Weekly Watchlist

UPDATE: The orignal video this morning was damaged, cut short and without sound. The link below is a whole new video. Enjoy.

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Recommendation: Yes, I know. It is a work of art.

Long: Creativity

Short: Hurdles

Disclaimer: I have none today. I am an open book as it is.

Note: Hurdles have been cleared, what a pain in the ass.

Okay, did everybody else have audio issues?...

Thanks Jeff!

Brett, looks like you kind of got what you were looking for, as the sound quit after RIMM so that we could see the charts but not hear what Jeff was saying. I tried both videos and both are the same and both ended with MTL which did not seem like the end...

AMZN is breaking out right now. Did some earnings news get leaked?

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A little help for a rookie...

How do you formulate the price target for a bull flag?

same here, lost audio half way through and it was only like 5 mins long.

Liked some patterns in there though.

Thanks Jeff.


booo can't get it to play.

flag price target is based on the bottom of the flag pole to the top. once it breaks add the that number.

Jeff, perfect song for today.


You're on a MAC right? we're you able to watch either videos?I only saw up until RIMM.

Yes, I'm on a mac (as many others are too, according to the conference call last night!).

no, i didn't get to hear the whole video. I watch them on youtube too.

Krystal darling,
Take the top of your pole and subtract the bottom of your pole. That's your target.

Wow! I watched the video and came back to see AMZN and RIMM and BIDU absolutely taking off!

What's going on? Someone pinch me!

No, wait...don't.


Simple enough! Got it. Thanks! :)

ooops I see someone already answered the flag question.

Did anyone else get into GRMN? I broke a rule and got back in a week ago because I just LOVE this stock. It's done fairly not bad. Might be worth looking at again once earnings are done.

RIMM just took off. Anybody play the bounce from yesterday? Is there any news on it?

JP from OC


I think the movement on RIMM is a testament to your total dominance of the financial markets. Your watch list was barely posted and the sound even quit on the RIMM penant comment and Rimm suddenly skyrockets. Watch out Cramer! You just experienced the Kohler bounce!!

Just checked you tube, most recent video is 10/16. does it take awhile to appear there?

Jeff, how many times do I have to tell you get a MAC!they are the best. Just look at AAPL today.

Support the cause.


UGH!!! How does Catherine do it? Why hasn't she left you by the side of the road yet?


Thanks for the watchlist, Jeff. Also thanks for the song - I think I need to watch Office Space soon to remind myself that no matter how hard this profession is, it beats the crap out of the rat race.

AMZN got an upgrade this afternoon. Guessing that's the reason for the move.


I'm guessing ZUMZ is the other unicorn known as the 'broadening top' pattern? The audio didn't come through but i saw your lines.

I'm throwing in the towel today.

I am so done...

Only one word for it ..

RIMM - Prophet Kohler strikes again .. Looks like it will reach that target pennant number by end of day ...

Man .. the guy is money!

Please explain what you called the "broading top" pattern on ZUMZ. That is a new term for me.

Wow, what is going on with RIMM?
News I don't know about?


That's fine ... Jeff .. call it a day .. the technical trash you put up with at ITools is phenomenal .. 2700 people last night ... that destroys Webex .. and you put out an incredible video today .. and the sound left us .. but the picks are there ... We can easily translate ... and as usual, they are money in the account ...

Thanks for all you do .... put your feet up and watch RIMM ... there is now the Kohler Affect!

Let's all throw in the towel (that's an expression, Chris).

The kids are asleep...I'm going to take a nap!

ahem....RIMM strikes China distribution deal.


Laney close your ears.

Holy Shitballs Batman! Does everyone see that the QQQQ's are working on potentially closing at a new 52 week high?

Never, never, never would have thought that on Friday.

Actually, Catherine FOUND me at the side of the road. Putting me back would be redundant. It'd be sort of like littering.

Jeff thanks for the watchlist. The quality of the video is awesome!! I got stopped out at the RIMM part too. But the video continued to work so I've got it all.

The Water Transports are taking off again today. NM, EXM, DRYS all the "darlings" of this sector. liz should be happy.

Bob and Pam how's the smoke and stuff? Sean are you still safe from this mess? We were watching CNN this morning and thinking of youse guys (and gals.) Wish we could send some of our world famous chilled Canadian air your way.

Hey, we got the charts even without the sound. Technical problems can't stop this blog. It made me pay even more attention to the charts.

Thanks again for all you do.


Can't believe it but I sold RIMM yesterday to realize some gains. Kicking myself right nowe! Well at least I made 110%


Today's watchlist is brought to you by the letter A.

Thanks as always, Jeff!

Chris, you never cease to amaze me...

Great list, Jeff. Thank-you.

I am only in one put and I have been very nervous about that. I ran a search yesterday but didn't find anything good. What bearish searches do you guys use?

I thought my sister was the only person that said that!:-)

Not trying to discount the Kohler Effect which is why we all know RIMM skyrocketed but I did find this:

RIM surges on China smartphone distribution pact
Tuesday October 23, 2:25 pm ET

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Shares of BlackBerry maker Research in Motion Ltd (Toronto:RIM.TO - News; NasdaqGS:RIMM - News) jumped more than 6 percent to a record $121.10 on Tuesday after the company announced it had entered a deal to distribute its BlackBerry smartphones in China with Alcatel-Lucent (NYSE:ALU - News).


Thanks for the concern. We are smokey here but quite safe. The fire tried to come over the mountains into my town last night but were beat back by the winds and some great firefighters.
By the way Chris, none of us think of you as litter. I think discarded debris is the more PC term.


Holy Shitballs Batman!???

Are you channeling Arty's Grandmother?


Allow me to be the first to congratulate you!!

thanks Jeff!

THE QQQQ's are one reason why I now trade according to what I learned from this great Blog.

The QQQQ's rebalance their holdings once a year. AAPL now represents 11.76% of the QQQQ's. GOOG is 5.11 %, RIMM 3.76% ( higher after today ). A lot of people buy and hold the QQQQ's for diversification. Well 20% of it now is these 3 companies.

In the past I would have probably stayed away from the QQQQ's justifying it by saying this thing is over-weighted in three companies. Now I trade patterns and bounces...what I see on the charts. Thanks Jeff.

Long RIMM and enjoying the suprise


Jeff - thanks for another great watchlist!

Anyone in DVA have an opinion on today's price action? It either broke its diagonal trendline yesterday and is confirming it as new resistance today, or it's a bullish engulfing candle at support. Any thoughts?


Tim Knight shorted the QQQQ's a couple of hours ago. I guess there are many different types of technical analysis. Mine showed a consolidation in an uptrend. Oh well.

Yvonne, you can find info on the broadening top on Google (which is up $22.85 as we speak. Thank you to whoever sold me those calls yesterday).

AMZN and RIMM got hot this afternoon.

Whats everyone doing on RIMM? Hold or Sell?

Buying some AMZN for earning tonight.


Guys watch FSLR ad SPWR they are both solar plays. I go in to FSLR on the last breakout.

Brett are you giving Jeff congrats becuase he won something? Have you heard something.

May I be the second to congratulate. You are such a rock star.

This is when I'm happy that I had patience. And I get a bonus with that surprise as well. Got in on a bounce off support after the dip. RIMM...


'sup with Jeff.

C'mon Sarah and Brett. Spill the beans. I'd be the third to congratulate him but I need to know why.

Dibs on third.

The pain is actually worse now than yesterday. Why? Because I sold my calls on FSLR, RIMM, DRYS, EXM, SOHU, GME, and HANS at what is now clearly the second of the double bottom yesterday(intraday). I had committed the sin of "loading up" last Tuesday because I was on an unbelievable hot streak. I knew I was taking extra risk by doing that but only for a short time. What I had not prepared myself for was what it would feel like to have such a large percentage of my account down if the market should have a large move against me (cue Murphy's law). My account went from a 52-week high to a 52-week low in 3 days. I survived Friday with my hands off of the sell button because I was still within my "limits" but the pain became so intense yesterday morning that I bailed. F-bomb.

But all is not lost - Thankfully, I pushed back the fear to sit on the sidelines today and I picked up some bargains (yes, RIMM was one that I got at the open today!). I have recovered a little over 50% of my losses from the last 3 days today. Never surrender!

Lesson learned:

Even when accepting additional risk for short periods of time, you must still plan for worst case because anything can happen.

check out bloggers choice awards under best business blog. I believe the results are in.

liz congrats on RIMM. I don't mind missing out on these anymore because I know there are more out there. I got my BIIB and it saved my bacon this last 6 trading days. I am eternally grateful and will be when the next one falls into my lap.

You and Grant are doing well, I trust. Sean says he's OK and I know Bob's off doing some stuff with his anti-fire stuff.

Did anyone look at MTL yesterday... Today it's up over 7%.


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I got back into GRMN after it started rebounding. I'm up 62% so far. I still miss the hellish gains I let slip away though.

Glad I held on to RIMM, AAPL, and AMZN though (sold some of my AMZN earlier though darn it.)

BCSI is making me nervous today.

James H.

All I can see on the Blogger Choice is that we're in the top 3 in best Video and best Business. Is there anything else out there? It looks to me like the official announcement won't be until the big 'doo in Vegas on the 10th.

2007 Finalist ...
Best Business Blog ... Top 3 ....
OptionAddict.blogspot.com ....

GO JEFF! Let me be the (what is it now - 4th) to say Congrats! :))

No surprise here and I think he takes home the bacon unless Slope paid for votes!

Is that the final results on the best Blog??!!! I noticed that yesterday, but since there was no mention here, I thought there was some final grand official announcement to come...if so

RIGHT ON JEFF!!! That's huge!
And very well deserved. Hopefully just the beginning of more great things to come to you for all you've done for this community.


I may be wrong. so don't go by me. But in my book he's already got it.

any excuse to give Jeff some props.

Congratulations Jeff!!! Time for an OA gathering in Vegas.


(Let's see you top THAT, PP)


Jeff, thanks for the watchlist. You always know the "hot stocks"
I took a profit on RIMM, I hate having to give back a nice gift!

I just came in from an appointment and see that the watchlist is posted but I can't see it! Was it removed? How can I get it?

Funny, I was looking at RIMM this morning as a possible breakout candidate but decided to wait til the end of day. Ha! Next time I should: Just Do It.

So what do I have to do to get a watchlist???

Me too? Where can I get a watch list?



Same problem as DG...

GSOL - Got into it a week ago on a breakout. Suffered through a retest yesterday and WoW!! Up 18% as I type this (this is a stock play I mentioned last week).

Those who missed the Watch list here's the Reader's Digest condensed version


Jeff's been having technical issues... you'll see once you catch up on the posts and comments.

I agree with you on RIMM... Lately, I've been a little shy about pulling the trigger. We gotta just do it! :)

(Chris, don't you say a word!)

Personal props to Mr. Brett ...

My rule - hit target - sale 1/2 of the position ..

Sold 1/2 of HMIN just now .. 183% profit ...

Brett - you are the man and a sincere thanks! Guess I should send you some Monster! :))

Put searches: I like Anticipating the Bounce II, Weak Stocks Poised to Fall, Downtrending Stocks with High MACD. However, I found nothing intriguing today.

I did just take down some SVU puts. It's at KEE in my opinion and the risk/reward even with a 3% move against me was very good. I bought Dec. 40's. Jeff mentioned this one last Tuesday.

AZO - can someone tell me why my options (puts) are going down along with the stock and the vol is going up? idgi!

What happen to the video for the Watch List?

Nike would be proud.

Benton. Nice pick-up on HMIN. I looked at it and didn't pull the trigger. Nuts to me.

Just bought me some Superfly (SFLY.) It's right at REE and only a few days until earnings. I'm hoping it will fly a bit and I'll be out.

SCHN was on Jeff's watchlist last week. It has done astonishingly well over earnings and is starting to move today. I've been in for a few days with no real drama. Might hold 1 contract over earnings just for giggles (as opposed to sniggles... because holding over earnings for the sake of some eels is just wrong.)

thanks, chris for the list



DG, I was saying the same thing yesterday about some of my calls. Price goes up, IV goes up, call price goes down. ????

I had it once, too. Consult your local physician.


I loved your original poem. I hope it did not take a lot of time to compose and that you spent only minimal time on dictionary.com.


I did see some good entries today but could not bring myself to post them as PPee's.

Just bounce off both diag and horiz support. The options are cheap but not a lot of open interest. And the spread... let's not get into that. A bit on the wide side. Mostly due to lack of interest, one would think. I'm not getting in, but it could be worth a look.

ICE and GRMN close to breaking out. ICE has earnings tomorrow, but chart looks great. GRMN within $1 or so of its all-time high.

James H.

CHRISTOPHER! Would you leave that poor girl alone!


Chris and PP are picking on me!


Anti-fire here -

Chris you are kind of right as I was on the phone with an assisted living company that needs non-toxic fire protection for furniture, furnishing, drapes and carpet. Hey, you know we can do planes too!

Only was able to get into CTRP today but delta now at -27 so am close.

We are not really near the fires but are getting ash raining down on us and EVERYTHING smells like smoke. It is really driving my nose nuts.

I understand that Jeff was having technical issues but why is it that some people can see the watchlist videos but I cannot?

I still have not enough bearish plays. Especially since AZO is not behaving and will probably get cut from the pack tomorrow.

Sure glad I got out of NOV yesterday. That 7% recovery would have kicked the crap out of my $160 gain I had today.

Bob, nice entry on CTRP. There might even be room for me to wiggle (as opposed to sniggle) in there tomorrow. And it wouldn't be near EEL (exit/entry late) either.

UAUA breaking out from last weeks watch list. Bought CHDX a week ago...breaking out now.


I had the watch list at 4:00 then refreshed at 4:15 and lost it. Jeff could be working on it.

I am not getting the video link at all? Any thoughts on what I am doing wrong?

Tried IE and firefox.


I had it once too. Now I need medication to get it back.


On the last thread, you mentioned that you didn't like BEE and were trying BPEE. To be technically correct, you should be looking for B(aP)EE.

Think about it.

John H
(1st post)

I got long the SPY 20 contracts, while it was close to the lows, clearly should have chosen the QQQQ's haha, oh well.

I am really looking for a follow through rally tomorrow, then maybe I can hold these all the way back to 1550, :-)

I was waiting for technical signals looking at GOOG which for a while looked like it was gonna break down seemed like all the sudden it just flew up along with most everything else, was there any news related at all?

I am assuming most people made money today, congrats! hopefully on both bearish and bullish ideas.


Sean M., too funny!

DG, If you want, I can give you a brief recap of the video (before the audio on it went out) and what Jeff saw for each ticker symbol...

Chris, I have no words...

I am seeing that a lot of you saw the video, although with sound issues, etc. I don't even have the video. The page isn't even bringing up anything to click on to see it. Is it going to be on Youtube?

Jeff just released the updated video ... it's reposted ...

What happened to AMZN after hours! My profits just went to zero and now are going negative! It is just a stock trade but still.

B(aP)EE is too much work. BPEE works for me.

Earnings. AMZN.

Earnings was 2pm EST and I thought that is what caused the move up as they announced 3x earnings.

For you that first went through the video .. turns out we didn't get it all .. Jeff has released a LOT MORE material in the updated video that now works completely ...

You might want to re-look at it!


Don't worry, B(aP)EE.

John H

A "profitable" day for me today. I only lost $200. Oh well that seems like a victory compared to the last couple. I am sure all my plays are sitting there ready to take off tomorrow.

I watched the second video as well and was able to see it all.
Here are a few bearish trades he mentioned:


Had to chip in my vote...I am on a Mac and I have audio on the video, but no video. I will take a look on a PC at home tonight, if anyone was successful seein it on a Mac lemme know what ya did

In the meantime to honor our loonie as it goes higher and higher check this out...

Bob, I agree... that is strange. Although, have you seen anything about what their PROJECTED earnings was supposed to be? For example, if they were expected to exceed prior earnings by 6 or 7 times, and they only quadrupled it, then it could be seen as a negative.

Like they say, it's not the news, but the PERCEPTION of it.

Don't worry about it too much though (easy for me to say, I know). They might even mention it tonight on the Cast. Just have a plan ready for any and all scenarios tomorrow! :)

thank you, jeff for redoing the video. you are very much apprecitiated...

"Amazon beats forecast, margin guidance a concern."

Marketwatch has the story on AMZN.

Hope that helps, Bob.


I think you may find that your complaint to Jeff that PeePee and poo poo head are picking on you may have the reverse effect you were looking for.

Beware the men in white knocking at your door.

Being 5'8" I always found hurdles to be a pain in the ass. To say nothing of the shins.

Welcome to the club.

Thanks everyone I will have to review when I am back as I am now off to the doc to get meds!

The strange thing to me is that if the earnings were announced at 2pm then this would have all been priced into the market by the close I would think. Maybe those after hours traders believe tomorrow to be a down day are were taking profits...I don't know. It just (sorry for this) burns me up that all my profits are gone for the day AFTER HOURS where I can do nothing about it. Do I have a big red target on my back that I can't see? Maybe the doc could remove it this afternoon.

Tomorrow's not going to be pretty for tech stocks.

AMZN is down big, JNPR is down, BRCM and RVBD are getting annhilated, dragging down BCSI, BIDU, GOOG, RIMM and many others.

If tech is supposed to carry this market, then it severely sprained its ankle tonight.

Now the grain of salt here is that tech had a huge day today and we're going to have to willing to give some of those gains back to play the larger moves.

Go VMW tomorrow!!

Bob (and Pam), the earnings were at 5:00. Maybe that's where the confusion comes in. It wasn't the earnings that brought the stock down, it was the forecast for operatng income that had investors worried. But it looks like it is holding at a support level. Guess we'll see what tomorrow brings.


Hope you're not reading this through a medicated haze (or a smoke haze, for that matter.) AMZN announced After Market Hours... 4:00 pm to be precise. Unfortunately the drop is on volume of 10,000,000 so it's not just Aunt Effie selling off her 2 shares to take a profit.

As Brett said, the QQQQ was up dramatically today and really powered into the close. This may just be an early morning flesh wound. The SPX finished the day really strong as well and bodes well for tomorrow.

Don't panic


I'll split the difference. Let's call it 4:30.

Too funny. I thought it was 5:00 Eastern time, but "after hours" works for me.

Hope all you fighting those fires in CA are okay.


Thanks, I'll take a look at those tonight.

I got out of AZO, again. I have said before and I'll say it again, I hate Autozone. I drove past the store today and so wanted to flip it the bird but my boys were with me. I refrained.

I have no words. No.Words.


Interesting... somebodies buying.

OMG... I just got the last bit of the video. It's Niagara Falls!!! I'm glad I left some cash for tomorrow.

Got into SFLY already today and MTRX. Will add others tomorrow. Tonight will be a long night checking all of these out and trying to prioritize them.

$VIX took a lashing today. Always good to know. I am now the $SPX and $VIX addict.

I knew RIMM was going up today big when I heard it was on the watch list....if any of you OA's need news from this morning here you go:

Just in: "RIMM on Kohler's, AKA The Option Addict's, Watch List, OWN IT!"

Well now that dust has settled. I sold half above my target at $127.

I would also like to thank Jeff, Brett, and Raimo, for the tough love when I do stupid, childish, panicky things, like yesterday morning. I am a better man for it today.

Don't make me bring my Grandmother in on this one.

I shall go eat dinner (hard boiled eggs) with her now. I hope she doesn't have any words of wisdom for the Blog....you know how she can offend.



For F@#ks sake, give your Grandma a great big hug from the Addicts!

Hey Ahty-

Here's some more tough love...

Your target on RIMM should be $141, based on the ascending triangle breakout today.

Then again, selling at $127 sure sounds good when the after-hours bid is $120.

Grrrr, still can't see the list,but at least heard it. but the bounce ideas,well I don't have x-ray vision. If its not too long could someone post it please.

I'll check you tube again,but it wasn't there a few minutes ago.

I can't see the watch list either... have audio, but no video. I am on a mac. I wonder if this is a problem specific to the mac users...


Oh its definitely a MAC issue.

Just finished watching the watch list. Dan was watching me watch the watch list. All we can say is "Wow!" A hearty thank you to you for putting up with the technology enough to post it multiple times.


Okay Mac users. I'm paying Jeff's list forward to you. Here it goes. Sorry to everyone else.

Support bounces:

Resistance Bounces


It is long, do you want me to e-mail it to you?

Kim beat me to it.:-)

It looks a lot longer now that I've seen them on the blog. Great minds....

Yep, it's long! LOL

Great list, Jeff. I feeli like a kid in a candy shop filled with Twizzlers and jelly beans.

thanks so much for the bounce list.


Thanks so much for posting the symbols.

Grace :)

Where on the toolbox do I get last nights adv. options broadcast that we lost audio on
Gary H

Gary H.
I have not looked but thought they said under open house.

Ok, who is playing with me? I come back from the Dr. (no I do not have the meds yet just scribbles on a Rx pad)and TOS says that all the AMZN profit is back in my account. I am really confused now.



This is the link to the open house page...the full link to Jeff's presentation can be found here for anyone needing it. From the Home Page click on the big advertisement, there really isn't a link, to the Open Houses...

Thanks for the link
Gary H


HOLY SALAD SHOOTERS___ When my 11 year old goes to college he will be taking classes in the Kohler Wing...... WHAT A HIT LIST.

Thanks so much. I feel like I am on one of those lakes where evry time you put the hook in the water you have a fish...


PS I Haven't had time to look at the blog at all today.

Ok, now I have meds in the system so beware. Makes you feel good when the Doc goes OH what a throat, yep you have it bad. Pam is such a great nurse...where is she anyway. I know all the women are thinking men are such babies.

Jeff, GREAT list! I really like this format. Or is it that I now have watched most of it twice and all of it once.

Jeff (though I'm sure you won't see this) thank you for the watchlist which I was finally able to view just now when I got home.

Futures look nasty. Looks like I'll be giving back some tomorrow. Didn't have a chance to put on more bearish trades before the close.

Great List J.K. Applause! Good night all.

Bloomberg just reported Turkey is bombing in parts of northern Iraq, is this going to spike oil prices? If that is the issue they were worried about well I think its going to be even more red tomorrow.


The list is awesome, as always. Thanks very much for everything you do, and nice call on RIMM!

Thanks again for the watchlist. I feel like I have some ammunition now for the dips. Just like DG, didn't get a chance to take but one bearish play before close (was still studying the list), but have some ready to go today.

Thanks for taking the time to help us.


DG, how do you view the futures? Is it just a ticker symbol you type in?

On TOS, go to "watch" tab, click "TOS Index Watch", "Public and then "Futures."

Anyone on TOS looked a the HUBG chart? Is that a bad tick or did it really go down to $24.10?


HUBG. Prophet charts show the movement down to $24.10 about an hour after open. The data looks good to me.

I watch the futures from the home page of Bloomberg. It's displayed on the right hand side toward the bottom.

HUBG. That was the one day chart I was looking at.


I guess if you were to HUG someone and a Bee got in between you it'd be HU---B---G.

Hot Underwear Be Gone?

What does it mean? Is 24.10 a good thing or a bad thing?
Enquiring minds need to know.

Oh Brother!!! I'm sorry. That's a stock ticker. Yikes. Time to take the blond wig off.

Don't mess with me today, I am in no mood!

My husband thinks he may have scabies, which eeww, and if he has it, we all might have it. Google scabies and see how much fun we are going to have today. *eye-roll*

Needless to say, there will be no HUBG-ing here. :-)

With all my travels and staying in hotels in some pretty ugly cities, I (we) got scabies about 18 years ago. I'm sure the lotions are better now than they were then. It's a pain in the butt. But if you've caught it early I don't think you need to use the lotion for too long.

It beats the kids getting lice. Especially if they have long hair.

The doctor told me I had scabies last year and it turned out to be a bad case of running poison ivy. Either way I feel for you. Not fun.


OH! I never knew about that... I'm looking at it now.


Thanks, Chris.

I saw that too, thanks.

okay you guys with all this scabies stuff..I have never had it, and until you r cured of it, i think u should stop blogging here...i don't want to get it...it can't come through my computer can it?? is it i-contagious???

Jeeeesh..Kim..u too??

Guys listen, I shower every day. I start with a good body scrub, a nice lofty girly scrubby thing, then a final rinse with yuengling. No skin problems. U may want to try it...

Fine... we will start our own blog. "Valley of the Unclean." And you... Mr. "I scrub my manly bits with girly stuff" will not be welcome.

But we're taking Jeff with us.

C'mon Kim, Laney, Krystal (just because I don't want you feeling left out... we'll make you an honorary "unclean.") let us leave... in a huff.

Dow futures were down 7 about 15 minutes ago. Now they're down 47. This could be an interesting start to the day.

Exit stage left!...


I can't be here today so watch that market for me please. Oh and for those that wanted to know TOS has removed all those nice profits from AMZN this morning. Back where I started.


Jeeesh.. I was just kidding, not you banning me?? Later for that..I'll stay unclean, I'd rather hang diry with u than spiffy alone.

I been on since 4am..futures were MUCH lower..then been rallying up...even in the face of Merryls horrid report...

Is big Raimo-waimo askeerd of a wittle scabie-wabie?

Ahem. We do shower.

"I-contagious", funny. :)

AZO could be setting up for a big inverse H & S breakout. The volume looks positive to me.(Acc/Dist=83.5 & MACD on 5 year chart). It's not ready yet, but it's something to watch.


Hubby's text message: Not scabies. Still itchy.

Raimo, you're all clear. he-he

CYH, anybody having trouble getting that one filled? I put in a limit and if it fills, so be it. I am not chasing that baby.
Unless I'm missing something, don't see any breakout bearish plays making a move. Just trying to get a few puts to balance my portfolio.


ABER started at 42 this a.m. and is now pushing up to 43.30. Watching it, but just now noticed that is not optionable.


Michelle, similar problems here as I tried to get into PTRY and just had to go with market to get in before I leave for the day because it would not fill. Then it goes UP! Oh well. I know it really wants to go down, just wished I could have waited for a perfect entry.

Where can I find more info about the ZUMZ broadening pattern that Jeff mentioned?

Bob, what a bummer about amzn... bizarre. I really thought it would work out for you this morning.


Anyone noticing GRMN making new highs? Kind of forgot about this stock.


ASEI guys ....

Might be a little early but right at 60 ... reversal in the making?


Good morning!
Try here too:


Ok, now I really have to run!

AMZN did it to me as it blew through my stop and posted a nice loss. Do you guys see what I mean here? Someone has a target painted on me I just know it. I have the perfect trading system for you all. It is called CBAPS. Counter Bob and Pam System (which is really just Bob). I can make a fortunate off this and am making it first available to my fellow OAs.

Enjoy the day.

That's a huge relief!!!

Michelle, I love the setup on CHY... but there's only a week to earnings. As I'm finding out on a couple of my plays... a week just isn't long enough to get any action. And volatility is usually so high as to make the whole procedure rather fruitless.

********** NEWS FLASH ***********
(not to steal your thunder, Laney.)

Anyone holding MDC puts should remember earnings are after market closing today. I just sold mine... could have waited a bit more, but I just wanted to make sure I was out by day's end and I have to go pick up my new car this afternoon.

Thanks again, Kim!

I looked on the pattern site but because I'd never heard of a broadening pattern before, I wasn't sure which one to reference. You have reco'd that site before and I have it bookmarked. Thank-you.

Don't despair. I was in the same boat this spring. It'll turn around buddy. Besides... as soon as you start trading the CBAPS it will become the Anti-CBAPS and the whole system will implode as you cannot contradict your own trades. As soon as you do... they become your trades and POOF!! you disappear in a puff of smoke.

Benton, ASEI was on Jeff's list as a bearish breakout. $60 is very strong support/resistance so I'd wait to make sure it gets a fairly strong bounce of that before even thinking bull on this one. Mind you, I may be full of bull. My thought is that it'll break through 60 with a target of 55 in a couple of weeks.


I see no trade here....at all

Any thoughts on BCSI for a support bounce today?

Nice call on the technology drop from last night to today.

The way see it... CYH is at a perfect REE if you draw a line from the peak in July through the last peak at the beginning of October. Unless you're referring to earings next week. Other than that it's the perfect REE


Love your "Poof" theory. Sounds logical too - I buy it.


Thanks for MDC. Bought the Nov. 40P today and already up 40%.

Great List.

Is anybody else looking at FRX from the watchlist? On a 10-year chart, does it seem like it's actually found support at $35ish since 2001?

$djx, $compq, and $spx all at significant support levels. Either we get a bounce right about now or it could get ugly.

This comment has been removed by the author.


CEC is a great ree

Frank the tank

This selloff is technically perfect, and why i added DIA puts yesterday and today. The dow rallied right back to resistance, formed a bear flag and knifed through today (on the intraday charts). I think we retest Monday's low of 13,400 at least to see if it holds.

This doesn't, however, mean that you should bail out of working positions.

AMZN is right at a trendline. There's a difference between a falling knife and a knife that's fallen. This looks very interesting to me if it can show some support here. Yeah I know, Cramer lopped off its head last night and took away one of the 'horsemen', but i like Amazon going into the holidays, and if i can get it near a decent trendline i'm all for it.

BCSI, this trade might be done.


If you like it take it.

support at 27.50ish , pretty good long term support. Real strong volume on the bounce off that area too....

just my 30.06 worth

I noticed that too on AMZN on the five-year chart.



I agree on AMZN. I've got it at diagonal support, I also ran a fibonacci starting on 4/25 that would suggest horizontal support (38.2%).

I have to disagree on BCSI though I've got it right at horizontal and diagonal support at the moment. Until it closes below that or takes a nosedive below it intraday, I'm sticking with it. I wouldn't buy right now with the way the market has been and with earnings coming up. But, I won't sell either as long as the trend holds. (at least I've got my fingers crossed that support holds.) I'm hoping this is just the beginning of a new Asc. Triangle.

Market is bouncing off of 13,500 = good stuff.

James H.

PCAR up over 10% today on earnings, right at pretty solid resistance (close to 20 contact points) at the moment. If it gets back above this resistance, it could be a good anticipatory breakout trade.

James H.

Inverted H&S retesting on DIA on the one day.

ICE is looking good too. Assuming earnings don't knock it back, I'm up 75% since getting in yesterday. I have a target of 200 (205 actually based on S/R but I'm taking at least 1/2 profits at 200 if it gets there - round number etc.)

James H.

Had to be AFC (away from computer) until now and came home to stop the bleeding. Actually not too bad with the exception of AZO which I contemplated turning into a bull put spread but chickened out because I am still not comfortable 'fixing' bad trades so I just closed it.

Was looking at ASEI for a put play but there is no volume on this stock whatsoever.

JCG has hit my target but if I sell it, I am REALLY delta positive. Not sure how to remedy this. Ideas welcome.

JCG. My target is $30. I have an descending triangle beginning on 8/28 which broke on 10/18. $11 move in about 8 weeks. I'm hanging until then.

Hope this helps if you haven't already sold.


Look at FRX. It is a descending triangle but now is a good time to play it as a resistance bounce on its way to support at about 36. It was on Jeff's list and brought up earlier by Krystal.

Okay, stupid question coming. On TOS: If my net shares is at 0, then I'm equally weighted between bulls and bears. The more positive the more bullish and the more negative the more bearish.

Am I on the right track?

ARTC- retesting yesterday's ascending triangle breakout with huge volume.

Another round of gratitude for all that you give us.



Chris - only a bearish play for me .. I got on the elevator going DOWN this AM .. have already made money. I see your 5 at 54.50 ... but will see if a little more is in order at around 51.... after the normal retest ... My stop is in place (mental on paper) at 60.72 .... I don't set auto stops anymore - they cost too much!

Just FYI .... I'm thinkin' like ya dude! :)

Kim, on JCG I see a fair amount of support at 35. IF it breaks through that it could go to 30 but 35 was my initial support. Maybe I'll do a rtr and take half.

Looking at FCX now though I prefer stocks that have a further way to fall.

Ooops...meant FRX, not FCX. My brain is mush.

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