking.

I can't email at the moment but will when I can.

I have basically said this before, I would pay for one on one time with you Jeff. Even though this blog should basically teach us all we need which is a testament to what you put in here, I would definitely want you to be compensated somewhat financially, not to mention 1-1 would be great to me.

Like others said price is a consideration.


I just want you to know that you are my hero.

For a newbie you have really come a long way in a short time.



looks like i took too long to respond and you have some price structure. :-) Definitely interested.


Clean cups

This is my lucky day. I get to post CLEAN CUPS twice in one day.


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