50 plus goodies. No wonder you didn't get much sleep last night! I noticed you like BEAV over BA that last night's Market Cast guest, Ben Watson was touting. You were a gracious host not to contradict him.

Amazing list, thanks Jeff. I got into a few of these yesterday and today at dips. Honestly, I forgot where I got them from as they have been in my watchlist for awhile but it was probably you.


This is not on Jeff's list but I got into BSC this morning as it bounced up from horizontal and diagonal support.

I just sold VFC. I don't normally panic and sell intraday but I had a nice profit in it and it just kept climbing....like Raimo up a tree.

It's such a treat to be able to watch the video as soon as it comes out. What an amazing group of stocks. I'm not so much a pattern player yet but the bounce plays are fantastic!

I think I'll be ditching a few of my losers this afternoon and replacing them with a few of the "Best of the best" of this group.

You know, I checked out a couple of the other blogs in the running, and they don't come anywhere near this one. Not even the same solar system, let alone planet. There has GOT to be a way to move us up to number one. I think the goddess simply appeals to some of the... shall we say... "Baser" instincts of the traders. Perhaps a little gratuitous skin would work. I do have a snap of me in my speedo and CROX and white socks. Just say the word and I'll send it.

After peeking at her blog I'm determined to beat her.

C2- if there was only a way for me to post a pic of ME in a Speedo on her website, that would surely drive people away- Ha!

I hate that my BIDU call is not tracking with the stock price. To still be significantly down on the day when the stock is up over $2.00 is really annoying.

FCX - is anyone buying this, today?


I do outside sales and in my car most of day, I would like to keep an eye on market. Would it be better to get an internet card for my laptop or buy a blackberry?


Jeff, just a question that I'm curious about. How many open positions do you have on average? What would you consider to be too many? Thanks for your watch list!

Just from the aspect of saving your eyeballs I'd go with the internet card. You'll also be able to do more on the laptop from a research perspective than on the blackberry.

Jeff, thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into the watchlist, especially on days like today (earnings and not enough rest).

Its very inspiring to see what entries you have found and how/if it fits into my rules. I learn a lot about what to look for. Thank you so much. SFM

VeroBarbara, I have some FCX, you may also want to consider PCU, which I also have, which has a little bit better RS relative strength.
But I would defer to Jeff (and his watchlist) because his timing is much better than mine. SFM

VeroBarbara, I just looked at FCX after reading your note and dang it, I have an alert set for 110. It only traded to 100.07 so i didn't get alerted. If I had, I would have snatched it up at 110, but now it's a little too far gone for me.

I did take OI today. Added to my stock position and bought an option as well.

ROG has bounced up nicely coming into earnings. Does somebody know something we don't know? Hmmmmm- inquiring minds want to know!

thank you sooooo much. great list this week.

Liz - I also want to take the 3-days class, but I think that they may terminate it.
I will double check

Patti - I think that I have to try and figure out. office hours seem like calling the coach to me...
so I really cann ot see the value until I take it, I guess.

Ann - how long does it take you to finish your PHD class. or, are you almost done?

thanks everyone. I have been "dramatic" result on my option trade. I need to slow down on trades and
concentrate more on study.

Thanks everyone!


Jeff- nice call on STI that I entered this morning. It looks like it's going to be a race with ZION to the bottom.

Chris, I agree with your comments about this blog versus others. Although, I visit Tim Knight's blog from time to time, and I like him, but this is the blog that I pull up in the morning along with the IT website and my TOS platform.

I think we all enjoy it so much here because Jeff makes it clear that he's rooting for us and that he's in our corner and wants to help us. And so do all the bloggers, for that matter. We really are like a little family. Heck, I've only been around for a few months, and I've been made to feel very welcome. Those other blogs just don't have that same feel. I can't speak highly enough of this blog and the bloggers. It's very helpful.

Jeff, just one bone to pick with you about the watchlist... Where were the sound effects? No farts, no weird phrases, nothing! You're slipping.... Just kidding, of course. Thank you for all that you do! Your efforts are always noticed and appreciated. The turnaround in my TOS account speaks for itself...

Awesome list Jeff.

Today as Market pulled back the bearish one jumped down like STI, PTRY, HD, ARII, MW and WNR. It is nice to see the account going up on down days like today and yesterday. Yesterday was all because of BIIB.

Thanks Jeff


Thank you once again. Great list and great learning watching where you draw support/resistance. I get as much if not more from watching your analysis as the symbols themselves.


Thanks as always - there are just too many good ones! I was happy to see you confirm my ANF buy (I probably got in a little early), and the STI call was fantastic. Thanks again.


I was rushed this morning. I would have liked to add more, but I didn't have a ton of time.

Next time I plan on going overboard to compensate.

Anu, Ditto. I'm learning so much about technical analysis by watching Jeff draw his lines. Now, what I do when I view the watchlist is write down the ticker symbols and make a quick note about what Jeff says he sees (bull flag, sym tri, etc.). Then I go back and look at the chart without peeking at the note I made, and I begin to analyze the chart. Once I have my analysis, I look at the notes I took from what Jeff said and compare my analysis to his.

Doing this has helped me to go from looking at his watchlist picks and going "Huh?", to saying, "Ah, I see." That's a tremendous accomplishment, especially for a self-proclaimed ditz like me!


Throw in a fart for me, will ya?


Bearish divergence on the MACD in YZC is correcting itself as Jeff's bullish pick heads lower. This coal mining stock is providing us with an even better entry point.

PCZ, a Canadian oil stock, is getting a nice bounce off support and you could even call it a cup and handle. Oil is good to have in our portfolios right about now.

I know Jeff doesn't have any time or use for watching MACD but another bearish divergence showed up on a bullish pick, PCLN, down $2.86 at the moment. Price and Trend are always king but using oscillators can get you better entry points.

Mimosa, Think of 'office hour' each week like bonus time. Yes, we call in as a group but discuss whatever topic or stock comes up. You can clarify what you learned in web class.

Everyone is different as far as completing the PHD because stuff happens. I took the 7-week course at the end of 4 months after spending about 22 hours a week studying up to that time and I completed my PHD studies in about 4 more months. I attended each workshop twice (except Advanced Technicals). Workshops are important even though you have to travel pretty far from home most of the time and have the added expense. Also you should complete the course on line and access not only the Trading Rooms each week but the Capstone when you complete each course book and the tests.

Then there is always continued study to get better at it. I'm not there yet - we are always students. Hope that helps.





Hey guys, Jose here, a newbie...just had a question about this PHD to which everyone is refering. What is it exactly? And can anyone tell me what they think about entering PG right about now as it seems to be at REE.




What's this about going overboard to compensate on your watchlist next time? You outdid yourself this time! You gave a huge watchlist and we always appreciate it. Thanks!



Many of the bloggers here are students of InvesTools. They offer stock market education from an Associate's Program all the way up to PhD, which is what people have been chatting about. I only have the Associate's.

PG looks like a good entry for the underlying. Are you thinking about a call option on it? I'm asking because implied volatility is in the upper range...

Hi all,
I am on a break from the 3 day class here in Draper. I can not tell you thankful I am to each of you and especially Jeff for the guidance you have offered through this blog. I feel confident in the foundation you have given me. I would also like to add that this class is fantastic. What I see it giving me is a level of discipline that I was lacking. In the past There always seemed to be so much to buy so little to buy with. Now I have a better method to help me wittle down what I can trade well.

If you are like me and life gets in the way of getting your studies in a 3 day direct teaching is perfect. There are 13 students and the interaction is awesome.

Once again Thank you for allow me access to your thoughts and game plans. It does help to set my feet on the correct path for my OWN walk.

Jeff Take a bow you are awesome and have truly put a method of teaching out there that helps a student grow.

Thanks PS

Hello OA's,
I am not much of a candle trader but I have been watching SVU to get through earnings and then make a put play. What are your thoughts on this pattern?


Arty's Old Spice, "you make the call"

PCZ - Double Top, Asec triangle support bounce?


PG maybe, but look at earnings right around the corner.


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