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Recommendation: A fine fitting tune for a day like today.

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Disclaimer: Metallica owned 10,000 shares of BIIB, thanks to the Option Addict


Have you seen this Metallica video? Metallica at the Monsters of Rock concert in Russia (1991) with 1,000,000 crazy Russian fans performing Enter the Sandman. The energy level is amazing!

BTW, does anyone have any recommendations on Currency Trading or Futures Trading books akin to Natenberg's or McMillan's (meaning, industry standards)???


Krystal,I have only had this occur due to stops that I entered incorrectly or forgot a contingent stop (did that twice) after I closed the position. TOS will not trade for you but they can tell you what you did to get this nice return.

Bob (and Pam) and Barbara, I just went and looked at the order history in my paper money account and there's an order to sell 10 NILE call, not buy, but sell. And it was filled on 10/12.

So, okay, I haven't had advanced options, but obviously selling calls is a bearish strategy. All you advanced OA's out there, is this the same as a naked call?

So much to learn...


You totally had me on Willie Nelson, but I'm onto you now :)
Oh and of course Metallica had shares in BIIB. They would be crazy not to follow the Option Addict.

Okay, now I'm mad. Those Inspector Gadget people or whoever the heck they are are number one in the vote. How can that be... I mean, they only have 3 comments listed and we have over 30?!?!?! Apparently, nobody likes that site enough to even comment. UGH! They're goin down...

I'm going to set up some more email addresses today, dag nabbit! (As you all can probably tell, I don't use profanity!)

Rock the vote...!



Yes, you had a naked call. This means you sold a call position on the open market without owning the underlying security. This strategy is sometimes referred to as a "short call".


STI is finally breaking out of it's desc triangle. Looks like a 7.50 target.

Barbara, I still have it open (after all, it's in my paper money account). So I'll leave it open and use it for what it's meant learn some lessons!

Thanks a bunch! :)

Jeff, OA's,

So, I Started a blog to journal my trades and have basically just talked about history so far to give a background on how I have worked my way through to this date.

The latest post talks about Jeff and all of you, thought you may enjoy.

just a little more thanks to Jeff and all of you. :-)


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Now that it appears you have climbed down from the tree, Michelle asked you a question last Friday, and a I am curious as to your answer too :)

I would like to share my tremendous joy over BIIB...closed out my position this morning, my biggest single return yet, thanks for throwing it on the watchlist Mr. Kohler.
Does anyone have thoughts on AMZN today? Looks like a good set up to me.
On another note...I have tried voting for the blog multiple times, set up an account, haven't gotten a email confirmation yet so that I can vote. You have my vote Jeff, just wish I could get it to ya!
To all...this is funny...WATCH!

Does anyone see a tripple bottom on PFCB if you look at the 5 year cahrt and 10 year chart there is strong support there.

What do you guys think?

Also ARW is acting good


I do not use hard stops at all, even when away. The last time I used them when I went away was 2/27. I had left the day before, put in stops to "protect" myself, then off to Canada for a week. I came to MAJOR losses...everything had gapped down, my loss was tremendous...devastating actually. I no longer use them. I rely on the charts. I rely on getting in at a great entry (REE). So no, I don't use them. I do carry my brokers phone number with me, and I have a trading partner who I trust that will alert me to something I need to pay attention to. Even when in a tree, I am in touch....

As far as last thursday, I treat it just like today. So what. Who cares. I trade the chart, what I see. I see a much needed pullback in the markets overall, and my puts are balancing out my calls. My trades are doing what they are supposed to do. I also am gearing up for some great entries on plays that I have been waiting to get in on, but no REE available for they are getting within reach...

Congratulations Jeff!!! Hail to Master of Puppets!!! SFM


No doubt your Blogger's Choice Awards confirmation is in the junk mail box. Go find it!



Has this been on anyone's radar the last little while? It's been balistic and is taking a bit of a breather today...

Have a look.

Brett, Raimo, OA's,

Is it possible to see a pattern forming on an index such as the DOW? Like a saucer, H&S, triangle, etc? And if so, do they "work" the same as if they had formed just on a stock?


Do you still have those IWM & DIA puts?

David S.,
I don't see a triple bottom on PFCB at all. That should occur at the bottom of a downtrend. If you look at the 5 and 10 year charts, I see a topping pattern (complex head and shoulders possibly) with support at approx. 30.

Need a little help.

I purchased Nov 55 calls (LDSH) on 9/24 when the stock was at 54.01. I have been hanging on with not much happening. This large candle today has me at my line in the sand. I feel like this will bounce as it is getting some support around 56.75.
Should I wait it out, or move on?


Well, coming in the door just now in time to hear the TOS bell tone signalling that I have just sold the last of my BIIB. Also now see I've been stopped out of BEN as well but not before giving back exactly 1/2 of my profits. Oh well. Now on to damage control and grease up my catcher's mitt to see what I can nab before the day is over.

Thanks Jeff, BIIB was sweet!!!! I sold this morning. CROX is doing well today, It's breaking out of it's 10 day consolidation around 67.


My $.02 is that the pattern has not failed. I agree with your support level. I would not be out of this trade yet and would certainly wait until the end of the trading day to decide. It does concern me that earnings are in one week.

Oh how nice a day it is just talked to my wife and still (HAPPY BIRTHDAY)

Is anybody else in CNQ and ELON? This is agony. They just keep flirting with my lines in the sand... dancing around them, kissing them, toe touching, etc... all the while theta is melting away.

Any outside opinions on these guys?

Brett check out MYGN good entry. Thanks for VTIV

Pat B.


I still have the ones I bought Friday, and i bought a bunch more earlier today. Until we close above that massive reversal day last Thursday, I will be holding them.


Happy Birthday ______,

Thanks Sean

Thanks Sean

Barry -

I am also in LDSH since last Thursday afternoon. I am still comfortable at where it is sitting at the present time. If it moves lower - below 55.50 or there about I am out. I am expecting a move from the support bounce to about 62.50 - 63.00. I see LDSH as a short term ascending diagonal channel that has obeyed the channel (support and resistance) thus far and until proven otherwise must be considered valid.

My 2 cents worth - hope it helps... BTW: I am in the NOV 60 Calls - Jeff's influence of not buying ATM Options...



I agree, a critical video for trading psychology. Here is my interpretation of this video.

Fresh out the archives...

VFC confirming the descending triangle far anyway.

To Jeff and Everyone on this OA Blog who provided input with regard to BIIB, as well as trading information in general:

Thank you. All of you are wonderful.

Your Trading Journal is very interesting. I looked at it yesterday.

AGN - is anyone trading this? Could it be at a low risk entry point?


I hope you have the best ever birhday!


Ahhh thats just to cool it Amber K's birthday today also..... well


Anonymous, who are you???

Now I see that Amber's B-day was October 1 -- and I knew that.

So Anonymous, please come out of hiding.


Thanks Sean and Kurt. Hopefully this will bounce and give us a couple of more days.

HA HA thanks Patti its supposed to be like the game of 20 question, you get 20 questions to ask and then guess.

I've been around for a couple of month and traded posts with many of you.

oh and BTW happy belated birthday Amber K.

To DavidS; PFCB triple bottom??

No, respectfully, I see a down trending stock pausing at support while it gains 'strength' for another leg downward.

Jeff...This proves my theory that we are on the same wave length, weird man, really far out! :) I hadn't discovered the blog when you posted that...hilarious!

Patti...I have checked my junkmail, snailmail, voicemial and no confirmation allowing me to voice cannot be heard. I am wondering if it is some kind of discrimination due to me being Canadian?? :(

Happy B-Day

Happy birthday!

Thanks VeroBarbara

Brett- on VTIV
do you see this as a put or call play? I see it under diagonal support, but right at horizontal. I guess it could be above or below diagonal support depending on how you draw it. Of course it's breaking down with the market today though.

Sean thats a cool video, thanks


ELON..I share your pain.

I have been looking for a good setup this afternoon after being stopped out on the pheonix this morning.

I like AGN sitting at both diagonal and horizontal support. Pulling the trigger on this. Looks like earnings coming up, so maybe short trade. thanks


VeroBarbara, Thanks I am going to work on more useful information. I could continuously say "see OA blog" for most things though, haha.

this blog inspired me, plus with this journal and it being public I have to set an example so I think that will force me to always be honest and follow rules without exception.


Take a look at ACH & RIO today.


PG looks good.



Cry with me. Okay, now give me a hug.

When I look at the chart of ELON, I see that on the few occasions it has broken the trendline I've drawn in, it recoups the very next day. And today, it's piercing my trendline...again.

Oh boy...

Krystal I see Elon sitting right diagonal support

the birtday boy

Wow.. look at todays comeback on BPHX. Brett must be buying on the dip again!

Liz, RIO looks like a good entry point. I see that the low today was right at diagonal support with horizontal support closeby at around 34.


Birthday boy,

Light a fire under ELON, will ya, so that I can buy you a birthday present!

Krystal its my day so let me see what I can do for ya.

Geess my better half just came home and still no birthday wish...HMM

Birthday boy,
Are you sure you have the right day? You might have crossed into the realm of a senior moment. ;-}

ELON, go out to the 10 yr chart and look how it has repeatedly hit its head on 2001 resistance/support. If it blows through look out.


FSLR - is this low risk entry close to diag. uptrending support?

VA GIRL, ha ha I have crossed and and can now apply for AARP :)

you and I have something in commen Kim

the birthday boy


Thank you for KSS, KBH, CAH, MDC from last weeks watchlist!!! I entered them all last week with PUTs and they are helping to offset the blood my CALLS are spilling today...


VIX - up near 20

Well, without BIIB in my account we are getting a beating today. My puts a mainly just sitting there and bull flyers like POT, EMC, AMZN... down. Nothing crossing lines yet but sure could tomorrow if this continues.

Brett, still holding those SP puts? Good call!

Chris I am starting to hate PNR!

Raimo, do you think you could do something about Greenspan? I think he qualifies as a bear.


I am still holding. Painful..but holding.

Bob...(re:Greenspan)..One of my former occupations..I made problems go away for cash....

Then make him go away! Please with a bunch of cash on top!


I'm with you on PNR.


Bob, liz, et al.
PNR is just being coy. Don't let it fool you. It is going down.

PCP on the other hand is messing with my head. It keeps dipping below support and then popping back up

Glad I sold BIIB when I did. Without it I'd be down a bit today... but considering the markets, not all that bad. I bought a bunch of stuff up today at REE. VTIV, COL, SNDA, MTN, XOM, MDC, and hopefully ACH have all found their way into the C2 fold. Welcome to them all. Tomorrow they will make me a bunch of moola.

Raimo, you have Liz and I in. Not sure how expensive you are but I think we would raise some good $$$ for this problem to go away.

Trully, I just do not understand why the market reacts so much to this guy.

Pam wants me to cut PNR lose but I will give it one more day.

Well thanks to you that extended birthday wish as I must now go find my hammers and chase my sweetie around the house.....

What you you all think of QMAR. Chris may fit right into your list.

Chris, you sly fox! Happy Birthday big guy! I thought it might be you.

Catherine owes you one for not mentioning it yet. As far as I know there is only one way to make up for that from the male perspective and I simply cannot post the remedy on this site. It ain't flowers....

Sorry VA GIRL guess again this the other half of C2?

what an exciting day.

Thanks for thursday, this time I dont panic as much.

May I ask you phd students a few more questions?

1. is the 3-days interactive class different from the trading room? is the 3-days better than than the 6-weeks online?

2. after you finish your PHD class, do you still work full time? or trade full time?

thanks for sharing your experience!




Va Girl...
You've not been paying close enough attention. Detention for you. Anon asked me for the bag of hammers this morning as his betrothed left the house without a BD wish. I FedExed them to him. I cannot be held responsible for the outcome. However there's a song I could sing you all....


If I had a hammer, I'd hammer in the morning...

Shall I go on? Bob, you may wish to redirect the cash outlay. I can be stopped for cash. As far as QMAR goes I still see it as too high for my liking. Like MON I think it'll come back a bit more before going up. Either way, it's not a REE for MEE (ie: Not at C2EE)

I've got to run. Catherine has her Tinsel Town Barbie, Mystery Voodoo Kit out again. I wonder what evil villain she's after now. Better put the Chris Doll away.


I'm still in ELON too... with only 1 contract thank goodness! Hopefully it picks up tomorrow or I'll probably just dump it!...

Just noticed you called me "Big guy" which just goes to show you haven't met me.

Unless of course you're referring to MNST WNR which.... no. Never mind.

Chris thanks I did ask if I could I could borrow the hammers, fedex em to me and I promise to not make the outcome to bad.

MDC - you said you picked that up today at REE...I see that at REE 3 days ago. I sincerely hope it makes you lots of moolah tomorrow since I am in it too but from last week.

I jumped into ATW this afternoon. I've been stalking that for days and nearly bought it on Friday but chose BIIB instead (whew!). When it wouldn't go down today with the rest of the market I decided to get me some.

This comment has been removed by the author.

I am just new here.

Can anyone explain to me what a REE means?

I will appreciate it.

Okay, let's try this again. Anon, my solution to be used by your wife to get herself off the hook still applies.

Hmmmmm yes I can live with that VA Girl....

Well see what happens as she still hasen't said a word yet.....

oh well tomorrows...can I sign it


REE stands for Raimo's Entry at Exit. However it does nedd to be revised to say (your name inserted here)EE, as only you can determine your own entry and exit points. What it refers to, though, is buying a stock at exactly the point that you'd exit, if the pattern did not continue. For instance look at PCP and draw a line that joins the bottoms of each of the three latest waves in this pattern. Yesterday and today both touched this line. If the stock goes below this line... you eject yourself from the trade and take a very small loss. If it bounces off the line and continues up... you're in the trade and making money.

Another option is to find a stock like BIIB today and buy only those stocks.

You are quite correct. Mind you, Fairy Godmothers normally are. I was just saying that in a sort of "If I say it loud enough and often enough" kind of way, it will come true. I was trying to convince myself that I was a brilliant trader, snagging 5 or 6 perfect trades in one day.

News Flash. I am not.

Hey Ryan

I'm from Calgary too, they let me vote.....

Seriously need a "dictionary" for the newbies and the forgetful ones to explain all our acronyms.


For those of you contemplating borkerage firms. Interactive Brokers now charges just .70 per contract. I don't know if that's standard pricing (it was .75 when I joined) or if I've just joined the Super Elite crowd of Monster Traders.

I don't even think about the cost of trading anymore.

OH MAN the jewelery store just called to wish me a happy birthday!!!!!

This comment has been removed by the author.


These are the three that matter most..

REE (raimo entry at exit)
RTR (raimo target reached)
RPRA (raimo portfolio risk analysis)

I NEVER take a trade without these. Never.


just did a credit vertical on fslr...i think it is going to stay in this range until expiration


Do you mean this Friday? Are you basing this on option activity or something else? Just curious.


This comment has been removed by the author.


Can someone please kindly share your experience?


May I ask you phd students a few more questions?

1. is the 3-days interactive class different from the trading room? is the 3-days better than the 6-weeks online?

2. after you finish your PHD class, do you still work full time? or trade full time?

thanks for sharing your experience!


Sorry no one answered. I'll be the first.

1. The 3 day is different from the trading rooms. I've never done the on line course but I believe Bob has and he liked it. I loved the 3 day but they are terminating the class in Draper. You will only be able to do the 6 week on line class. It changes the way you trade. Well worth it.

2. I'm not completely done with the PhD program yet. I am trading mostly full time... My husband still works. My goal is to be able to have him quit his JOB. I'm not there yet but my goal is to be there by this summer. A little aggressive perhaps but that's my goal.

Hope this helps a bit. Let me know if you need more info.


Mimosa -

I will add my thoughts as well. I attended the 3 day live class and would NOT take anything for it!!! I can not believe that the 6 week on-line course will be any better but then I am Bias because of my awesome experience at the Live course. It changed many things about how I was trading and why. Well worth everything I spent on it as part of the PHD program to include the airfare and hotel! I am getting ready by year's end to go fulltime as a trader. I am comfident that I can do this fulltime. Hope that helps?


Raimo -

I love the pic of you with your "hunting" tool!!! Is that full auto or semi? Just wondering if you have a FFL or not?

I will have to post a few "special shots" someday that I am sure you will enjoy.... ;)

Enjoy your candid no BS approach to trading - thanks!


I do not know if someone already answered you but I couldn't read another post about the Birthday! FOR F*&KS SAKES!

Anyway the 3 day is a must and you have to schedule it quickly because I believe they are discontinuing at the end of December.



I tooooo share the pain on CNQ & ELON. Both appear to suffer from the same waffling boredom, however CNQ does reflect a coilng four day triangle coupled with a bollinger band squeeze. It should move (but we will have to see on the direction)...besides ER is next Monday, so cross your fingers (not in the IV books).



First, thanks......


Full auto is illegal in this country! >>> lol....

And no, I do not have a FFL...nor would I want one.....the documentation alone....jeeeesh...

Ok Arty this is the last post.

But it was PRICELESS to see my wifes expression when the phone rang and it was my son wishing me a HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Thanks all

liz, Kurt, and C4

Thanks for your kind advice.

Okay, I was afraid that I am not ready for it... I will take the class now.

really really appreciate for sharing your experience with me.

It means a lot to a new trader!


I just signed up the PHD!

I think that I am crazy....but I really want to be good at this!!

so much money....

I need a virtual hug!!


CLEAN CUPS!!!! (yes!!!!, been waiting for this) :-D



My account woulda been sittin pretty today if it weren't for CNQ and ELON. Ironically, all my other calls were up! Sheesh!


Sorry I am late but will add my thoughts. As Liz said already we (Pam and I) did the online version mostly because we could not get someone to watch our kids. I think that the live would be better due to the personal instruction and we were one of the first so it was pretty knew. The cool part was that you had more time to get it into your head and they saved all the education online so we could review it. This training is where I first understood risk/reward and money management.

We are almost complete with our PhD training and have learned so much it is amazing. We are not as profitable as we would like yet and this Blog, Jeff and others are helping with that (like Ramio taking care of Greenspan). If I had it to do all over again I would do two things different:

1. I would trade stocks first to get a feel for it and not go directly to options. I needed the success and the fundamentals.
2. I would not rush the program and take it more at the "normal" pace.

Also I do not recommend jumping from one topic to the next like options then currency, then advanced options... I have a friend who did that and signed up for everything because IT kept calling with the next best deal. Now he has not nailed anything but has a lot of money out on education without a return.

Hope that helps a bit. Oh and one more thing I would not try every type of spread trade to see if I could master them all. Not worth the effort to me. Find what you like and what works and focus on that. If it is options STAY HERE WITH JEFF and the OAs! Best education you can get is here.

Congrats on the PhD and virtual hug back.

Mimosa- I have heard great things from people who attended the 3-day event live in Draper. I did the online version and it was a snoozer. It could only progress as fast as the slowest person in the class and too much time was wasted explaining the basics. Most of it was a rehash of what should have been learned in the basic stocks and options class with the exception of the Option Navigator, a handy tool to use when you need to make a choice of option strike prices. I signed up for the live Advanced Technical class in Draper in November even though they will be offering it online soon as I think I will get more out of it by being there.

I trade full time now when I'm not studying. The learning never ends!

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What should I communicate my well-being distress provider ahead I crook this medicine?
They needfulness to differentiate if you have planned any of these conditions:

•neurological blight
•kidney disorder
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What should I advertise my salubriousness meticulousness providers in advance I win this medicine?
They need to grasp if you secure any of these conditions:

•Crohn's cancer
•sentiments infirmity
•kidney disease
•ulcerative colitis
•an singular or allergic counterbalance to misoprostol, prostaglandins, other medicines, foods, dyes, or preservatives
•enceinte or stressful to grab expectant

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