I want to send out a big thank you to all of my readers who so loyally stepped in and offered up a vote for "best business blog" and "best video blog" at the bloggers choice award site. It looks like I am a finalist in those two catagories, and will not know if I have won or not until November 10th in Las Vegas.

Even though it was not a big deal to me if I won or not, I do want to let everyone know that I appreciate the support that you all offer, regardless of taking home the crown.

Thanks everyone!

JK, OA’s,

I would love to go to Vegas, it has been twenty years since I’ve been there... However, I must practice what I preach and in order to save money to possibly service two mortgages (crappy real estate market while building a home and trying to sell another), I must pass. It doesn’t mean I won’t try to get there…

Have fun!

I'll go as long as Chris is NOT invited.

Just kidding! Unfortunately, we've already got a trip planned for November, and it's on the OTHER SIDE of the country! Ha ha...

Okay Chris, not only are we in the Dungeon of Shame, but we're in the farthest, coldest, darkest corner because Laney has put us in time out...

I would love to come,but have work committments. However if something changes I just may show up.

Lol @ what happens in Vegas doesn't stay in Vegas. It never really did anyway.

I'd love to go and was thinking I may be there over the 10th(since circumstances didn't allow me to go this month) however I think we are going the end of November.

Unfortunately as much as I'd love to go into debt to meet and party with Jeff and you other OA's, and I still just might, haha I don't think it is possible for me right now. Man I want to though. :-(

Jeff, this seems inevitable. I tried to bid for a Las Vegas layover on the 10th... it was the only way I could get out of my youngest daughter's first volleyball tournament (don't worry... there are plenty more) but I couldn't hold either of the 2 that were available. With not working the flight there's no way I could avoid the tournament to go for a fun weekend. This is something that I wanted to do soooo badly. If I can get the youngest one's blessing I might just show up too. But my guess is that she'd put on the Puss and Boots eyes if I told her I wasn't going.

Krystal you need a life!! Do you sit at the computer all day... hitting the refresh button so you can yell out clean cups?

My time-out is over. You need a little more time to ruminate on the greater things in life.

Like Chocolate.

Would really love to go but at the moment not sure about timing. Already have two business trips planned for that month. Anything can change though between now and then.


Did the spread get wide on you after you got into this play or was it wide to begin with? I've been having a fair amount of success just shorting the stock when either the spread's too wide, option's too expensive, or if there are no options available.

Inverse h&s almost complete. $18 move based on the head would get you right back to the top of the uptrend in July. Any thoughts?

Chris, you mean old sack of lard! For your information, that new thread had been sitting there for 30 minutes before I shouted clean cups!

And no, I don't sit at my computer all day. Also for your information, we went to Target this afternoon after nap time, so THERE! Poo Poo face!

Quit bullying me!

Has anyone listened to the Marketcast?

Oh Jeff, why hast thou forsaken us?...

Actually, those guys did a good job!

ruminate- (v) to chew the cud, as a ruminant; to meditate or muse; ponder; to chew again or over and over; to meditate on; ponder.

The spread wasn't that wide when I first got in.


VA beach girl,
ARII has been a pain to get out of. The spreads were wide getting in, too, but I put in a low bid and got in. Getting out, though, has been a whole different kettle of fish (not that you'd want to steam fish while selling options. This could cause severe burns, pain, and even death. The management strongly suggests boiling your kettles of fish in an underground vault, away from any distractions.) Any time I put in a sell order at the high end of the spread I'm not getting filled. Shorting may be the best choice.

Nice pickup on AZO. This stock was bandied about a few threads ago before the second shoulder had formed. It's looking really, really nice but hasn't completed it's formation yet. It could very well be a great time for a pre-emptive strike on it though.. it looks so textbook that you could... oh I don't know... write a book about it.

Krystal. A sack could not hold lard. It would all squish out and get all over your pristine floors making you slip as you stroll about your house, dictionary (which you allegedly don't own) in one hand, and "How to be mean to PERFECTLY INNOCENT STRANGERS" in the other. Sounds like you could use another nap time.

Please stay on your own side of the Dungeon.

editor's note: Notice how I refrain from using foul language (aka: "poo poo face.) I am currently eating a slightly mouldy piece of pineapple upside down cake, so any superfluous noises or odours may be attributed to that.

I notice there's some hot babe on the blog called mtngurl44 who has pasted you snuggling up to her on her blog photo. Better have that surgically removed before amber sees it!!!

wish i could go to VEGAS !!!
hope you all have fun.....

VA beach, nice call on AZO, i will put it on my radar, i see a break above $125ish as an entry....

cheers to a great trading day tomorrow

oh wait, one more we have another Bob R or is that you (raimo)??? the pic is so small i can not tell????
ok, so i'm being nosey....

ya it's him. I just noticed it too. Click on it and you'll see the "raimo" show up. Cute looking kids, huh?

Okay. These guys have some good information, but not the charisma that you and Eric have. Do we need to let our voices be heard since you said something about political stuff? We want Jeff and Eric back. If Eric has given it up, maybe you and Jason Money could team up. Jeff, come back to Market Cast, pleeeeease.

Oh, and forgot to say congrats on being in the top three for bloggers awards. Go, Jeff.


Thanks to Jeff, Krystal, Laney, and Chris for your thoughts on ZUMZ and broadening patterns. I don't know how much I am liking this trade now. I bought plenty of time, but the more I read, the more it seems like this is a pretty unreliable pattern. It'll be interesting to watch how it plays out.

Jeff, so glad you made the finals in the blog contest. That should get your name out there even more than it already is. Congrats. Now, I just need to get rid of all those email identities I created to vote for you again and again....


I need you two to sit on opposite sides of the car!!! Don't make me stop this minivan and come back there!! No TV for a week!! Now, make nice and concentrate on your homework or you can't go out for Halloween. I mean it. Wait 'till Kohler gets home!!!

Sorry I can not go. I have the cell next To Eric and will not be out in time.

I have avoided the conversation on the broadening top pattern up until now. I have a rule. DON'T TRADE UGLY PATTERNS. An ugly pattern is any one I do not understand. I am sure if Jeff traded this pattern frequently, we would have seen it by now. If anyone suggests a trade, and I do not like the pattern, It is UGLY. If an ascending triangle is presented on the blog and I don't see it as such, it is UGLY. If I do not recognize the pattern, how can I get in at SEE (Sean) and how do I know when my target is reached? Paper trade this pattern first if you are interested and then decide if it is right for you.


we find ourselves flashing back to a scene from Good Morning Vietnam......"there's nothing like a good Polka"....

Unless you are addicted to rock and roll with a side of James Brown!!!!

Jeff, Eric....Please.....uncle already

Barb & Mike

Chris, buzz off.

Sean M., the minivan post, too funny! The pattern post I agree with. I just did a paper trade on ZUMZ (got in yesterday) because I don't know what the heck that pattern is. So over the next week or so as I research it, I can compare my research to the behavior of this real-life example. I didn't put any real money into though. But by studying the paper trade this time, I might be ready for the next time this pattern materializes.

Barb & Mike, I'm with ya! I miss the original Marketcast duo: Ren & Stimpy, Beavis & Butthead, Tom & Jerry, Michael and Tedo... Jeff and Eric, for the love of options, PLEASE come back to us!

I miss the way they used to play off of each other, interject random sound effects, laugh at their own jokes, and play "Buy, Sell, Or Whatever..."

No, gosh darnit, we have rights! And I DEMAND that the Marketcast unite in this our time of need! Who's with me?!?!?!?

Just because you don't understand me, does that make me ugly? I have never seen this broadening thingy before either but I think it looks cool. I would consider trading it right now as it's such an obvious bounce on such an obvious diagonal support line.

I won't trade it, mind you. But I'm sure going to do as you suggested and watch it pan out.

And then I'll go sit in the Ugly Chair.

Anonymous hold onto your ZUMZ calls. Once it hits $47.50 I'd tighten up your stops dramatically, but I wouldn't be surprised to see it head all the way up to 52.50

Have a look at BA. A very interesting chart, don't you think? With Airbus having it's first A380 commercial flight today I thought BA would take more of a hit. It sure was all over the chart during the day. I think this bodes well for the $95 support level. I think it's going to head back up... just a matter of whether it can break through 106 this time. Certainly not your most bullet-proof trade but I'm going to keep watching it.


Hmm... just sitting here looking through my watch list and noticed an oddity that I missed before.

If you use OBV as a volume indicator as I do, take a look at the OBV on SLB since August. Stocks going up while the OBV is headed down. Pretty clear divergence now confirmed with the selloff at earnings. Sector group just went from green to yellow too. Might be worth watching for a short.


I agree the guys on the cast today have some knowledge but it is not the same.. I don't have the same vibe towards options. I hope you put something together even if you just attach it to your blog. Come on Jeff make something happen? I am being less colorful with my words than how I really feel since this a G rated blog Hope you win the blog award thanks for all you do for us traders out in cybersapace....

STP has achieved grid parity!!!! Time to back up 9 trucks!!!

Please tell me you just took a break from Marketcast and will be back. The duo doing it this evening were less than dynamic. They are fine as guest panelists or whatever but without you it's just not a 'cast.

Congrats on the blog win. I'm certain you have first place. Wish I could go to Vegas for it but I have to go to NY the following week so that's my travel for a while.

Still hoping to get you, Amber and the OAs to Florida some time this winter.

Laney, SeanM., and Jim 2020 - Thanks much for your time to answer my request for the info on the investing business. Much Appreciated.

Jeff - T H A N K Y O U ! ! !thanks so much for your BIIB reco. We looked it over,checked it out, took it and made BIG!!!
You truely are the OA god. This house hails you.

I just want all of you OA's to know that this blog has made things much calmer in our house. To read that everyone goes through the same steps on their way to success has surely helped us. We haven't been able to spend the time necessary to really get a routine going and implement what we've learned and get involved (work to survive) but our goals are set and hopefully in the near future, we may be able to contribute something back. We all did find time to vote, we made sure of that.

Vegas sounds fun. Hope everyone has a good time and comes back with great stories to make us all jealous. (working to survive doesn't include vactions) sorry we won't be there. That's a goal too, and we're having fun trying to get there. Cheers to everyone.


I think the people doing THE MARKETCAST are great, but Jeff & Eric are spectacular. I can go along with change, but I have my heart set on J & E. I agree that their personalities are great together. We really looked forward to J & E. But with Eric in jail (ha ha) and Jeff stating that he has some "ADD" (ha ha), they may just need a break to come back all fresh and full again. I truely hope that is the case.


we surely miss you in the marketcast



You are the sister that Chris always wanted!


Jim, too funny!

I thought the Marketcast was far from great. Boring is the only word that comes to mind. I stopped listening and started rifling through my own watchlist. It wasn’t that they did not provide anything useful, they most certainly did. Their delivery was off.

If this is the future, I will give it a chance. If tonight’s Cast is any indication of what’s to come I guess I have an extra 20-30 minutes each night which I need desperately.

Jeff, what would it take for you and Eric to have our own Cast outside of Investools?

Nobody deserves the honor better, Jeff!

PLEASE STAY ON THE MARKETCAST!!! It's one of the few reasons I stay with Investools.

Actually, I miss Jeff, but I also appreciate the chance to listen to other coaches.

It is a good opportunity to know more about other coaches, and learn from them.


I just read your post from earlier today (yesterday by the time you read this) that ended like this. “I don't want to whine now but I need to find some balance in my life. I feel like a hamster on a treadmill, going nowhere in a big hurry.”

I can relate to this. This was my summer. I felt “lost” for a better choice of words. Just remember, this shall pass and you can get back to putting the right amount of energy into your trading passion. You probably know this because you seem to have a lot on your plate and we all go through waves of being overwhelmed.

Now, personally, I am in a great place. I get absolutely no sleep, about 4.5 to 5 hours per night. I was going to bed ten minutes ago but caught a fifth wind. But, I am trading and learning and living the dream with my family.

Happy trading!


It might cost me my marriage, but i'm contemplating meeting you in Vegas. I was just there last weekend, and i'm going away next weekend too, but it could be a good time.

By the way, any Mac users excited for Leopard today? Mine should be delivered by 10 am, so i'll be up and running before lunch time.

Brett..... thanks for reco on AKAM. I noticed your post and got in on the gap retest.

Long: the blog
Short the marekt cast w/o Jeff & Eric.


Thanks for pointing out AKAM. I also got in. It fit my rules, and I liked the trade.

Don't have a Mac, but what is a Leopard?


Wow! Nice call on AZO. As soon as I deleted the million other lines from the chart, I saw it.

AZO. I was the same way with a million lines on the chart. Do you all know about the CRTL + D feature in Prophet? It will temporarily remove all your lines and text drawn on the charts without erasing them permanently. I like to use it.

Like a good vanilla ice cream, sometimes plain is best.

Laney and Chris,
ARII. Irritating to have to feel like you're getting robbed by the market maker.

My BIDU call was interesting yesterday. I sold my call when the stock was up $9 around 1pm in between the bid/ask and when the stock reached $9 again around 3pm the same call option was almost $2 cheaper than where I sold. I don't understand this at all but I'm glad I was on the right side of it to get out. No, IV did not drop. I made money but didn't like the way this option moved at all.

Leopard is Apple's new Operating System. Depending on who you choose to listen to it's another "game changer" or "a waste of time." It'll be interesting to hear Brett's take on it.

John... it's nice to hear that your summer hiatus has resolved itself. We missed having you around and are glad you're back.

AKAM is up another 3% in after hours. Nice trade you guys.

BIDU. Not $2 cheaper, but $200 cheaper. I'll finish my coffee before writing anything else.


Will pray that our Blog to win. Your hard efforts have created a Synergistic environment in this blog.


va beachgirl,
It's funny the way you can get a "feel" for a stock, isn't it? I feel that way about GRMN. I got in again a while ago when there wasn't any real reason to. I just believe in it and so far it's paying off.

Jeff, I would like to email IT about the changes to Marketcast. I want someone in the Ivory Tower to know my impression of the changes but I don't want to let loose if there's a reason you don't want that to happen. Let me know if you'd rather I did't.

I have to admit that I, too, bought a call on "the stock that must not be named" when it tanked. It was a Nov. 120 strike for $1.20. My intent was to just hold it regardless of where the stock went. After all, it was only $1.20. Then the stock tanked further and I got mad and sold to get my $.70. That same call is worth close to $10.00 last time I checked.

Still learning to not be emotional and to stick to my trading plan for each trade. I'm growing...but still learning.


you guys should be watching SSL...going to breakout at the open. Thankfully i got in a few days ago, but if you're looking for a confirmed breakout, this is perfect.

Boy the Dec AZO calls are pricey but the IV is relatively low.

I have to be out all morning, blech! I really don't like not being here for the open, control freak that I am.

This is the headline of a GSresearch report on chinese solar stocks:

"China: Energy: Alternative Energy: Solar Power: Forget the noise and focus on LT winners; Buy STP"


I am glad BIDU is turning up for ya. I think it will do well regardless. It's a great stock that can hold its own.

Have a wonderful trading day,


Who isn't long some STP?

Oh, right. Some people (who will remain nameless) sold yesterday. Sometimes the market gives you gifts, and then, sometimes it's like Hannukkah, where the gifts keep coming if you wait another week.

Futures are up solidly this a.m.



Early yesterday evening i received a text message from Raimo that he met up with a bear in the woods and scared him away.

Read into it what you will.

So long as Raimo doesn't portend to be like Brad Pitt in Legends of the Fall....tell him I said to keep the gun by his side at all times.

Perhaps the market likes it when your CEO says, "Our stock is better than CASH" in the conference call!!

Maybe we should call BIDU the Phoenix. In premarket, that thing is going to town.


Perhaps it was his girlish scream that scared the bear away.

Anybody tapping into some TAP?
It moved up yesterday on good volume (bull flag).


I see beanie noticed he'd been shrunk and has morphed. Yes beannie... we know you like chinese solars.

VA Beachgirl. The think that annoys me more even than Krystal, is that my GRMN calls that I bought when it tanked was the first paper trade I've taken in a year. Not the real thing. "Gut feeling" is not part of my Master Plan so I did it just out of interest... to see if my gut had any place in my plan. Unfortunately it just stops me from seeing my feet... except for this one paper trade.


That looks as textbook a flag breakout as I've seen in a long time. The thing I'm still trying to learn about patterns is that breakouts usually re-test, so I can never figure out what REE is on the darned things. If you buy in now, there's a good chance it'll pull back to 54.50 or so... if you don't buy now, there's a good chance it'll just continue up. What's an addict to do?

Brett ....

I am a Windows user beginning to convert all trading platforms to MAC .. I have Leopard coming to me this AM ... It is a major software update ... MSFT is enjoying their earnings today but they have to be secretly crying over the advances Leopard has made ... but there is a Windows partition in it ..

Excited about playing with it this weekend!

Guys, I appreciate all of you sharing your various experiences.

Kim, I'm learning the same lesson about patience. I got into COP on October 8th with a call for $1.05 and I said I would just hang onto it because it's so small. Well, when the stock gapped against me, I started to sell. But trading my plan paid off yesterday, and I recouped a couple of bucks. But not only that, because I'm still down in the position, but I still have the potential for a good reward as long as the stock continues to trend.

Same thing with CNQ. Actually, I had a limit order in to sell CNQ with a small loss (impatience), but then Jeff posted something about patience, and I realized the error of my ways, so I canceled the order. Thank you, Jeff!

Chris, I, too, bailed on Garmin when it gapped down even though, deep down, I really felt like it would rebound. Some may remember me whining on the blog about losing over $400 on that trade. Sometimes gut feelings DO pay off...

GS is up 2.5% in after hours... Might be a bit late on this one but have a look.

C2, thanks! I can't be around all day because of work or Wednesday nights because of date night with my wife, but, it is great to be a FULL time Addict again.

As for entering on big breakouts and dealing with the rish issue, I put half the money you would usually into a trade on the break if it is big and the other half on the retest. When the target is hit, I take half and let the other half go to the moon!

Chris, I just read your little smart alec comment about me annoying you...

I annoy YOU! You annoy me and everyone else from here to Kingdom Come, including Catherine. Yeah, I said it! She called me and told me that she has in fact TRIED to leave you by the side of the road, but you always find your way back. So there! Take that!

KMT...know about it!

I remember you mentioning you got in BIDU around 300. Cha-ching.
That thing is doing its thing.

Enjoy your day.


Have you already sold your WNR to this highest bidder? I hope so....

Ok Chris and Krystal what is going on here? If we have to we will unplug the internet in your cave of shame.

Pretty good day for us yesterday even though I was gone most of it. I am more bearish in my account today than I want to be and Brett you are throwing out some real winners, thanks. No Chris that is not WNR to you.

I am finally starting to feel better so maybe it is safe again to buy something new. Oh and Pam and I both came up with the same trade this week MOS so we thought that was a sign and got in yesterday only to see it immediately drop. I came back for a very nice surprise! Must be Pam!

Raimo, scaring away

I am off to watch the ponies at the Breeders Cup. Everybody have a great day trading I can feel it.


Check out our Russian friends VIP and MBT.


ABER might break out of the flag (Jeff's pick.) Something to watch today.


I'm not picking on you. This is for instructional/informational purposes only...honest.
BIDU Sold NOV $330 call yesterday when the stock price was at $345 for $38.60.

Right now that same option is currently at a bid/ask of $31.10/$31.90.

Sometimes a seeming big move is not all it seems.


Just in from Stone Mountain Pennsylvania. White Tail hunter extraordinaire Bob Raimo has actually chased a real bear away from his tree.


I say we have an up day!


VA Girl

You are absolutely right. I made a big mistakes on bidu while back.

Fortunately, I bought another one to cover half of the lose.

I am now trying to reduce the lose.

other stocks are looking good!

Is anyone holding MDC?


Bob (& P) - I am desperately seeking a bearish play or two for one account in which I just bailed on SVU (which seems to be reversing).

Are you kidding? You give us idea after idea which turn to cash and all I had to do was cast a vote. My thanks is to YOU Jeff!

I've still got MDC. I'm hoping it pulls back here. My exit point is 41.25 today... so if it closes above that I'm out with a small loss.

John, I love the idea of getting half in at the break and the other half on the re-test. Unfortunately it's a bit late on TAP. It doesn't seem to have a retest on it's mind today.

VA Beachgirl, I cut my WNR off a few days ago. Right at the bottom, as it turned out. A nice change for me. MDC hasn't worked out so far when I took it yesterday after earnings. It was right at REE though and if it breaks the line today it's out of here. Right now it's pulling back nicely to 41.60 so I may end up staying in it.

Catherine and I are setting up for a fund raiser for the rest of the day, so I should be back for the last 1/2 hour.

VA Beach Girl,
Didn't take it the wrong way at all.

I am not playing BIDU. Just a casual observation of the price since it was down so much after hours. When I am not playing a stock, I don't take the time to look up details. Just occasionally clicking on the chart to see what it is doing.
That is good info for those playing it or thinking about playing it, though.


OBSERVATION FROM A PASSIVE OBSERVER: I wanted to make a neutral comment to what was once a great blog site. Yes that is correct once was a great site. The few that make the majority will start to scream about now about the Blog Awards but you all know that it is a false standing because of your "pumping" of the votes with fake email addresses and multiple votes by the vocal minority.

This site has become a "peyton place" full of desparate housewives and husbands" - if you are in doubt then step back and read with an open mind the garbage that spews from your keyboards daily - again from the noisy few. Again you will rise up and contest this statement but the facts are the facts.

How could you begin to think that this is a trading blog? It is a fishing hole whereby jeff in his charitable fashion hands out his watchlists week after week. Reality check? How many of you can operate without outside influences or inputs to scan for, analyze, execute and monitor your own trades? My guess would be not many!

Here is a challenge to the noisy majority: try keeping ALL comments and thoughts focused on trading for a week on this site and see how productive it becomes to not only you but the quiet minority.

I know that your screaming and threats will soon fly back and fill the comments section with retoric and garbage directed towards my comments. How about not reacting in a predictable manner and focus on trading. If you want or need a social outreach forum then start a group chat that will allow you to interact - my guess is that it would not succeed and there would only be the dominant few - still in disbelief? Scan the comments for who is actually posting and see a short list of names that control the blog.

To all the silent minority that visit here to try and actually learn trading hang inthere. Hopefully Jeff will once again return to the methods he used to employ when the site was trading focused.

Have a great day TRADING!!!

Silent Bystander Speaking Out

Doji Girl,
I got popped out of SVU, also. My bearish plays are slim, too.


I long to say this...


Clean cups

Jeff on that Market Cast topic - I understand the desire to give other people a moment in the spotlight and all that fairness thing. For me personally it is getting easier in my mind as I approach my renewal date for the Investools to be less worried about not renewing. Part is due to beginning to take the training wheels off and the other is (sorry my view) the watering down of some of my favorite tools. Don't get me wrong I love the IT coaches and support and the increasing tools.

Bob, hop on over to the next thread... :)

Good covered point, lots of people simply put something weired theories in front of public.
But it doesn’t work i think because know one sure how it will going to happen
It looks like just coping ideas which someone has already written. I found even on
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