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I also changed my e-mail address attached to this blog. This means you are free to e-mail me at will. Do me a favor, each one of you take a quick moment to click on "My Profile." Then on the right click on "E-mail," and send me a quick message about this site. Perhaps a comment of what you would change, or what you might like about it.

Please feel free to post as many comments to the blog as you would like. Not only can you discuss topics with me, but there is a big group of students out there to talk to as well. You would be surprised on the increasing numbers of hits this page is getting. The more we interact, the more we can network. We could potentially form a big support group through this site and that is all something we could get a lot from.

So not only should you read my posts, which I will provide a minimum of 2-3 posts per day (so check back daily), but read the comments to the posts also, and PLEASE add your .02 cents.

That's all folks. I'll post later today as inspiration presents itself.

Love the concept of this site and appreciate your "transparency". As one of your "students", it is comforting to hear your analysis and see that internal conflict of reading the markets is not isolated. If at some point I feel there will be something to offer that is of use, I will venture to post it. As of now, my sole hope is to observe and learn and apply. Thanks for your thoughts and words....they matter.

Looking for a trend....
New Albany, IN

Jeff, really enjoy your style of educating on toolbox. gpm

Love the blog and daily updates as to your approach to the market.

Hey Jeff: I only ventured into the world of investing on Feb. 17, 2006 with Investools. I listen to you on Master Talk and in the Trading Rooms. I paper traded conservatively and successfully and started real trading at the end of May-I feel like a disaster. I've traded with mechanical stops, and today I sold my KBH put because it closed above my line of resistance, only to see the put regain some of its value later in the same day, It's hard to watch your principal reduce, even if it's only a small amount. I'm hoping that by faithfully following in your footsteps, I will succeed. Thank You for your extra efforts.

Jeff -

Awesome blog. Fantastic idea and you were right - it is very easy to find if you look.

I have been following you for wuite a while and have actually gone back and watched most of the old Master's Talks (all three instructors). That obviously takes a lot of time. But, it has been the best learning experience by far. I have some long term positions but like to be short term in my trades. So, I especially enjoy your style and instruction.

Today (Friday) in early trading I was watching the Dow scoot past resisttance 11200 and also closed out my bearing positions. Two at a gain and one at a loss. So, it was about break even. I walked away for a while to return at noon and so you know what I saw. Now that the dow is down I am really wandering what will happen at the end of this rollercoaster day. I know you aren't much of a candle stoick guy. But, if we end the day with a hanging man will you exit your bullish trades and look for bearish positions on Monday?

I'm very comfortable with my bullish positions even if we do see a market pull back. But, if I can play the downside too I like to do that as it seems to drop quicker.

Thank you for all you do!

Brent Ford

Awesome blog, Jeff. I had the pleasure of meeting you in Draper during a 3 day workshop in the middle of June.
Thanks, Val

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