PCAR Can't Go Any Higher, Huh?


I won't say anything else.

I have been productive this morning. I have two videos recorded and being rendered at my hosting service. With any luck, they will get posted within the hour.

Recommendation: Should I hold a trade over earnings? For risk of losing the entire position, times like these make it easy to take risks.

Long: PCAR :)

Short: XHB

Nice job everyone who held on to PCAR. I unfortunately did not.


Brett, I like MTB as a bearish trade but the options prices are very wide. I've tried to get executed betwee the markets but to no avail.


Yes, congratualations to all who held over earnings! I had a very small out of the money position on ALTR which is up 7% today.

Jeff, I imagine that even when you hold over earnings you would typically sell by end of day to also capitalize on the increased IV, correct?


what say you in SEIC cup and handle?

any comments on this one?

David S

Long --> STP Looking good broke out today

C x 2!

Congratulations on your PCAR holding over earnings strategy!

I would have mentioned it sooner but, I have been buried in my own self misery (ATI call & BIDU put) today, oh, that work thing too.

EVERYONE needs a PCAR move without holding over earnings! I was just thrilled that it made the final run into earnings.


John (and all)
Thanks for the cudos on PCAR. The real cudos belong to those who did it ON PURPOSE!! Holy moly, batman. The stress makes the whole episode of questionable moral value, but financially it rocks!!

So here's the thing. I'm in the same boat with CY. So far I'm up a paltry 50% on it (in 4 days). I seem to recall a certain guru (jedi knight?) whose wise were that there is no room for greed in trading. It seems that I should be pretty happy with 50% in 4 days, right? More would be greedy, right. OK, the accidental 220% could be overlooked by the Options Gods... but blatant greediness on CY might be punishable by... a 20 point move down over earnings. It's getting a pretty good runnup here just prior to earnings, but volume's not exactly overwhelming. And yes, I have 8 contracts (they were real cheap) so I could sell half.

Any input (including the Jedi Knight himself) would be much appreciated.

Chris and Catherine

PS Jamie, I've found that most options that have wide spreads are pretty low volume, and thus hard to get rid of at a decent price when you want to come unravelled. I think Brett's done OK with them but we have not. I am tending to stay away from them and look for stuff with lots of liquidity.

Hello everybody,

I held pcar over earnings on purpose and it's made a good move. But, my weakness is knowing when to exit. Was I just an idiot to not sell thid morning at the high? Any thoughts?

If you ask that question to 10 people you'll probably get 10 different answers. Personally, it made such a huge jump today, I think it's going to re-trace, so I bailed out around 11:00 when it was obvious it had peaked today. Who knows what it'll do tomorrow?

Chris and Catherine


As you know, i'm in the same boat on CY as you. However, my gain is over 150% and i'm still trying to decide whether to sell all tomorrow or sell half tomorrow.

Given that the stock has been straight up for 2 weeks, i'm inclined to take profits and hope for some consolidation. My options expire in june.

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