Dow: 14,000 (Stay Tuned)

Wednesday Golf is back in action. I was able to squeeze in 9 holes before coming into work today. Sweet.

At least it was nice to roll into work and see most of the trades moving well. I gotta catch up on the comments, but looks like everyone else is doing well also. Nice work!

I am getting on the phone with Revver...can't believe my videos are still waiting to be approved.


Long: OSG! Wow!

Short: CME

Greetings on a terrific "hump day."

Long: HOC, ARW, NKE, and CAL
Short: KBH

Trying to keep trading super simple is something I dream about. Patience is something I wish I could buy as an investment.


Oh! How about another case study??

I know there are bloggers who are experiencing success and are happy with their progress. Can we hear their story and look at their trading plan/rules?


GREAT idea Amy,,,let's do a case study on someone who is actually doing this for a living,,,give us inspiration!


anybody have any input on AAPL's earnings. Holding a July call up 50%. Hold over earnings??

Just "took down" ISIL and RIG, to use the parlance of our times.

(the parlance quote is from the finest movie ever made if you can guess it).

Amy and Sue,
If you want to do a case study of my last three days, it's easy. First hold on to some calls over earnings (by mistake is preferable) and have it skyrocket. Next buys some calls on a stock (DRYS) that goes on an inexplicably long upward trend. And finally hold on to some calls (substitute "Puts" for "Calls" as required) for a week or two and have it take a monsterous jump in one day (TSO) for no apparent reason.

This is so easy my pet iguana could do it (if I had one.)

Actually I third the idea. I'd love to hear from someone who does this for a living as I am aiming for that, and I know Brett's planning on it fairly soon (because he is so much wiser and experienced than me.)

Looks like I may have been a bit premature in selling CY this morning. It's up another 1% since I sold it and volume has been picking up all day. If I still had it at this point, I'd probably sell half and hold the other half over tomorrow's earnings. I'll play "pretend" and see what would have happened.

Chris and Catherine

Anyone riding GS...Yee Haw.


I also bought ISIL. How did you set your target price? I read it as a flag.

If your looking for support bounces in the oil area....Look no further than MRO and SUN.

Earnings are near is the caveat.

Brett I am clueless on the movie...maybe if I could put a voice to it...


That would be Jeff Bridges, Jamie. Picture him in a bathrobe carrying a White Russian.

Chris, i sold CY at the close. 200% gain and it was close to my 3 month target in 3 WEEKS! The market doesn't often give you gifts so when it does you'd be wise to take it.

Geoff, i read it as a flag too, but the longer-term trade is a year-long cup and handle with a huge target. Today was the double-breakout. I'm only planning on the flag target but will gladly take the bigger one if it presents itself.

i nominate Brett for our case study,,,tell us all about yourself and trading Brett

I think a good sucess story would be great. I thought someone was going to post about making the move to full time trader?

I would love to here how a full timer pulled through the tough times and learned what proper position sizing really means, how they choose b/n ITM or OTM, some of the lessons learned by making mistakes, etc.... oh and how the actual transition was made to full time trader, was it gradual or just all of a sudden.....i'm anxiously waiting....

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ooops...that was me that forgot to put my name up there...

tonya w
daytona beach master talk tonight ???? boo hoo hoo cry cry cry....just kidding, enjoy yor night off...


I won't give the movie away but I'll chime in with a few more quotes from it.

"I'm the Dude! That's what you call me, you know... That or His Dudeness, Duder, El Dudarino..."

"You ever hear of the Seattle Seven? That was me. And, um, six other guys."

"Hey, hey, careful man! There's a beverage here!"

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