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If you missed last nights presentation, I conducted a trader interview with Eric Utley, who is one of our content writers/developers here at INVESTools, and a phenom of a trader. I always enjoy his perspectives and insight, hopefully you got something from this as well.
If you were present for this presentation, could you pretty-please leave a comment about it? What did you think? Honestly. I need to know what traders find beneficial. It is tough trying to keep this session new, so I would love your thoughts.
Last but not least, here is the watchlist. Good Night.
LVS: Breakout on huge volume
AZO: Potential bounce play
PVH: Potential bounce play
JCP: Breakout on light volume
SRE: Potential bounce play
FNM: Democratic play (if that's the case look at a short on PPH as well)

I have a quick question ask. My question is looking at BIDU. If yu were looking at BIDU like I was you can see that on its earning it supposely did not do well. However, it drop right at a support level. Look at it today.I just wanted to add this stock as a watch.

I thought Eric Utley was great. Would love for you to bring him back. It's nice to hear differences in trading styles, accomplishments, losses etc.
John Kevan

I thought the interview was most helpful!!! It was full of so many valuable tidbits that any new or seasoned trader could find useful. I especially enjoyed Eric's honesty about his road to where he is now. His challenge to us to "learn a mechanical technique" above anything else was priceless. I think the two of you bring a fresh dynamic to all this. I would love to hear the two of you more in that forum as well as here on the Blog. Keep it up, love your style of bringing new things to the party!!!



I thought last nights presentation was very good. It's always nice to have another traders point.



I meant to say "point of view". Anyway, great class last night. Looking forwards to the next one.


Very good presentation. Eric's presentation was a nice change and something you can do often.
The things I look for from these sessions are:
Quick read of the market
Some new idea/prospective on the market
some previous tades to evaluate
some new trades to discuss

Keep up the good work


Like everyone else, i am bullish on the market and have 15 bullish options positions vs. 3 bearish ones. With the S&P seeing slight resistance at its recent prior high, and with so much bullishness in my portfolio, i'm considering buying some OTM S&P puts as a hedge against a top or terrorist attack, etc.

My question isn't "What should I do?", but rather, "Do you ever considering hedging your portfolio in this way?"

I'm very interested in your response and I suspect others here might as well. With options being far riskier and time being so much a factor, this is far different from stock investing.


I enjoyed having Eric at MasterTalk last night. Great insight, good story, plenty of cautionary advice. It's nice to change things up a little, and I felt you still did a great job of an overview of the market, stock follow-ups and picks. Q&A was good too.

Fear nothing... Keep thinking out of the box... it's what makes you a great instructor. People have choices, and from what I could see of the attendance last night, a lot of people choose YOU.

Thank you for all of your hard work.

Here's another one...
LSS - Symm. triangle breakout


(FFIV for all those on another planet this week.).

ESRX is breaking down from a bear flag today and offers a huge risk/reward.

Last night was great. I don't have my notes with me, but the talk about a system and rules was very good. I have struggled in the past because I thought "A system was about how to enter and exit". Once I realized that that was only 1/2 of a system the other half is risk/reward ratio's, position size ect.. I have let some great set-ups sit because everything was there except the risk/reward.

The other thing that I believe would be helpful to us new traders, is sometimes I feel like I am going to miss the boat. I know what the market is doing and if I don't get in I won't be able to make any $$. After about 5 months of this I am finding that there are always opprotunities to make $$. We as traders just need to adjust.

Also though, while last night was great, I really liked last weeks session where you threw a couple of set-ups out there and we all got to see how many bears and bulls were lurking in the crowd. I can't wait to listen to last nights trader psychology class.

PS I went in to LVS on a support bounce Tuesday and took the ride today and yesterday. It is a stock play rather than an option play, but still made me giggle like a 12 year old school girl ;-))

It is SOOOOO rewarding to find them on your own and just be able to hit the ball, but this one looks like it may be a homerun.

Tom DeGroodt

Jeff (and Eric),
I enjoyed the session last night! You two interact well and keep us interested. Eric's comments on the learning curve of trading and staying determined to be successful are always nice to hear. Anything worth doing is worth doing well and it sounds like determination and persistence are two more keys that make a trader successful. Thank you for keeping it fresh!
Amy Myers

CVD bear flag breakdown today as well.

J- Great mastertalk last night with Eric. It is nice to hear how full time professionals explain their story and what makes them tick. On the weekly Portfolio Strategy column, there was a period of time when different instructors/traders would write an article and tell their story which I thought was very helpful as well.

You have excellent communication and presentation skills. Keep up the great work.


I am so glad I pulled out of the "Psychology Open House" to catch the interview with Eric Utley!!! I got more out of the interview. Thanks!

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