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More M&A activity fuels the bulls this morning. Too bad the market is closing in a few hours. In case you haven't heard it before, the summer months are pretty tough to trade in. The markets lack real substance such as volume, good directional movement, and decent trading signals. It was during this time last year that I took a beating from the market. Even though it was all self inflicted, I felt like I needed to trade (which was the first mistake). Then you start to make emotional decisions (since everything you touch turns to $#!+).

Plan for these market conditions and don't feel pressured to trade. If you don't see anything good to spend money on, then don't. Don't settle for less just to get some action.

I still have another video I am going to post today. The question is when. Hopefully I will have something up in the next few hours.

I also read some good responses to the idea of producing merchandise. Truth be told, I have already started this process. Hats, shirts, mugs, baby girl shirts, tank tops, etc. As soon as the online store is up and running, I will provide a link. I was hoping to get this done before Chicago. That way everyone can tell eachother apart.

Speaking of, I need to open up some dialogue about our meet'n'greet, for those that will be going. This time I swear we will have a nice get together.

Video coming shortly....

Recommendation: If you have suggestions, leave them

Long: Option Addict Attire

Short: Half days in the markets

Not signed up for the conference itself, if there is a meeting of option addicts I would be definitely interested in attending (only 3.5 hr drive) but unsure if that would be acceptable (since I am not signed for conference)



Hope everyone has a wonderful 4th of July. Also remember "freedom isn't free."


This is a continuation from the previous thread...

I'm not telling anyone to take winnings off the table. I'm telling you to imagine what would happen if the market dropped 250 points thursday. Would you have enough bearish positions to cover yourself? Are you properly managing all these bullish trades? That's all.

As for the iPhone, let's just say I have 3 Mac computers and 2 iPods. So I kind of like Apple. I really didn't want an iPhone due to its lack of disk space, but i don't care. I played with one for 2 hours last night until my wife dragged me out of the Apple store.

As for Chicago, I'm probably not going to be there, which sucks, but I hope we can plan another Option Addict retreat somewhere.


Short: Tom Cruise, Gary Coleman

Wow! The day I have (at least half of it) to watch the market and nothing... Well my trades are all going in the wrong direction. These days always amaze me when puts seek new highs and calls retest. Well that is the state of affairs in our portfolio. This low volume is terrible, can't even get a fill on SPY!
I have meetings this afternoon and think I will just go prepare for them and watch Jeffs second video once out.
Long: Something productive
Short: Low volume days


Can we play my favorite game of 'spot the bearish trades on a bullish day'???

Will Jeff play along too?

I'm going to toss out JWN. Great entry.

ALB. Broke out desc triangle on 6-18. retesting that breakout now.
Low risk entry. Has had some up days on price with decreasing volume. what do you and everyone think?

How bout one of my perennial bearish favorites about to take another dive down, polyester and bad green sport coats with it.........JCP

The opposite end of that spectrum with Louie Vuitton and the like............JWN looks like it could finally be ready to take the next move down.


Chris (C&C),

Look what you've come back to the blog and LCC is 'taking off'! It's that whole airline buddy system isn't it?!!!

Point the nose down, please, please please!

Good to have you back buddy!!!

Brett - did you try to access either the IT site or TOS web trading pages from iPhone? Would be very curious as to whether or not these two are usable.

Anyone know what's up with the airlines today? I haven't found any upgrades or other news.

Jeff - loved the video. Thanks for everything you do.

John A.

I am position less, without and i phone, and about to hit the road for a few weeks and I will miss all of you options addicts.

I will try to check in from a cute internet cafe is Copenhagen, or perhaps a library in Estonia. Maybe while in St. Petersburg while visiting the grave site of Igor Stravinski, there may be some interweb nearby, who knows.

Nevertheless I will be the worse for being away from the blog to which I have become uncontrollably addicted to.

Hopefully by the time I return I will be able to purchase some saggy basketball drawers and a stocking cap that say OA on them.

Bon Voyage

BSC, just found this:

"Also helping a market dampened by the subprime mess, a CNBC commentator mentioned Bear Stearns as a potential takeover candidate."

I guess that's why it's moving up today! At the moment, it's right at support, if it busts much outside of that 'area', I think it may be time to go. Other perspectives welcome!

Thanks for the suggestions. I'm in ALB, just exited JCP a few days ago.

How about WYNN?

Sorry 'bout that, chief. See what happens when an airline type says this is the good times for airlines? Just a second and I'll put my father's day's CROX on. Then I'll go out and mow the lawn with my DE tractor. No wait... I don't have a lawn. Just gardens, trees, and a pool.

Bob and Pam, I feel your pain. I have had so many of those days... but not recently. Either I'm picking a better cross section, or I'm just getting better looking and the market gods have fallen in love with me (it's only natural... just ask Catherine) but the last little while the bad days aren't so bad, the good days are gooder, and the neutral days are neutraler. Sure glad I didn't have a look at LCC today though. It looked like a good entry at yesterday's close, but as I mentioned in the last thread, the airlines love the summer, and will do well, even with oil being over $70. Did anyone check oil today? If it's down, the airlines'll love it.

I bought on the breakout (ALB) and added yesterday

Still in ALB..just waiting for the breakdown...

Noticed a bit of an upswing in WYNN while Jeff was in Vegas. Hmmmm... very interesting. Now it seems to be headed back down. Once the OA memorabilia hits the shelves it won't stand a chance. Dive, dive, dive!!!

New thread...



Re BSC, I just called my brother in law who has worked for the company for 24 years he says that the rumor of a takeover has been out there for 20 years. Nothing new.

"Clean cups, clean cups...everyone move down for clean cups"

~Lewis Carroll - Alice in Wonderland


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