Recommendation: Looks like the "Buy Everything" strategy paid off.

Long: Everything

Short: Hardly anything

Disclaimer: I love trading

Same here Jeff! Good stuff!


You have made me an unbelieveable amount of money here in the last few weeks. I feel like it is all a dream. Thanks for all you do.



You may be short hardly anything, but i doubt you'll find a better entry on GRMN puts than right now.

I closed my puts yesterday, buddy.


Thank you for all of the knowledge you have so generously shared with this community. It certainly is paying off and I appreciate it. You should be proud of yourself.


GRMN puts? You really expect the stock to turn around and head down again? The bad news is already out there, and it looks like those who were going to sell off have?

I got back in long yesterday - I'll put a short leash on it though.

James H.

Wow- what a day! The register is ringin’ cha-ching! Thanks Jeff for all the help in fine tuning our trading.

I just ran a covered call search with high implied volatility and it recommended United Theraputics, ticker symbol FUHKN. That sounds both united and therapeutic. Viewing the charts shows FUHKN has been up and down quite a bit lately. If you get into FUHKN, with this volatility, make sure the greeks don’t sneak up on you from behind or it could be painful. Understandably, there is a lot of interest in FUHKN, in fact it has the most interest of any option ticker in the chain (over 9000) so you’ll have lots of company while you enjoy FUHKN from now through expiration in November.


You thinking it will bounce its head off old support at $105 and not make it through?

James H.

Yea, IMO GRMNis done going down, at least significantly, may test 100 again then will prob climb but at a slower rate.

Looks like the RIMM call turned out ok luckily. I figured it would be more tied into the market, luckily it was an up day on the jobs info.

Now if I can get AAPL to break over 160, ok I won't get greedy :-)

Thanks for everything Jeff, I am progressing at a great rate in my opinion and a lot of the credit is due to you and this blog.


Hahaha Stan

That was really funny! "both united and therapeutic" too much!


it had a huge selloff. Then a retracement to STRONG old support and volume is light. If you recall, this board kept talking about this stock AD NAUSEUM when the stock was stuck at this level. When plenty of shares trade hands at a level, it becomes pretty significant.

I'm not saying that it's a slam dunk, but I am saying it knifed through this level once pretty easily on the way down. I don't think it will be so easy on the way up.


By the way, I have sent you a bill. You should be receiving it shortly.

ODP sitting right at horiz & diag resistance. REE today? Exit close above 22.5, target 18.3


Thanks to you, and this blog my accounts are again back to positive and I have recovered from some bone head blunders I made this summer.

Practically all my open positions are bullish right now. This feels weird and I am looking everywhere for PUT plays to even this thing out. Slim pickin's.

GRMN doesn't fit my trading rules for a put at this time.

DRYS - what are your new targets oh Gurus.

I'm looking at 125 based on the last two moves, what say you?

James H.

You know I have told you time and time again don't look into the eyes of the BIRD it will burn you. And the fire that shoots form its wings.

My price target is only $60 as I entered around 15 and have added 4 times.

I think the Phoenix may have even had a sip of Brett's Mean Bean this morning so don't be surprised by an all time high!


I love how HANS is down over 1% but it's barely a blip on that gorgeous chart. It's like a little bird hiding behind a skyscraper.


For the love of all things 15 ounces, I'm only going to say this one more time:

I don't like the mean bean.

just wondering what's your time frame on BPHX? months or years?


What was your time frame on Microsoft in the early '90's? Or Yahoo in the late '90s? Or Google in the early 2000's?

The Phoenix is rising, Sarah. Pay heed.

Tip or not, I'm glad I added to my RIMM position yesterday. Thanks, Jeff.


What are the chances of NOK bouncing here?
earnings are Oct 18, maybe there is a run up to earnings as well.

The 40 calls @15- 20 cents look cheap and if they get an upgrade due to the purchase of Navteck .

If you like to gamble a little what say you?

I love lamp! You know the one fragile (pronounced fra-gee-lea) one from A Christmas Story!

Who loves lamp?

Short: FAF, MDC, JOE

Long: Everything else!

There is counter trend trade again. I know it is an advanced trading strategy more info would be awesome.


You can bill me as well.



Is 30 going to be ELON's nemesis or are we going to break through this time?

It looks like it has already bounced off it and started moving down today.

James H.

What's the rule on setting a stop on a stock that gaps up like RIMM?

Halfway through the candle?


I approach you humbly however, I think you mistakingly said Mean Bean to me in the wee hours this morning when I told you I was popping open my 15 ounces of glee - Moca Loca.

And the Bird Behind Skyscraper it!


clean cups

hello from buenos aires everybody,
are you guys taking some off the table for the weekend? this is where i have a little trouble because my stops have not been hit and my targets have not been reached...

Anybody else see FCX as a good REE with diaganol support? Taking some profits (thanks Raimo) today and trying to find good REE points for cash to go into.


Hi all,
I'm new and I keep reading about REE. What does it stand for and what it means? Thanks



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