On the Matter of Hopes and Slopes...

Recommendation: Rumor has it that I have been mocked in pursuit of the best blogger crown. We all know the fate of those that mock my presence.

Long: Reputations

Short: Choosing words wisely

Disclaimer: The competition will eventually submit to the power and will of the Option Addict.

surely not by somebody who has been bearish for the last year, 2 years, 5 years...etc...ha ha ha

I am not sure how a blog such as the TG, where there are very few comments after each post, or Tim Knight's where there is significant discord among the comments, even gets to be in the same league as this blog. We are a very cohesive group that takes care of our own and anyone new to the blog.

TG knows she is appealing to a mostly male audience and posts pictures to attract those that she does. If you are a serious trader, you don't need soft porn to attract bloggers.

Vote for Jeff!

Mocking is the highest form of flattery. No wait... that's copying. OFF WITH HIS HEAD!!

Brett it will be interesting to see what happens to ELON. I saw 27.50 as support which it broke, although not by as much as I saw originally. Naturally I wish you well in this trade. I wish myself well in it's replacement. When Catherine tells me what it is... I will advise you. Aparently the lobotomy has worked.

I heard an interesting fact last night that I think has a trading equivalent. They said that most people think that in baseball, a lead off walk is more likely to lead to a multi-run inning than a lead off homerun. Turns out not to be true. I think the same applies to options. Most people think that a small initial move is more likely to lead to a prolonged move (in either direction) than a big jump. So when we get a big move (like MW a week ago) we tend to back away, as it seems like the "homerun" has already occured. Not necessarily true. That initial "home run" more often leads to a longer run.

Just an observation.

My oldest daughter has a couple of friends over for a movie night and I made them fork over all their email addresses before they were allowed to watch any movies. 5 more votes.

Chris, I got u beat buddy.

Just as sure as ELON will bounce off its CURRENT SUPPORT LEVEL, I am registereing every animal I know on Stone Mouuntain on my website, and they will all vote for Jeff...less they face my Bow and Arrow and meet there demise...

Jeff will win this...keep voting.....

If Jeff loses, Laney and Krystal may pop there own veins when I let the explicatives fly for sure...and Jeff will shrink my posts down to beenie size...and, I will lose my new status as Laneys blog mate slave thingy...

Raimo & Laney,
I sent you each email in the past 2 days and haven't heard from either of you. Just checking if you got them.

Oh and Raimo, if you're offering yourself out for slave duty, I've got a job for you as well. Magic wand in one hand, whip in the other.

VMI - I hope some of you are still in this one. It's up another 4.50 in the after-birth (my word for after-hours trading). I stupidly sold a put on this a couple of weeks ago instead of buying calls so come Friday I will clear a whopping $200 instead of ooogobs of money that I could have had.


Never received, which is strange, I get e-mails all the time...try again...bob@raimo.com.

The only time I don't respond is if I am away hunting......

And, magic wand?? Whip?? I'll stick with my crystal ball...

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I propose that if you get an "invite" (or whatever it is) to Vegas for the awards thing.....lets make it an option addict PARTY!!!!!


Did you sell 85s? Just trying to see if the way I look at the chart is the same. I've never sold naked puts.

Jeff don't know if you bother to check out the competition but I went and checked out Tim Knight's blog to see what he said about you. He was quite complementary. After ripping the Gadget and Godess apart for saying nasty things about him, he complemented this blog, this community and Jeff. He said that he's perplexed as to how Jeff can get so much blogging from the same number of people that view the blog. He partly attributes it to Jeff's immense popularity. Time to look in the mirror perhaps Tim? Perhaps it's because this blog picks winners consistantly!! In the comments of the voting some of his bloggers say they respect him, although they disagree with a number of his trades.


What a neat idea! I'm currently bidding for my flying in November so I'm going to bid for a layover in Vegas on November 10th.


nice - tim reminds me of willie loman the way he's goin about all this - i actually got an email from him reminding me to vote for him!

Yes, I sold the 85s. The vix was high and so was the ivol of the options so i thought I'd sell premium. Well, the ivol just kept going higher so even though the stock was going up and I knew I'd be 'safe', the put value was going up too. Even today with 2 days til expiry and way out of the money it was still selling for .75. I'm sure tomorrow it will be worthless.

*********** A Lesson in History ***********

Dum, dee dum, dee dum... Let's take a walk down memory lane. About a week ago we were talking about MDC. A number of you were saying it was at REE and looked great. I (on the other hand) said it looked like it could be an inverse H&S as there was a higher high... and the up days were on increasing and fairly substantial volume. I poo poo'd the trade and didn't take it. Hopefully no one listened to me. Who's sorry now? Huh? I hate to say "I told you so" so I won't. Because I was wrong. I'll be the one in the corner with the dunce cap on.

For 30 minutes.


I just want you to know I voted, less I meet MY demise like your poor defenceless animals on stone mountain ;)

DG - whip and wand? You will have him eating out of the palm of your hand I'm sure....

I'm with Jodi. I don't want to be on stone mountain either. I voted a number of times and made Grant vote with as many emails as he could as well.


All I can say is WOW! Slaves, whips, and a wand. Is there alcohol involved as well. Sounds like a crazy party!


I think that sounds like a very cool idea!



It's going to be a party whether Jeff wants it to be or not!

Patience???? So hard for me though I know it's true. Some of my best money makers have been the ones that I've just let do their thing.


And Liz,

My biggest mistakes are the ones I cut off too soon.

See, anyone can take a profit. And anyone can keep losses small. It's the monster stocks that we don't let run that can mean the difference between a good year and a great year. Or even the difference between a bad year and a good one.

Brett and Raimo.
Stop living in denial. ELON is going down. Mark my words. Disregard my previous post on a lesson on History. I am always right.

Except when I'm wrong.

I'm sorry, that e-mail went to my g-mail account. I always forget to check that one because it's linked to my blog profile but not my main e-mail. I'll get back to you tonight.

All of this slave talk is your fault! Catherine needs to get the hammer out.:-)

YAY! Golf clap for me, I got the picture on the comment thingy. My hubby picked it out from our vacation in Myrtle Beach last year.

That's all...back to voting and options.

Some of my biggest mistakes as well. And I want this to be a great year!


I forgot to say earlier that I enjoyed your haiku! You kind of sneak in and out of the blog.


This year will be an unbelieveable year for me regardless of how my account ends up. The amount I have learned cannot be summed up in any way except with expletives... which have been banned on the blog.

Which is what Brett and Raimo will be yelling when ELON tanks.

I hate to say it... but your golf clap will be the one they give when Tiger misses a one foot putt. There looks like there should be a picture but there's nothing there. Just a bland square with a red X in the middle. Perhaps it's been censored? Just what were you doing on your vacation?

LOL, Chris. I see it, you can't? It's a pool picture.

Dang. I'm not terribly surprised, however, I still can't figure out how to retrieve my voice mails from the cell phone. I'm a very smart person about most things.


GOOG is expected to do well says the news on Market Watch. I am not playing GOOG, but hope those that are hit one out of the park. Maybe it will move the market up some, too. Here's to tomorrow.


C2, I'm in MDC and I remember that discussion. It's been doing fine but I think it's almost done.
I went through my bearish watchlist earlier and saw so many great setups that are past their prime. Once again, I loaded up my watchlist and then forgot to watch it and missed the best ones.

Great photo!!

OK, I just listened to today's MarketCast. It sounded like oil was out the door now. Any comments?

I look at the $OIX and it looks like a nice cup & handle playing out. OIH is sitting at a nice support. What am I missing? The crude report was not to the markets liking, but was it that bad?


Better lock Xavier up 'cause he's awful cute! I just saw his pic on the blog awards voting. My nickname among my family is "the baby snatcher". Squeezing chubby cheeks, eating toes...you name it.

And your picture isn't showing for me either. Maybe Xavier knows how to do it....


You want your money back, don't ya? How much does it bug you when you hit the send button and "whammy!" the trade takes a nose dive? Been there, done that. Hate it.


um... HOW did that trading goddess get into the top 3 as best business blog??????? WTF MATE!oh that reminds me about this movie...


Good night!

You're right. It's been an amazing year with the amount of knowledge I've gained, especially from this site.


I haven't listened to the marketcast yet but I thought OIH was a good entry today as well. Making a dip down to it's 30 day and well, I guess we'll soon find out.


I listened to the marketcast also and was a bit perplexed. I was trying to figure out how that would impact XOM which I entered as a C&H breakout to new highs.

Also, CTRP. What can I say. Early this morning I was stalking 2 stocks, CTRP and GME. I chose GME because it was easier to get. CTRP traded away too fast and I was too stubborn to chase it. I thought I could get it at the mid-point but it never filled and just kept running. Watched it rise all day while GME went the wrong way.

I don't have any babies named Xavier. Isn't that Tonya's son?

I think the patience part is hard, speakiing only for myself, because I don't trade a large account and the waiting is hard when you want to get into other great trades. After NTRI and BIIB, I am able to trade more. A few more of those would be good though.:-)

Oh Doji Girl, been there done that! I wonder if the market has a way of looking at my account and when I make the trade, there is a little man behind a tall black curtain who is giggling! Mmmm

Liz, thanks for answering. I'm glad I was not the only one who was a bit confused regarding MarketCast.

Well, we finished harvest Saturday night! What a relief. We got it all in just before the heavy rains. There's still an awful lot of corn & beans in the fields yet.

Tomorrow is another day. Can't wait. So nite-all, sweet trading dreams, and talk at ya later!


WTF??? LOL! That was weird! ;- )



I interpreted the post as a friendly jab in a competition. Especially with the clip of the dumb jock that gets the big response, but delivers a worthless speech.

I was just returning the serve.

It's all in fun. No harm intended.

Tim, if you are reading, be gentle.

After tonight's Master Talk and the Get Out The Vote rally, the only way Jeff can lose this is if the vote meter rolls over like an old speedometer.

It seems like the top three are all Very interested in winning. I can't imagine there being much more of a prize other than bragging rights. Jeff will have to add a little trophy and #1 Business Blog logo on his line of apparel.

Was anyone else in on the WM puts I offered up? Glad I didn't sell ALL of them off before earnings today as they are down another $1.17 after hours.

DSX... the gift that keeps on giving!

Patience is something I'm definitely working on.


Doji Girl-
I've done the same thing with my watchlists. Put together a great list and then got busy working with the trades I have and then forgot my great list.


Prime Minister of China,

In response to your post two blogs ago:


If anyone panicked and sold, I just added at $152..REE....***""

I assume this wasn't addressed to your mother: MA, this was about MasterCard.
Let me tell my peril, so that others might prosper...... I panicked and sold and MA settled in right at support. I am a dumbass......I feel shame!


I am at that stage in the game where I can hardly keep up with all of the posts. Since I am now caught up, I have nominated this blog as:

"Best S&M Blog"

And for the record I do think the occasional off color predicate adjectives are welcome on this Blog. As my grandma always says...........

Brett, as always thanks for being there for me.

Raimo, thanks for the tough love, you know I need it.

OA's at large thanks for the endless ideas and support.

Jeff, thanks for all you do, You deserve to be KING OF THE BLOGS! SPARTA!

And let's take this thing all the way to the OA party in VEGAS.


The drinks are on Raimo!


When is this Vegas gig?

C4, Brett tells me you can get me the Flaming Blue Atlas drink from last Friday's Marketcast... Bring it on.


Logan here is what I know --

There is an award ceremony not unlike the Academy Awards in Vegas for the Bloggers Choice Award as follows:

Winners in each respective category will be recognized at a one-of-a-kind awards ceremony on November 10, 2007, at PostieCon in Las Vegas, NV.

Now if Jeff is in the top 3 I am sure he will be invited to accept his awards if the Option Addicts step it up and vote over these next couple of days.

Then, we as faithful addicts will travel to Vegas to support our King. Our wonderful counselor, our chief of China, our comforter, our PHO, our prince of position size, our river of life, our watch list wizard, our don of diversification, our oracle of options, our Pulitzer of puts, and captain of calls, our sire of spreads, our Monocle of the MarketCast, the Master of Talk, the goose whisperer, our interpreter of implied volatility, our viper of the VIX, our beauty of bounces, our behemoth of breakouts, our hero of H&S, our enigma of entry's and our elixir of exits, our inspiration as Option Addicts.

We will gather in celebration to carry Jeff Kohler from the podium and shower him with gifts, with GLD, frankincense, and myrrh. We will break bread and share the Yuengling in celebration as a community, a family, a society of people proud and thankful of our leaders efforts. And with any luck Grandpa Wilfred will show up.

So there lies the spontaneous party idea.....any takers?

Just my blissful thoughts.

Formally requesting you attendance,

C4, CC, Christopher, TAFKAA, ARTHUR BABAR, ARTY the 1 man party

I like parties.


If ELON breaks support here as opposed to bouncing, I am holding you entirely responsible, and I will act accordingly in true Raimo style, explicatives and all....

C4, your a woosey, what can I say. Bailing on MA yesterday means you have no testicular hutspa or you were over leveraged in your acccount. I suspect the latter....

So many new bloggers I cant keep up
Hey Phantom Poet what is up
I've missed your bantor here and there
Show your face if you dare
Bretts my man he keeps me in line
Kim what do you say, a glass of wine?
Laney I see wants her slave
Be careful there, I won't behave!
Krystal Stan Sreeni and others
All now part of this band of brothers
For the bloggers choice I wish Jeff luck
If he loses, then what the ____
This poem of course not complete
Without mention of Jodi who is so sweet!

Sorry 'bout that!

See? Now I'm trying to snatch Xavier and send him over to Laney.

Good morning Raimo.

Right back at ya Kim.... ;)

Good morning Raimo! Maybe you should check your email spam filter because I sent another email last night. Sent to bob@raimo.com from karose@bellsouth.net. Not sure why you aren't getting them.

I need more coffee....

Cool, your email sounds like Gone with the Wind. Rose... Belle... south. You'd be the belle of the ball in Atltanta.

Raimo, ELON down in after hours. This is the Anti-Phoenix. But I should point out that responsibility is all a matter of perspective. Remember... if you kill me then those cases of Corona are going to go to waste. Death?... wasted beer?... death?... wasted beer?... Ooooo I think I've created an endless loop that has no answer.

Did you notice what Tim's video was for himself? A girl (yes... a GIRL!!!) who says "Vote or don't vote. I don't care." And the man wonders why he can't get his bloggers to vote.


Chris, I think YOU need more coffee. I am not Kim.

Looking at GCI from JK's watchlist for a potential put. Hasn't broken through the triangle yet... Nov OI sucks, Jan. 08 much better. Thoughts anybody?

Doji--I think it was you that said you were having a hard time finding any puts. I went through a bunch last night too, and most have moved too far away from REE for me. Nothing looked compelling.

Lisa, I agree that most have moved too far away for proper REE. GCI I see as the bottom range of its channel and I don't see a triangle. I'm looking at JCG puts this morning.

Looks like a rough opening today.

D'OH!!! I hate when I do that. I'm lucky to remember my OWN name at this time of day.

Anyone looking for a good put should look at ELON. Just starting it's spiral of death. JUST KIDDING!!! The two second-best traders on the blog disagree strongly on this one.

EQ, CAH, ENER, and PTRY (from Jeff's list) all are still good entry points for puts. KBH and CTRP are awesome puts, but too far gone. They're more along the line of my old entry points.

I will be in Vegas on the 10th regardless. If Jeff doesn't win I will take a paper bag of dog poopy with me, and put it on the stage and light it on fire when they announce the winner. Vengence will be mine!!! But when Jeff does win, I will be there. Hopefully there will be others and we'll do all that wild and crazy stuff TAFKAA was talking about. The one man party.

Good Morning,
You might look at PNR, for a put play.It broke down below it's support at the close yesterday.
The puts are hard to find, seems there's alot of stocks in an uptrend at this time. I'm not good at that counter trend stuff.

Jeff (basstrader)

I was so hoping for a little more of an up morning in the market... not jobless claims and B of A missing it's mark. Darn it! Oh, well. I guess we're in for some kind of ride today.


yes, yes, yes that 'lil stinker is mine ;-)
he keeps us on our toes, but he sure is sweet....

If you're into puts (which it looks like it would be a good idea) have a look at SPLS. It's not as pretty as PNR (which I got into a couple of days ago) but is probably worth a look.

liz, days like this make my WNR dance. Down, down, down. By the way... WNR stands for "WINNER"... nothing else. Now I can say anything I want with impunity.

Hold on to your hat, we're in for a wild ride.


When you say "Stinker"... um... is this going to require therapy somewhere in his future?


Perfect flag break yesterday. down a touch today.

Grab stock. Now.

VTIV is going into the toilet. It sorta kinda broke support yesterday, but not by enough to sell it. Yikes.

Chris - Cathrine,

Not sure why you said CTRP was a good PUT but too late to enter? I am in it as a CALL trade that is perfoming quite well thus far.. Thoughts/comments just in case I am seeing things wrong here? If I am then the Trading Gods have saved me from my self... :)


Aren't you in Vegas? Do you still have VTIV or did you dump it a while ago?

Jeff talked about CTRP on the marketcast last night. Bounce baby! Bounce!


I'm leaving this afternoon, Chris.

Yes, I have VTIV, despite Jeff warning me it's a dogshit stock to trade.

I'm holding it a little while longer to see if this morning's open was just a joke or the real thing.


ever heard of it?

Nice to see someone's listening. You are quite right. I skipped a line on my chart. CTRP is a great call (especially if you got in on Tuesday.) It was ACIW that I was referring to as being an over-extended put.

Sorry 'bout that chief.

MR - head & shoulders in the making or perfect REE to get long?

GLD is up a buck so far that means FCX cvan't be far behind. Always good to have some diversification in your portfolio other than calls and puts.

FXY is up $0.73 at the moment. Is this still a contrarian indicator with Jeff and Eric? Time for Puts on the Indexes and calls in oil as it hit an all time high this morning.

You can't go wrong getting in to POT today if recent history is any indication of future results. Up one day, down the next, up, down, up, down... today should be up.

BTD (Buy The Dip)

Anyone BTDing the dip in LFC? As a newbie, I'm a little new to BTD after a breakout.

Can we add BTD to the OA dictionary?

ESRX.... Good Bull Flag/Pennant shaping up. Got in late yesterday before the close. Thanks Jeff!!!


WM- Oh no- OH YES! Going down on bad earnings and worries about their lending practices and whether or not they can keep their head above water.

I used to be all in or all out before earnings but I still have singe marks on my butt from GOOG's last report that devastated a basket full of calls I had. Now I look at the what the worst historical day was in the stock and use that as my gauge of how many to sell off. I leave enough in play so that in the worst case scenario I'll still have at least a small profit but if it goes my way it just lengthens my gains. No right or wrong way to do this, just another "option".

BLUD - another potential Bull Flag shaping up.


Krystal, I bought LFC stock @ 100 today. Also WFMI and DAKT, not at 100 on those. : )


FCX, PCU, & OIH are starting to move....

ps. drink more JAVA MONSTER !!!

C2 lets just say xavier takes after his dad and uncles (not his mom) lol

FMCN - coiling up tighter than...whatever. Trying to measure target and could use some help here. I'm thinking at least 10 points.

Bulls are here....

ELON.....Chris, throw out the coors, buy some yuengling cause when ELON takes out $35 you will bow to me and present me with yuengling..

Doji Girl...yes, tighter than??

Go ahead, I dare you...

GSOL - Go! Flag breakout (stock play)

Raimo, I had some good ones but I censored myself. Don't want to offend anyone or make anyone spit their coffee.

JCG..if you're looking for puts.

I took down some ACH on its pullback to 80, got in around 81.

Who has any great entry points on bearish plays? Any help would be great.




I bought LFC 10/15 and just added this morning. look at the intra day chart 15 min candles looks like 100 is the new support area. Looks good as long as it stays out of the gap. be aware this is a VERY volatile stock.

Go china!!

One more thing on LFC. I'm up 65% on the trade, so adding was ano brainer, but for a new entry be mindful of risk here,because chna stocks like to gap. Maybe leg into the position small,once confirmed add.

Hope this helps.


I view this blog as HBO, not ABC....we can play nice, be respectful, but go ahead, be yourself.

I am. And will continue to be. If a little colorful wording offends others when it is used in a non offensive manner, they need to be just as respectful to who you are as well. It's a two way street.

Riamo, sounds good to me.

Brett, Already got some JCG early this morning. Put it in the wrong account so now I need another bearish play.

OAs - just have to say that for this one shiny moment, everything in portfolio (except MA) is going in the right direction. Might not last, but it sure looks good right now.


STI glad I sold and imagine your glad to.

KSS any thoughts of going down?

DG -

MA may be heading the wrong way for you but it dipped enough for me to get into it. It is now offsetting my VTIV. Time to cut my losses on that one.

Still loving RIMM, trying to decide if 42% in one week is enough or not...


Doji and Raimo,

I agree... you guys should feel free to be yourselves on this blog. It just seemed that the profanity was getting to be a little much. But, like Raimo said, we can play nice and be respectful.

And the profanity, although offensive, I didn't take offense to it. I just didn't like to keep reading it over and over.

I think the "colorful wording" that Raimo referred to is what makes the comments on this blog original and funny. So please don't think I was trying to turn everyone here into a prude. I know better. I, too, am respectful of Raimo's guns, you know. It's just that the f-bombs (among others) seemed like they were becoming more frequent.

Doji, I'm having a good portfolio day today like you. My two losers are down $30 on the day, but still profitable since open. CNQ and DSX are being very nice to me... :)

And again guys, please don't feel like I was trying to hold you back from saying what you want to say. That was not my intention at all. You guys have welcomed me as a newcomer, and I love it here!

Group hug... Kisses... Profits...

UNP a Market Cast offering is doing Great today! Rising energy prices are good for the rail transport biz.

Wahly, yes. Now I think ARII is also done. Bouncing off support and I don't think it wants to go lower. Not much of a profit but maybe that's because it's only a $20 stock.

Brett - when you buy IWM puts for insurance, do you go ITM or OTM? There are just so many strikes to choose from! I might just do that instead of wracking my brain for put plays now.


I always go OTM when it's insurance. Be careful since the IWM has run down and is in a pretty decent support area just north of $80.

DG- I overheard your question to Brett so nosey me will give you my $.02 worth. When buying insurance I look at it as a small cost of doing business so I buy OTM puts. If the market goes up, so be it, and I have already factored in the cost of the insurance. If the market goes down then they become ATM or ITM and much more valuable to cushion the fall of my falling stocks and options.

China is getting a whuppin' in our market offering better entry points on many of their stocks. Except for BIDU that just keeps going up.

Very well said. I really love this community and I didn't want to offend anyone. I certainly appreciate the humor and the kindness shown regarding my plea.

I wanted to say it yesterday but I am still so green. Check out NTRI. It reacts to the Fibs beautifully and it's sitting at the 100%. The Fib extension shows it heading to about $25, which is my target. Might be worth a look see.

UNT (puts)

Thanks Brett & Stan.

Now I have to set some stops on the others since I have to be out this afternoon during 'Anything Can Happen' time. I hate hard stops.

A couple of things I am keeping an eye on today arte STLD, SCHN, X, NUE.

NUE and STLD had positive reactions to earnings. SCHN may bve ready to make a move into their report


DE... i have taken 3 very short term swing trades and they have all worked out perfectly ($9-$10 each ride)....i got back in this morning if anyone is interested...


Laney.....more kisses.....

Now lets trade.....and with ELON poised to rocket onwards and upwards..or Chris is gonna have a good time with this for sure...

Dedication! I just spent the past 2 hours or so voting all of my 50 additional email addresses. I think I can go back and delete those addresses and issue new ones to get 50 more...I will try that later, but first I have to go soak my eyeballs in some coffee...

HEY!!! How come Laney gets more kisses than me!?!?!? Oh, I get it... it's that blog slave thingy, isn't it?...


Bob, can you share some knowledge on what you are seeing in ELON? I mean it was support around $26.10 and has broken that severely once during this sideways trend.

I have resistance at around $30 so about a $4 swing. The stock blows through the 30-day MA like it's not even there and now the MA is turning south. The next level of support is $25.

Can you help this newbie "see"? I'm in this trade, have been since September. A small position so I'm letting it go to earnings since I know the company and it's products ... but I'm trying to understand the technical signal in the stock price that point to renewed interest and growth pre-September.


JEFF.....just finished master talk from last night....love the topic of adding to positions, thanks!!!

Brian...you da man!!! how do you keep track of 50 email addresses....rock on!!!

This will be the most unpopular comment of the week, probably of all time.

I understand we all want Jeff to win the Best Business Blog award and have a big party to celebrate because we all think (know) it IS the best and he deserves reward for his hard work that he asks nothing in return for. He is a great friend to us all, however- is stuffing the ballot box with multiple votes the right thing to do? It is clearly against the rules of the competition and many of your efforts may be wasted anyway as they apparently check against IP addresses to ensure there is no such fraud. I am as certain of Jeff's victory as I am of his option choices and that's pretty darn good. His loyal fan base would not allow defeat under any circumstances. I just think the victory is somewhat diminished by the fact that we will never know if he was truly the winner as the contest was intended.

OK- now you can throw your dead cats and rotten tomatoes.


I liked your analogy so excuse me if I use some of your terms.

I brought some of my soldiers home today on THQI along with a paycheck.

Is CAM flagging in it's diagonal uptrend? Or, is a pattern not a pattern until it confirms a breakout? :-)

The volume fits the pattern and according to the pattern site, a tight flag is better than a lose flag, which it appears to be.

I'll give you my opinion on ELON, then whom ever can critique it.

I have a bottom support line drawn from August 21 to present. The top trendline is drawn from September 4 at $30. I see a ascending triangle with a potential $8 move when it breaks $30. Also, today's candle may be a dragonfly (but there's a lot of trading time left) which will need confirmation tomorrow.

Please let me know if I am analyzing this correctly. Thanks.


Jeff.... how about this, WHEN they announce you the winner of the best business blog, we ALL go Universal Studios for Halloween Horror Nights, we can make it an option addict halloween party....

Stan - I had to do some digging to find out that what you say is true - only one vote per person per blog. I guess I will stop voting now, then. I hadn't read that before you brought it up - I agree that Jeff should win this fair and square. If they are monitoring IP addresses then my votes won't get tallied. Ah well, a couple of hours down the drain when I could have been working/trading!


I completly disagree. We do not necessarily know what the rules are, how it is monitored nor what other voters for the other blogs are doing. If IP adresses are in fact being checked, then no harm done in cranking up the votes. It will be fair. And if they are not being used, then all is fair anyway, as I am sure other blogs have mulitple votes from there loyal supporters as well. So how is any of this not real, not fair??

It's just reality, may the more loyal fans win....


Thanks for bringing up the voting ethics. I agree with you. As a matter of fact, the officials don't even have to monitor the IP addresses, they can just read this blog and disqualify Jeff. That will not be good.

Anyway, I am still rather new and really learning a lot from this community of great people and great traders.

I added positions to FFIV (Flag breakout with volume) and plan to exit prior to earnings.

Thinking of adding to SPWR on positive earnings news. What do you guys think? I need help with price targets.

Considering staying in with ISRG's earning release today. Is anyone else in it? What do you think?



Resistance HZ line at $30.

Two diag support lines. First one starts on 2/06/07 and runs right up through the bottom of the candle on 7/09/07. Second diag line starts on the candle on 7/27/07 and runs up through the bottom of the candle on 10/01/07..which then hits where we are today.....at REE, at support. As Barabara has pointed out, this is an ascending triangle. Today is a perfect low risk (REE) entry. Of course earnings...

I do not consider $26 a blown support level if you are using it as such. Although it broke it on 9/28, it ran right back up over it the next day. So I pay little credence to that as a break of support.

ELON, in my opinion, has broken no support levels.....yet.

As for the 30MA, or any oscillators (MACD, STO etc..), I forgot how to use them, it;s beeen that long since any of those have been on my charts.....I like my charts clean and simple.....candlesticks, volume....IV..thats it. I draw my own trendlines.

Doji Girl & Wahly-
Okay, what am I missing with ARII? It broke below 21.30 (looking at a line chart-support/resistance) with a little volume spike yesterday and is down again today... I think it still looks good. So, enlighten me please with what you guys are seeing. Are you looking at the low from 9/13?



I think your comment raises some valid points. However, no competition like this one is fair. In my mind, the only thing that counts is that Jeff is recognized for his hard work and revolutionary website. The fact that Jeff isn't lobbying like every other clown makes me want him to win even more.

I was looking at ELON more like a shorter term symmetrical triangle, but looking back a ways makes sense. What options would you suggest looking at? FEB 35?
Thanks for your input.



heres my take on ARII, on 10/10 when it broke to the down side it has a potental $4 to $5 move which it has made 3/4 of that already if not all of it. It is bumping resistence also at 20.50ish so my opinion is the move is over untill its breaks 20.50 with volume. hope that helps.

Are you having a meeting with the people from RICK? Did you guys decide to put it up for sale or you are buying more shares?



ARII move to previous support is over but the trade is still valid unitl it closes above the previous support line. THe early entry was a REE entry and now it is at the breaout of decending triangle. It is perfectly valid for it to go retest 22.5 but if it breakout out (or stays below 20.5 then the new target is approx 14. I have moved my mental stop to 21.5 and let it work it self out.

Just my thought on this

What Wahly said. I saw it going up this morning perhaps in sympathy with UNP, but against a down market. I hope it continues down for you.


I don't really like to make reccomendations on strike price and month. Some like ITM, some OTM. Some are short term vs long term traders, it is really up to you.

I currently have Nov 30's..and if I bought today, Feb too far away for me to hold, ...but then with earnings.....who knows?? Anyway, hope this helps...

Mahmood, that doesn't look like a desc. tri to me. It was originally a break of a symm. tri when I took the trade and my target then was about 18.5. But, hey, I've been wrong before.

Tonya W -
Great call on DE.
I stepped away for 20 minutes and boom, it broke out of an intraday ascending triangle. Now it's up over $2 and I don't want to chase it but it keeps on going. Thanks for the heads up.

I've had enough.

Killing a bear, here come the bulls.....I am letting them out...

Jeff, what are your thoughts on GOOG? Either way it goes, will it have a big effect on the market direction tomorrow?

On ARII, I see a decending triangle drawing the upper trendline from 09/04. Bottom trendline drawn at about $20.50. It has barely broken to the down side. I agree, the $20.50 does seem to be exerting some resistence. My question is, I thought I learned that volume was a bigger factor when the stock was breaking to the upside then when a stock is going down. Did I misunderstand or get it tangled up with other situations? There's so much to learn. Sometimes, I feel I have forgotten more than I've learned! LOL


Hi Raimo-

I'm new to the blog and wanted to ask you about your ELON analysis...

If the price fell below one of your diagonal lines (the one starting on 7/27), would you still consider that a viable trade (to watch if you weren't already in it) if it was still above your long term diagonal support?

I guess I'm trying to ask how you utilize two trend lines with different time frames.

Thanks much!

Throw a 50 MA on your ELON chart. It has yet to break down through that, and it seems to use it to bounce off of.

James H.

hey just because 2 or 3 or 10 people have the same IP address doesn't mean anything.....xavier (rod) and i live in the same house and voted from the same computer....just because Brian had a party at his house and 50 people all wanted to vote from his computer doesn't mean anything, right??

Just another example how we all see things so differently. I draw all my lines and then I change my view to line drawing. I feel like I get a slightly more accurate reading that way (less chatter). So, I have 21.32ish as my support/resistance which it crossed yesterday with a bonus spike in volume. The tail of the candle on 9/13 was 20.30 and the low for today was 20.26. I see full steam ahead (or down) with possible re-test of 21.30ish. Anyway, that's how I see it.


As Brett reminded me the other day, volume isn't as important going down as it is up. Gravity!



On ARII I suppose you could say its a dec. tri. but i agree with Doji as I see more of a symm. tri. that broke out on 10/10. Your right with volume it is bigger factor when breaking to the upside, I do like to see heavy volume on good breaks down but not as important as going up.

Tonya W, that was too funny!

I think you're right! My husband and I use the same computer. He couldn't vote from a different computer. They're not going to make everybody that uses the same computer find another computer to vote from. That would be ridiculous. Well, at least that's my opinion.


Random idea file>>>I don't know where the frig oil will top out but DCR is an ETF that goes up WHEN oil goes down.
Just FYI if anybody wants to add it to one of their lists.


Thanks Wahly. I see the sym triangle now. I was looking at the chart as of today. I backed it up to 10/10 and it was as plain as day. Thanks, I understand where you came up with the $$ move now.



If your in ARII I stay in it as it could move lower, if your not in it looks like a good ree, small loss if it goes against you. Just 2 more cents. Hope that helps.

Brett, would you please send me your email address at whipfist-junk@yahoo.com. Or if you don't mind, post it here. Thanks.


thanks for letting the Bulls ;-)

they are on a run now.


excellent question on ELON. I made my entry utilizing the shorter term trendline, and in this case, I would give it to the lower diag trendline before I would exit and be flogged by Chris....

ok Raimo i'm off to the back cracker and i am leaving the market in your hands, it's time to double down on this bear hunt!!! i'm feeling a major bounce coming and your the guy to bring it on....maybe you can get Brian and his 50 friends to help

Speaking of Chris, where is he?

Chris, come out, come out wherever you are... and make me laugh for crying out loud!!! :)

I am all over it Tonya....

My bulls are just warming up, and GOOG about to send it higher after hours....

Howzit Oa's?

Anybody going to hold ZION over earnings tonight?


This comment has been removed by the author.

PAYX is getting the Beach Boot.

voted for you twice already and going to create another email to vote for you again.
TG, keep her audience with her gimmicks i guess...
also voted for SOH (Knight), since he's the only other blog i pay attention to.

INTC:- take a look it, broke out of the ascending triangle after the earninhgs.... spread on the options is only .01...

good trading to all

Oh, man!! I was sending an e-mail, how on earth did it get here?

GAH! How do I delete a comment?

Hit the trash can button next to the date.

I see your pic now, btw.

Thanks, Kim. Sorry guys, do I need to close some windows or what!

Thanks for the jinx, Raimo.

Hey, does SAFM make chicken or chicken $#!+???

I'm loving this drop.


I just checked out the photos of the women bloggers here......

Wow, the women on this blog are all hotties....I think we should also get an award for the best looking blogging female traders too.....

Just my .270 worth

DW, ATW, and spwr are looking sweet

Rail if it crosses small support there is another actionable point

Thanks, Raimo...

I guess that answers my other question which was how much room do you give yourself before deciding a trade has gone against you and getting out. You don't get out EXACTLY (I thought that's what REE was)where you get in, you get out at a different predetermined trendline? I've been wondering about this for a long time and thanks for responding!

P.S. I stood over my husband's shoulder until he signed up to vote for Jeff.

Thanks again, Lara


REE means different things for different people. I coined that to hammer home it's philosphy. On ELON, REE for me was the shorter term trendline, the longer term trendline just happens to be there..this is not lawyas the case. 95% of the time, REE, for ME, is getting at my exit. There are some sitiatuins where I am a LITTLE more flexable, ELON is one of them...otherwise, I stick to my rule.

Speaking of rules, BCSI hit my target today (RTR), and I sold half. That is my rule. My target for BCSI might be different than yours.......but a rule iw there for a reason, and I have learned to follow them. If you don't, you will not be consistant in your trades...then you might as well just give me your money....

Hope this helps...

Yes. I'm in ARII. I got in on 10/10. And for me it hasn't violated any of my exits yet.


I hope everyone added a litte BEAV a few days ago!

It is good to see China back on track.

It is not too late to get a little MTN to fund your season pass...


I've fashioned 3 responses to your post and nothing is working so I'll just say thanks from all the hotties on the blog.


It does help. "In this case" was the key phrase. Thank you!

If I gave you my money, you probably couldn't even buy ammo with it!


Okay, I have to take back what I said earlier about today. I love days like today when the broad market isn't doing too much. Most of my stocks are doing what they're suppose to do (which means they're doing what I'd like them to do).


JEC met up with its 10 day moving average and resuming its trek towards $100.

ASTI is rockin' today!

JEC- nice little bounce.


I have to be honest and admit that I started an affair on 10/10. His name is BOBE.

I think your affair with BOBE is on a slippery slope downwards. ;- )


My mouth is starting to water for a little MEAN BEAN this afternoon!


Anybody else looking at TIF. Jeff presented this one on 10/16. It is breaking through to a new high from a cup and handle with volume. The cup is a bit V-shaped but the new high, if it holds is bullish.

Yeah, I had a not so clean comment about BOBE and how he likes to go down but didn't think it would be appropriate. But then Chris is always talking about his WNR lately so what's the difference?

OH my! Just got back from taking my Mom to lunch. She turns 80 soon and I thought I'd take her out.

Brett... thanks for ASTI. I bought it with the money I had from selling ELON yesterday. It was down .5% when I bought it and it's now up 9%. That's the stock. I see ELON is toying with you guys and pretending that it's going to go back up. Good one.

Jamie, thanks for the tip on DFR. I like having this one in my back pocket for when oil starts to head back down.

Kim I think your BOBE must be a used car salesman. We will soon see him on a street corner pushing pencils.

liz, I'm assuming DRYS is music to your eyes today. NM is up nicely too. HANS is doing it's thing. When will you greedy-guts Americans send some Monster Java up here to Canada. I need an iphone too, by the way. Catherine's going to start full time soon, and I need an iphone badly. Well... I want one. Badly.

Brett, is it safe to assume VTIV isn't bouncing back? I've got it substantially below support on big volume today, so I think I'll drop it and get into some of the awesome setups that are out there.

Let's see here... ASTI is up 15%
ELON is up 1.7%
I sure wish I'd stayed in ELON.

Beach Girl... I told you this morning that my WNR stands for "WINNER" (I actually made a mistake when I wrote that and wrote "sinner". Talk about your Freudian slip. Me and BOBE have to talk.) It ain't doing a lot today (it has to rest) but it's been doing an upstanding job.

I remember Jeff talking about TIF and when he explained C&Hs he specifically said they're "U"s (like "youse kids should clean up youse act.") not "V"s (like "Vee vill haff no schvaring on zee blog!") but then proceeded to point out TIF. I too, was confused and obfiscated. And I hate being obfiscated. My personality is pretty much the antithisiys of obfiscation.

Chris, you little smart alec... trying to use big words on us! But I've got one up on you... I politely copied and pasted the word "obfiscate" into dictionary.com, and you misspelled it. It's supposed to be spelled obfuscate, meaning to confuse, bewilder, or stupefy!

HA! Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

Just kidding... glad you're back to make me laugh. Where in tarnation were you?... :)

And where in tarnation is King Jeff?... I feel like an option orphan...

$VIX- this is the second day in a row where the SPY is down and the VIX is also down. What does this mean? I don't recall ever seeing this.

Anybody read the news on the Chinese interst rates and such?
Hope Eric addresses it on the macrominute tonight on Market Cast.


GCI - broke

CLF - bouncing

What do you guys see as a target for HANS? I'm not sure how you would figure that out. I could get out now with a wonderful profit, but am I not letting my winners run?


If you took some bran, you wouldn't be so obfuscated!

I know the v-shape makes this pattern less reliable but the big volume move to a new high and the cheap OTM options have me drooling.

Hey DG... you are the mistress of the candles. Cast your baby blues on SNDA and tell me what mystical things you see. They look like they're trying to say something but they're speaking a foreign language to me.

Raimo! Before I left I sold half my BCSI also at my target. Now I'm wishing I'd sold the other half. Looks like everyone had the same idea at the same spot on the chart.

ATW - stopped me out yesterday but it was my fault. Bad entry, not at REE. Shame on me.

Congrats to your mom! Music is playing loudly today. It's singing ASTI, BIDU, DRYS, GLD, HANS, POT & RIMM. It's not the most melodic song in the world but it's music to my ears. And believe it or not, most of my puts are going down today as well. That's always a plus.


Michelle, I hope Eric is ON the Marketcast tonight! I miss him (no offense Ben Watson, Josh Black, John Thatcher, Mike Turvey, etc). He's been awol for like weeks now. We need Raimo to hunt him down. I always enjoy when he and Jeff are both on together. They play off of each other so well..

I hate Autozone. It if was a person I would slap it.


With something heavy.

C2, synbol is DCR. And there is some sort of divergence going on. It has stopped going down even though oil is going up.


My target for HANS is my boys college tuition.

Seriously, I just keep adding to it and buying further out. I love HANS, it's my favorite! :-) It keeps blowing through the fibs and like Arty says, "You can't keep a good HANS down."

What did you have as a target to begin with? Start with that. If it's reached your target take profits. If you've got more than one contract sell half and let the rest run until you see signs of weakness. That's just one way of letting your winners run.


I am not even going there. My mother reads this blog! I can hear the phone call now, "ELAINE (my given name and my mother's name, I'm a junior) you should be ashamed of yourself!"

Just kidding, mom, I know you're out there.:-)

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