Amateur Hour

Well, now that "amateur hour" has come and gone, and I have gotten my early morning trades taken care of, I guess I ought to talk about what is getting me riled up this morning.

By the way, ever wonder why they call the first hour of trading "amateur hour?" Yet, 99% of amateurs I have interviewed claim that the reason they don't trade in the morning is because of this nickname, and they don't want to be labeled as such. Disclaimer: The Option Addict takes more trades in the first half hour of a trading day than small Mutual Funds take in a Quarter.

Opportunity is opportunity.

Anyway, I still don't know what to do with MON. If you have any ideas, throw them at me. They posted a $210 million dollar loss this last quarter, and the stock still doesn't want to go down. Unbelievable. I started a MON Nov Call buyback plan. It has taken me most of the morning, and is going to totally ____ my cost basis. Oh well, better to gamble with winners than losers.

The biggest rush I have going today, aside from some assbag e-mailing me and telling me if he were my boss that he would fire me, is the price action that continues in my big gainers today. PCU, LVS, WYNN, GNK, FCX, ISRG, DRYS, BCSI, SOHU, ESRX, FWLT, JEC, PCLN, DVA, CNX and HANS.

Fire me?!

In the meantime, someone tell me not to keep sitting here and rooting for China stocks. This has been the single biggest source of free money I have found in the market over the last several months, and I would hate to see it start to slow down.

I've got another Mastertalk presentation tonight. A great suggestion from the blog about potential topics last week turned into a pretty good presentation. If you have any other ideas, lets hear them.

Recommendation: I might get motivated to vlog later today, but don't encourage me.

Long: Vlogging

Short: Blogging

Disclaimer: I don't need free money from China.

I'm first!

Would love to see a vlog today, Jeff! Your thoughts would be much appreciated. (and you can always block the a%%bag's email)


I posted this just before the cups were cleaned.

ARII. Great sym triangle breakdown and nice target. also a downtrend preceding it.

My target on VMI was reached today and I sold for a profit of $4.50 per share. Thanks Jeff for another great pick! I'm watching ATW for a buy on the dip; also potential ascending triangle breakout.

Not much volume on ARII but it does look nice.


Take over stock.

The following is public information available on the internet.
About the 13th paragraph down it says:
Under the terms of the previously announced agreement between Belvedere Capital Fund II L.P. and Professional Business Bank, all Professional Business Bank shares will be exchanged for consideration comprised of $23.00 in cash or 0.87 shares of the newly formed holding company that will own Professional Business Bank, Spectrum Bank and First Heritage Bank, N.A. Shareholders of Professional Business Bank will elect their form of consideration, with 52.5% of the outstanding shares expected to receive cash and the remaining 47.5% to receive holding company shares, subject to the allocation provisions of the agreement.

The stock is currently at $18.70 and the new bank is going to pay $23 per share. This looks like a way to make a relatively guaranteed profit.

Need another set of eyes on CTX. What do you see?


The ticker symbol for Professional Business Bank for anyone interested is PBBK or PBBK.OB

Fire you? Seriously..... what is up with these people?

MON? I say, WTF are you asking us for? But if it was us asking you, what would you say?

I however, feel like JK today. Market's down, and my account is up. I'm loving it!

CTX looks to be bumping its head on resistance. It can go either way but the intermediate term trend is down. With earnings coming out on the 22nd I'd be reluctant to go either way unless you want a short term trade dictated by whether or not it breaks to the upside or back down. Market Forecast and MACD both showing the momentum is more likely to head to the downside.

I don't know how good my second set of eyes is as I wear glasses.

Between your glasses and my dizziness I'm sure we're close. Two sets of eyes are better than one even if they're a bit fuzzy. Thanks.

I see the same thing but it also looks like a bit of a double bottom so that had me a bit concerned.


I would pass on CTX until we see a clear sign. It is stalled at resistance, approaching earnings, and in a down intermediate trend. Are you thinking an anticipatory put play?


You know what they say, if news that should drive a stock down doesn't, that likely means it is going higher.

Afterall, we are in a bull market. :-)

I took down some GS calls.

I am unsure what to do with FCX, does it even make sense to hold over a divident when you can buy the same option back the next day .60 cheaper?

Man I just watched the account lose 1k in profits over the past 30 mins :-( guess I should take my own advice, haha. Guess I can't complain as I should at least end up profitable on this down day.



When was the last time you needed volume on a downward breakout?


You didn't receive this notice via e-mail, did you?

About PBBK, or PBBK.OB?


Cool down China stocks?? U kiddin me or what. I LIVE for china stocks. I am superstiscious so I wont post my gains, but CHA CHING is all hear in my account.

Brett, thanks for ARII, the only thing that sucks about it is that I know you took the trade before me and got a better price. You suck.

To answer your question on BOOM, it was a stock play when I was getting my feet back under me. I wanted to free up some capital to do something else, and was tired of playing BOOM, so I took profits and moved on. Thanks for holding me to the RTR and checking me, though.


"Fire you"?! Some people have issues, possibly related to their own inability to trade successfully. That's their problem.
As for me, all I can say is "Thanks!" Thanks for pointing me in the direction of RIMM, FCX, NOV, EXM, EEM, DRYS, and a whole lot more.


Pat Boone just told me that walking around without gold is like walking around naked in sub-zero temperatures!

I better add gold to my portfolio or I will freeze!


Brett and Raimo,
ARII has very low volume options. Almost no open interest and pretty wide bid/ask. Look at RAIL. The stock is more expensive (farther to fall) the options are just as cheap and there's 100 times more open interest. It's in the same industry and has (in my humble opinion) a more compact trend. It's a couple of days past it's prime, but looks like a great entry still.


If you're looking for an open interest of at least 50 on the ARII puts, I just took care of that for you ;)

(I'm already in RAIL too, by the way).

Whoever the asswipe was... you should just email him back that you fantasize about getting fired. You make more money in a month than any employee will likely make in his (or her) lifetime. Who needs a job? Certainly not you. You need a hobby. He (or she) needs a life.

I'll hire you.

RIMM - does it look like it's flagging?

Thanks for all the great trades. All I can do is watch them. All my cash is engaged.


I'd hire you, but I'll bet I can't afford you. You probably make more on one trade than most people make in a year (laugher.)


This continues my quest for the holy grail of trading rules. You're comfortable taking out that many contracts that only trades 0 - 50 contracts a day? I'm still trying to get rid of VFC and I can't. And I only have 10 contracts. What am I missing here? I would only be looking at about 10 contracts of ARII but it would worry me that I'd not be able to get out when I wanted.

Man this education stuff never ends.


I look at the target, which is pretty huge here. Then i try to buy at a good price. Just because there is a wide spread doesn't mean you have to pay the ask. Work the bid, and sometimes you'll be amazed what you can get it for.

When the target is huge, I'm a little more lenient with spreads, though if you're uncomfortable with them you can find better ones elsewhere.

although earnings were bad, MON doesnt really look that bad. I would put a 1.50 or 1.75 trailing stop on it.If it breaks you have your profits and can get in at support, if you care to diversify from Ka-Ching Ka-China..... SFM

Whoops! Not thinking clearly today. Snot clogging my brain. Thanks for clearing that up.


THanks. While I was waiting for your reply I put in a bid on ARII right beside my bid for RAIL. Got filled on ARII right away, even though it was a low bid.

Huh. Go figure.

Boy there have been some huge pullbacks here this afternoon. The account is up 8% (not that I'm checking) but earlier today it was up 16% (not that I was looking.)

I've got to get ready to head off to work. I don't want to go. I need to be babysitting this account. There are so many trades out there and right now I have $488 in cash. Time to take some profits off the table.

Jeff, why is it that the negative comments impact more than the positive. In my corporate days I was told that one negative comment takes at least three positive to overcome and five to make the person feel good again. We had some fun with this once where I told some of my executives that I did not like their tie and then gave them great positive input about what they did and it was between three and five positive to one negative. Yes, we told him what we were doing and asked him how he feel and all. It was very educational to do.

So here are three for you to offset the idoit that does not have a clue:
1. You are the best educator I have experienced with IT.
2. You are the best coach I have experienced with IT.
3. It is because of you and this blog that I am having any success at all.

Need more just let me know. Jeff, I know you do not need this but also know that those that are different or standout (not that tall thing) as a rule get shot at but they are normally the ones that go on to do great things too. Follow your passion and we will be right there with you my friend.

I look forward to your MT tonight!

SLB is finally breaking out of the pennant.

Take it at your own risk


If anyone missed PCP as an entry, I've got it right on support today. Perfect REE on a stock that goes up slowly but surely. The stock itself doubled this year. Yes, it's in my RRSP too.

took profits on ISRG today...reached my price target, i am happy
has anyone else taking profits?? or are you waiting for a larger move??

Is it just me or have the manufacturers of food started printing stuff on their packaging smaller and smaller and are they using fuzzy ink? I've had to go out and buy some corrective lenses because of these morons. Someone make them print bigger and sharpen up their ink.

See Jeff, I can rant too.

Anytime you can incorporate an assbag blast into a blog its enough to make me want to come back for more! haha I personally would like to see a blog that is able to incorporate the phrase meat-whistle somehow!
Oil Service stocks have started to run today it seems. SLB hs been all the talk but BHI is really running. Anyone have thoughts on it?

I took profits on ISRG after a couple of good days. I should of waited at least one more day, but I stuck to my 'small account rules' so I can't complain. I think getting out today was a good call.

If you can pull yourself out of your snot laden, drug induced stupor... do you have both DRYS and EXM? I'm only in EXM because I liked the look of the graph better, but DRYS is outperforming today. Nice call, if you've got them both. Did you notice that if you'd bought the stock last October you would have made over TEN TIMES your money? That is what I'd call a good performer.

I hope that the same happens with ARII vs RAIL. I never got into RAIL. Go ARII !!!!

Concerning PCP. I got stopped out. It opened up at 155 then took a fast dive to 145 later on. I figure it is tied to BA. I'd be cautious.



What was their reason for saying that they should fire you? Was it something you said on the Marketcast or something?

If they don't like you, then why don't they just stay away instead of sending childish hate mail?

I don't understand that...

And Lis, I'm with you. This blog is helping me to recoup my numerous losses...thank God for it!

TMO may be offering another entry and ZOLT may be too late

Chris, I was not going to admit this but I had to increase the font size on TOS when I replaced computers. I do not get as much on the screen but I can see it. Terrible isn't it! Pam has never had to wear corrective lens of any kind but that is changing...

Oh and just got into ARII too as that has been on my list for awhile. Did not get bid but within $0.10

They would fire him because he's TOO DAMN FUNNY!!! We all know trading is a serious business and humor has no place in the trading world. I've been saying it all along... but as usual no one listens. Fire the bastard. Bring in someone serious for a change. All this free money he's throwing our way is a waste of my time.

See... everyone can play.

Bob, you mean it's not the packaging? It's.... ME?!?! Maybe I should talk to Tim... if I get some plastic surgery and a wig will my font get bigger? Any other parts?

Hey! Check out GRMN. Could this be a nice REE? Comments please.

Jeff, thank you for the awesome watch list. I spent several hours last night analyzing just a few of the great trade ideas. Tonight I'll work on some more. I was in 7th heaven. I think I'm addicted. How sad is it that when I wake up in the middle of the night, look at the clock, and the first thing that pops in my brain is how many hours are left before the market opens! Now that's an addiction!!


I'm sorry, Chris, were you saying something. I wasn't listening.


Did someone post news recently about DAKT? My first target was $31 and it blew past that on 10/3, with volume, but now it's just piddling around the $31 mark. My second target, when it blew through the $31 was $34.

Anybody seeing something that I am missing?


Thanks for the nice comments. Don't put yourself out, I am not over here sobbing. I feel if I don't get e-mails like that, then I am doing something wrong.

Next time you want to say something nice to me, as Ryan said, please call me a meat whistle, an assbag, or any other appropriate name.


Jeff RE: Did I receive the stock tip (PBBK) in an email. No, actually, my wife is an exec at the bank and I have known about this for awhile and I have mucho thousand shares of this stock. I just waited until there was some announcement that I could share with others so it wouldn't be considered insider trading. Although the announcement hasn't generally been made public the information is available on the internet if you know where to find it. I just told everyone where to find it and you may choose to use it or discard of it as you wish.

We're only talking about $4.30 cents a share here which is nothing compared to some of the big movers we've had lately.


are you still bullish on OI, your thoughts please?

BHI anybody.

OI - watching for retest entry on ascending triangle breakout - earnings in a couple of weeks....

Scoot if you where in OI as I am would you add here to your position? Which is what I'm thinking of doing>

This is a bizarre day. I now have to close my computer and head to Toronto. I have missed the entire day in the sun here in Vegas because I've been glued to Jeff's watchlist, the blog and my own little piece of heaven these past few days... my account.

Things have turned around again and the account is up as much as it was yesterday. This is truly unbelieveable. I must go. Thanks for a great day on the blog, everyone. I really, really think we need to plan a get-together in the winter some time. Please look after the markets while I fly. I will be on the ground in Vancouver a 4:30AM tomorrow (unless I was in Tokyo... then it would be Friday) and will check in then.

Wahly (without the "e")
Earnings is in a couple of weeks. I wouldn't be adding... I'd be thinking about getting out.

But that's just me. An old, bald guy that no one listens to.

Wahly, I would not be able to add based on portfolio risk per trade because my first entry would be the limit. I hope that makes sense.

Chris I do have earnings on the radar and I thinks your listened to.

have a safe flight and remember that it is not the size if the font that matters.

Scoot thanks that does make sense, I have the room for the risk as my first entry didn't use the full limit.

Thanks Scoot and Chris, thinks I'll look at other stocks.

C2 - Why would you be getting out? I am looking at the earnings in two weeks as a way to keep and maybe increase the IV portion of the premium on the OTM calls. And, if I have a lot of virtual profits by then, I may take some and let a couple of contracts ride earnings for low cost or maybe even free by that point.


I am not recommending the above strategy to anyone.

OI, me, bullish??

OI, at REE yet again?? Your darn tootin. $42 lookin like good support to me...

Yes, the High Beta Superstars continue their stampede across the great plains of the current bull market - is there no end in site to their spectaular jaunt? The far off horizon is the limit eh.


Your watch lists suck, they dont make me ENOUGH money. 30, 50 80 and 100% gains from your picks are horrendous, and my account is growing too damn fast. So I think you and this blog sucks. There. You happy my man??

Thanks Raimo

it does look like it is bouncing off REE again so I did add and got filled.

PS: before your post


PP....your next pal...(by the way, touche)

I love stepping away for an hour having watched my profits go down only to come back and have them all back plus more, haha.

I added two positions, GS and POT. Both very close to my preferred entries(hence why I took them) GS I drew the line at the previous high basically 235, POT 110. So far they are working out, we'll see what happens.

I hate to gloat, maybe others aren't fairing as well today.

I closed out FCX when it was close to 118, my target is 120, but I didn't really want to lose 300 in profits, if it pulls back tomorrow I'll prob get back in.

Not that anyone cares, just kind of updating haha. I just need my new AAPL options to get going into the green.

anyone know what happened with BIDU? it was not doing much all day until I came back its up 10? no news? Glad I still have my contract, hasn't hit my target yet.

I really should look into some puts...



If this is public info, why hasn't the market bought into it?

I noticed the volume on it and had to wonder how this could be possible.

PCU, wow, anybody know why that thing is moving so much? Did I miss some important news?


P.S. And who said China was cooling off? Doesn't look like it.


This comment is intended for Jeff's complaining blog-readers:

There have been more than enough nasty conplaints about Jeff's blog. I'm sure if he had any inclination to change the format, he would have done so by now.
Since he's obviously not going to change it, here's some helpful hints for you:

1. If you don't like the music, turn it off. You don't have to listen, in order to read what follows it.

2. Skip over the text that follows the music, if reading it bothers you. Just a quick glance should tell you if it's a trade.

3. Read the trades and if you like them and feel that you want to comment, just say "Thank you."

4. Skip the blog altogether and go search for your own trades.

I don't agree with his taste in music either, and I was not glad to hear that he's a Raider fan, but what would you expect from an ardent Charger fan. I still read his blog every day. Wouldn't miss it.




You should be fired because I am going to be fired because I am getting nothing done at work because of this blog and trading. Well that might not be a bad thing if only I could keep up with kind of performance I have had since I started reading this blog in the beginning of April.... Although I have had some volatiltiy in my account I am up over 250%. Thanks to you jeff and everyone who contributes.


This is a rare day for me that I plan to make more of a normal day with better skills. Due to trade selection and better entries, at close all positions are up. FTI up over 50% in one day! I know that is nothing for some of you but this is like the second time this has happened to me and on a down day. Amazing just really amazing. Could it be that I am actually getting this? Again thanks Jeff for your time this week and the support of all on the blog.

Oh and Lis congratulations I am looking to meet that same goal but have a ways to go.


PCU is on fire because of the weak dollar right now

Today was an awesome day for me, in spite of overall market action! Thank you for all the great ideas and ongoing education! I posted a while ago that I was down in my cash account by 12% since I began directionals. However, just in the past few weeks I have managed to turn that around and I am now up 20%. Making progress.....

Couple of the things: the all time and current 52 week high on the blog as I remember is 271 posts. We have seen 230 several times as well.

Your exit from BPHX should be at a breakout over $1000 on high volume. the rumor up on the street is that BPHX is the next BRK - know about it! Own it!

You will always be the Phoenix to me!

I am still a Matthews man.

Short, PNR

Long, TDG

Long like a Kenyan out for a jog: HANS, SLB, SOHU, ACH

and of course,

Long like Jeff's watch list: BPHX


Did I mention I thought buying MON on the dip was a good idea, or was that the last beer I had last night?


In my humble opinion, I think PCP is an awesome entry at 145.


$100 bucks says I get ousted from my job before you. Any takers?


So much power in VMW!

The days of 10-15 point rises for this stock is almost here.

Well I feel pretty stupid, I didn't do enough of my own due diligence, I assumed the dividend for FCX was an annual dividend, when in fact it is just the quarterly one so there really was no reason for me to sell.

Oh well, there is another learning experience for me, make sure to look into the type and amount of dividend and don't assume.

I will sit here and hope for a pull back in GOOG so I can hop on, I think this stock is clearly going to 650 in the next two months. Just my opinion. :-)


Market down 85, but 3/4 of my postions are up. Hmm... Are we on to something here? Trade patterns within existing trends. Maybe it really is a market of stocks.

Thanks to IT, Other OA's, Ramio, Brett and most of all....JEFF

I think I am starting to get it. Hopefully the next 10k will be as easy to get as the last.

CBAK still going


Short AZO & WHR

Still doing analysis on this weeks 'hit' list.


If anyone would like an interesting site to find a grouping of news for a particular stock, try It is a free site. If you enter a stock symbol in the first area ="Links by ticker symbol" it will give you links to all the services that provide information for that particular stock. Saves a lot of time.

Arty or C4 or whoever you formally were:

For my wife and kids sake I do hope you beat me to the firing. i would gladly wager a franklin with you. There is no way I could take my wife looking over my shoulder all day on every trade and watching the volatility of my account. Sometimes it even scares me. I started with 20k in the beginning of April went to went 55k at the end of June to a low of 27K at the market bottom of the correction this summer to over 75K today. The problem wasn't position size but I need to learn to keep my loses small as I have always learned to let my winner run. Its the degenerate gambler in me.


We all claim that this is the best Blog since canned cheese but we can only vote 11 times on the Bloggers Choice Awards. We should be ashamed!

As my grandma always says, "for F^(K sakes"! Can we get out there and show what this blog means to us. We are going to get shattered by Blogs that have ZERO posts on the them!

Come on guys it is so simple.


A gentleman's bet if you will. Sounds familiar to me. No wife, no kids for me though, just all of the people of the world relying on me for good cheer.

Maybe one of us will resign and go pro, that is goal anyway.



i agree!!!!!!get out there and vote you guys!!!!!you owe it to Jeff!!!!

only up to 11,,,,,I was #2 yesterday,,,come on guys

I am going "blog silent" till Jeff gets more votes..

Me too. Ha!

Be silent no more! I have voted!

What are we learning about in Mastertalk tonight?

Arty, whaddya think? Ball bearings?


I voted yesterday by just clicking on the "vote for me" icon and then "vote for Jeff Kohler's blog". Is that sufficient or is there another way. I have voted twice now.

I've got two options for you:

1). Which hits 100 first HANS or BPHX and what to do when it does?


2). The ins and out of counter trend trades.

How did I do?


Counter trend trading.

I am all over it.

Oh and get me two quarts of Prestone Antifreeze, no make it Quaker State.


Where is this "vote for me" link?

I signed up and voted on the blogger site though by clicking that nominated icon.

Is there another place to vote?



My vote is in...

you guys have to use the link on the right hand side of the page,,go to the site,,register,,then vote


I think you may need 10 quartz for a job like that.


Sue, you couldn't have been #2 to vote yesterday. I was. I can't believe so few votes are in. Maybe people are confusing it with that other vote thing. I'm going to see if I can register under another name (or 10) and vote more.

I'm afraid I will miss MT tonight since my subscription ran out last week and I'm not renewing. Take notes!!

This is the site everyone should be going to to vote. If you didn't have to register to vote then you weren't on the right site.

I voted I just used a different login name than here.


one of those manure spreaders jacknifed on the Santa Ana. Godawful mess. You should see my shoes.

hey, if that presentation is received well this evening, perhaps it could double as our educational blog post of the week? You know, for those of us who have paid for INVESTools classes but no longer pay for INVESTools classes?

Nugent. Ted Nugent.



I am raising my target from $100 to $300.

Virtual helicopter ben.

Poor Beannie, he must have just gotten out of a cold shower. ******Major Shrinkage****

Voted properly this time. You must register and then find Jeff's blog to vote. You can also comment.

I was vote number 20!

GO OA's!

If you guys don't crank up the votes and leave comments....well, I am gonna really be pissed off for sure. Jeff belongs in the number one seed, period, and it is up to you guys to get him there. I don't care if you have to chase strangers down on the street...but as we say here in PA..

Git Er Done!!!!

I'm in on the voting ... voted actually yesterday ... went back in and tried to vote again tonight and made a comment .... the proper address was listed above ... but once again, here it is:

It's the least we can do!

I voted but I voted at the other blogger site. Going to the correct site now.


I need to see by Friday JKB in the one spot...till then, silence..........

I am asking all of you....Harry, Sreeni, Paul, Mary, Kate, John, Sally, Glenn, Omar, Billy..people I know who visit but do not post, please vote for Jeff....this guy just gives and gives...please help the cause..


You need to click on the Blogger's choice awards on the right side bar under "Other Stuff" and register to vote.

Those of you that clicked on the vote bar on the bottom of the blog DID NOT vote for the blogger's choice awards, that's for something else.

Right now there are only 20 votes
there. The Trading Goddess & The Slope of Hope (T.Knight) in top 3 spots for Business Blogs with over 120+ Votes.


AKA Rhetta on Blggers Choice Votes

I didn't now you were from PA. I used to live in Devon. Where are you from? Did you ever go to the Devon Horse Show?

To answer your question from way earlier today... my head is still kinda stuffy but I am in DRYS. Not in EXM. Love DRYS!


I agree with Raimo. I mean, Jeff gives and asks us NOTHING in return.

Cut and paste the website address. Click "Nominate" and then it'll tell you to register. Enter your information (make sure to enter a valid email so that you can complete your registration).

Once you click the link from your email, it'll take you straight to the page to vote for Jeff. After you click "VOTE," it'll update the vote count to include your vote.

That's it. DONE! Less than 3 minutes.

Make it happen, guys, make it happen! Jeff makes it happen for us every trading day!

BTW, is anyone else watching Kitchen Nightmares? My goodness!...

Oh yeah, you need to type in optionaddict (no space) in the little search thingy in the upper right hand corner...that'll help you find Jeff's blog.

Just voted...I was #21 keep the votes coming.


Good job, Barb! Way to step up your game! Ha ha...


I voted! I was #22. I am usually just a lurker, but I love this site and want to say thanks to everyone especially, Jeff, Brett and Raimo. This site has made all the difference in my trading!

Just voted - we're at 23 now. Everybody go and vote, the whole thing takes 2 minutes, and we owe it to Jeff to win the damn thing for him.
I just "joined" this group a few weeks ago, and I was struggling mightily with my trading at the time. Thanks in large part to Jeff and stuff I've picked up from the group (especially with regard to the mental aspects), I've had a couple of my best trading weeks.
You can pay and not get the amount of information and ideas that come from this site, and that Jeff doesn't charge for access to his watchlist is beyond belief. (I hope he isn't reading this!) I'm sure everyone appreciates this site as much I do.
Thanks also to BHI, MON, AG, and FCX, I was up 12% today in a down market with no profitable puts positions.
Everybody go over and vote!

I just voted a second time with another email address.

Jeff, in your next post tomorrow put a shameless self promotion plug in your opening paragraph. A lot of people read your stuff and don't read the comments so they don't see our shameless begging.

Hey Phoenix,
I will give you the presentation over the phone for some of your BCSI calls.

It was Awesome!


i believe i was vote 30, for the amount of money i've made reading the blog, well worth the time voting

I don't have access too the mastertalk session, only the basic INVEStools toolbox and wonder if we have workarounds... it's just a webex right? Please someone tell me a secret to watch them!!! I called investools but of course I got into this endless sales call and it came down to I would have to pay 18K :-( All I want is access to Jeff's mastertalk!!!! If anyone knows a trick:! thanks in advance! :-)


btw: my vote is in!!!!

hey steven. i don't know any tricks, but i'll give you my login and password for 9k.... saves you 50%...

Vote for Jeff!



Choose the best business blog as it has the most votes (34 now). Education had 14 & video had some also. Once again choose the BEST BUSINESS BLOG an lets do what Jeff has done for us, 10fer!


50% off sounds like a sweet deal but I'll have to pass... I guess I will need to keep trading to come up with the money so i can upgrade :/


I got my vote in (#39). The forth place site had 118. We need an optionaddict rally.


If that bid on SNP is accurate, I'll be flying out to Stone Mountain today to party all weekend.

And you guys thought getting up at 3:45 am was a one-day thing, eh??? True Option Addicts never sleep.


I am blog silent till Jeff occupys the #1 seed.

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The only way Jeff is going to get more votes is if he plugs it in HIS daily post. So many people read his stuff and don't read the comments so they don't even know where to go or what to do. That's how Tim Knight got his votes: Shameless Self Promotion. Works every time.

Arty- Great topic choice for MT last night.

Jeff- Last night's talk was AWESOME. You put into simple language everything I was seeing but didn't know how to analyze. A hearty thank you!


OK My vote is in as MARTY173. Maybe we can get Raimo to blog again, some poetry about the blog choices......

I was #40


I agree. Lots of people just visit the blog and do not read the comments.

Jeff, Please mention this voting in your next post. And yes very nice MasterTalk last night.

look like a nice up day based on the futures. I wonder if our position were up on a down day like yesterday, what would they do on an up day.

guys, Jeff is nomintated in 4 different catagories, I have voted under 2 different names on all 4. I think if we all concentrate on doing the other catagories, we can get him the number 1 spot in other catagories, like video blog, education blog, business blog and podcast blog.

Bloggin silence is my state
I'd hate for that to be my fate

Vote for Jeff and save my wit
If you don't you are a twit

The best blog I know and it is free
You have to vote, dont you see?

OI, China, and another Picks
We make you money don't be a dick

don't just vote but post some words
I'd hate to lose to other nerds

Trading's cool and this place is fun
If you don't vote, you'll face my gun


Get on board! It's gonna fly.

Keep an eye on WHQ flagging and if it breaks to upside good positive potential.

I traded TEF and I think today may break out.

Also FRO, it paid a huge dividend and people sold it off for no reason may be a good candidate

Also NOK

I need a fresh pair of eyes on CYNO. I didn't take the trade yesterday but I think it's breaking out of a flag. I'm not sure where to measure the target from - the original breakout at 30ish or the more recent support at 38ish.


YGE - profiled in today's IDB, sitting at REE, and a way to play the Chinese Solar idea that isn't overextended. Yet.

Doji Girl - I don't see CYNO as a flag breakout here, but I do see it above recent resistance at $37.50. My target from here would be about a $7.50 move based upon the recent range from the prior lows of $30ish to the resistance at $37.50. I just don't see the large white candle that I would base a flag off of. Of course, I could be wrong, you get what you pay for;)

Raimo - classic poem!

Doji Girl - CYNO. This is an interesting one. I am not an expert but that big red candle on 9/28 makes me leery of the strength of the flagpole. If you use the more conservative of your targets, can you still get a good enough R:R to take the trade?

David . I'm in TEF ... started a couple of days ago .. added more yesterday .. could be a nice one for this day .... NOK looks good too.

Brett - have a nice trip :)) ... SNP is rocketing off!

Interesting opening ahead ...

Doji Girl,
Looking at Solar, that LDK could explode today. It's up $4 pre-market, and has been up on big volume the last two days with a bullish engulfing candle yesterday. check it out.

SO I need OA's opinion's

BIDU is now at my target, but it is now in the first hour, when I stock hits your target do you just take the profit no matter when in the day it occurs, or do you still wait till the end of the day?

thanks for the input!


~~~Raimo~~~ thanks for SNP !!!!

MW...right at resistance if you draw it as a descending triangle.

For anyone that thought China was asleep and didn't continually hear our Big Kahuna - Mr. Kohler saying ... He Loves China ... China is paying back this AM ....

Thanks to Jeff once again for keeping us on the cutting edge so we can make smart decisions ....

I voted but it's not telling me how many votes there are. How did you guys see that?

Make sure you Log in to the voting website. Otherwise your vote may not register. Once I checked my account, it showed who I had voted for and the count was displayed there.


Did you set up an account, and then activate it from your email?

In my opinion, BIDU is a freak. there are a few of them, and I don't know if normal rules apply to them. At any given time, I have a few way OTM calls, and you just cash them after a monster up day, and buy back on dips.
I know this doesn't keep to any strict rules, but BIDU is just an exception to all rules for me. Good luck.

CRK!!!!! I hope some of you took this trade. Jeff picked it, and I was all over it....

Rock and Roll.....


I created an account and logged in. It says that my vote registered for Jeff but it doesn't give me a tally.

COLM- still falling,YAY!



This just in from the far east: A search party has been assembled to find SOHU and SNP's minds... Apparently they've lost them!

Also, I really hope someone took the MW trade on my reco this morning...I don't post these things for my health.



Thanks yea I sold out since it was past my target and seemed to be starting to slow.

I can't argue with over 125% return in a couple weeks. The only reason I was partially hesitant to sell is because it still has 2 weeks till earnings and I feel it would run up until then, yet it had hit my target.

Oh well, I think I'll move into GOOG now and try and do the same thing. :-)



Raimo, THANKS!

I actually got into MW a few days ago. I'm very happy with it!

Did the same thing with BIDU. Just wait, it'll dip and you just take a 1-2 day trade on it again. I do the same thing over and over with it. You can probably do the same with GOOG and AAPL. I have some GOOG's & AAPL's from yesterday up more than 100% already. As long as this crazy bull market goes on, take the quick money. Just don't hold too long.

Raimo, Nice poem. I knew I could count on you.

Anybody buy the re-test in BEAV?

Also playing SPLS down...

I love China! SNP CEO PTR SOHU CYD CPSL KONG CSGH and many others.

Who knew people from the other side of the world would be paying for my kids college education!

Also anyone loving EGLE and NM in the shipping area. I think C@ reco NM a while back.


Brett .. add TEF to your list ... mind is lost in that one too!

Brett - I loved the setup on MW at 47 this morning but I missed it. If it pulls back, I am in. Enjoy and thanks for putting it out there.

Hey Rambo- Thanks for SNP, only up 24% since 10/4 when you hooked me up.

And Phoenix, MW looking juicy too. I calculate a target of around 39 in a max of 3 months. Good volume to boot on the break out though not necessary as you point out. Downhill burnouts are so much fun though.


ZUMZ - what a ride!!! Been waiting on this one for a couple of weeks to move....Patience pays off - Thanks Jeff!!! 367 percent gains in 2 weeks - get that feom your local bank!!! Was getting worried about my OCT Calls to expire...not now!!! Thanks Jeff and all you Bloggers!!!

JJ - a quiet bystander on the blog!!!

Looking for Puts
Sure, I'm dancing on my chair with my stocks and calls going through the roof but I have my Put account sitting in the corner of the room and no one's asking her to dance. Lately they've all been one night stands, the Puts seem to want to go down, we get in, we're stopped out, left with another small loss. Is anyone here trying to play the downside of the market or are you all making hay while the sun is shining?


With all due respect, I think there were around 30 something put ideas in Jeff's watch list this week. This is where I would start. ENER, SPLS, MDC & WTS all are worthy of a look and straight from Sr. Kohler.


Jeff gave some awesome set-ups in "The List."

I have been in COLM and am up over 45%. Here are a few he gave:

Stan, this won't help you, but for everyone else...

HMIN - huge pennant breakout just above new support. Love the target.

Okay my votes are in, do you think Jeff will be mad if i vote for the slope of hope as the best business blog???? oh settle down, i'm just kidding!!!
JKB all the way!!!

Okay my votes are in, do you think Jeff will be mad if i vote for the slope of hope as the best business blog???? oh settle down, i'm just kidding!!!
JKB all the way!!!

opps, didn't mean to post that twice


I don't have any puts right now, and even on the down days (like yesterday) my account was up.

But I'm a newbie. Many of the more seasoned bloggers would probably tell you that they are diversified. I have had very poor results with puts lately (AZO, ESI, X, etc), so I'm only playing calls at the moment. But I have my eyes open for some bearish plays, and if I find any that fit my rules, I'm in.

Hope this helps. :)

JJ, glad to hear you're up. You should chat in, more! :) Thanks to this blog, I'm getting my account back up to where it was a few months ago!


Excellent HMIN

David in NH


Not looking to pick on anyone, just looking to increase the learning curves in here.

Why, and when, did you short X?? It's been making higher highs and lows since $80??

Same for AZO and ESI.....

Thanks Brett, Raimo. Trading the Phoenix, SNP,ACH,CPSL, EXM, EGLE, FCX, PCU, FWLT, OII, SLB, SPW, CRK

Thanks Jeff.....for everything. I want to add something and you guys are so dam good you see it before I can post....OA's are the best.


Good question ON X...i've been long since 9/18. I've got a target of $115


Stan - yes, I am buying puts. I made a tidy little profit off of PLCE 2 days ago after holding for 5 days. I have learned from Jeff that it is a market of stocks and that puts do have a place in my portfolio any time I find a good setup.

agree with the rest, jeffs list is full of puts right at resistance offering a great REE's


just my two cents don't change your trading based on me but i just want to put this out there. I learned this lesson the extremely hard way.
if you open up a chart of the dj30 s&p or nasdaq real quick and check out february 27th. On that day I had no puts. I will never make that mistake again. When the market has been so bullish trending up I make sure I still take a few puts with very low risk entries

greg H

Thanks for the feedback, I do have Senor Kohler's complete list as a watch list and I did get into SPLS and I have an order in for COLM. I was just wondering if I was the only one looking for Puts. I guess I felt guilty about making so much money with the calls that I'm trying to actually work for a couple of bucks. You know what they say, "Everyone's a genius in a bull market". I'd feel better if I could correctly gauge some losers and turn them into winners for me.
Let your winners run! Thanks again,

ATW...trying to break-out but with low volume.


Greg H.,

I agree 100%. Feb. 27 was a killer and there is no way I will be exposed like that again. I don't trade delta neutral but my delta is more positive in a bull market and vice versa. I don't stray too far from midline. Sometimes it limits my profits and big up days but I sleep better at night and it allows me to be away from the computer to pursue hobbies occasionally.

AMX break of resistance w/good vol. for am
KSS Inv H&S break - watch IV

if RL drops a few cents more there is no support for a while


Your watchlist sucks. I got in CRK, it's making my account go higher. but not fast enough.

Can't you do better?

SNP...glad those of you that got in with me are enjoying the ride.

So much for being silent...


Sean... you have hobbies? THIS is your hobby, young man. But I agree with Greg and everyone else. Puts have a place in your potfolio 24/7/365. A good number of Jeff's watchlist were brilliant put plays that have continued down even in the bull.

I can see why MW is such a good put play. Men are cheap. As a matter of fact they're usually free. Most women have to beat them off with a stick. Why would anyone go to a warehouse and BUY one?!?! The business model is lost on me.

I've mentioned this before but if you like easy money, look at NOV. Straight up. No bumps, no twists. Just stick your money into it and watch the stock triple in 10 months. Today's a bad day to get in as there's a teeny tiny blip. But it'll probably settle back the next couple of days and resume it's relentless, tedious, monotonous rise to infinity.

And beyond.

I keep saying it...


BOOM is done. I blew it up this morning. This is what happens to me all the time. Big spike so I hold. Big Anti-spike so I sell. I'm thinking about selling my PCU as it has spiked here.

I should really sell everything and re-group as I've had four unbelieveable days in a row. I'd start to think that I have this thing down... but everyone's in the same boat here. Its not just me. And usually as soon as I think I've got it... POW!!! right in the old kisser.

To bad none of us had CTEL today. If only I could turn back time.....

One of the things enjoyable about this blog is all varieties of stock symbols that get posted and we all benefit .... But the post isn't complete until our friendly - airline pilot steps in and analyzes the picks in only the way he can ...

The MW post - Chris - was another winner! I just get ready to laugh when I see you have posted something .. THANKS!

YGE - I hope some of you got in this morning. I did something I have never done before and don't recommend but I had such a gut feeling about this one - I knew I wouldn't be around for the opening so I placed a market order for calls (I have NEVER done that) to buy on the open and I am not sorry. I got filled at the lowest price of the day. My only regret is I didn't buy more.

DG - Nice call (literally) on YGE!

Like a dumb @$$, I did not. Was looking at too many others things and didn't pull the trigger on it. Great job though--and thanks for pointing it out! I'm sure those that did jump on it are thanking you big time....

MDC - I've been in this one since Monday and it's sitting right at my line in the sand. Is anyone who is in this or looking at this concerned about the fact the recent action is looking like a higher low?

I might have to cut these puts loose at the end of day today.

This morning I actually wrote a note to myself (and it was a very nice one, I might add) that I was going to watch MDC because I personally see volume declining on down days (red sticks) and increasing on the black sticks. To me this is smelling very much like a reverse H&S in the making. I want to ensure I keep watching this because to me it's really exciting to be able to catch a reversal this early in the pattern.

And I saw it all by myself.

I'm so proud. Unless, of course it just turns around and heads south again.

By the way DG, I read your post this morning on YGE and really liked it but I got in to Vancouver at 4:30 this morning and didn't get up until the market had been open for over an hour. Too late to the party. Nice, nice call. I congratulate you. If I had a sword I'd knight you.

CAH from Jeff's list. Looks like it's finishing up its rally. Shooting star and a bearish engulfing candle forming today.

MDC about about .20 from my line in the sand as well.....

Anybody else in BIIB? What crazy price action today.

I keep hoping BIIB will give us a little Christmas Goose here before earnings. I don't know what all the volatility's about today. Maybe it's a bunch of people posturing for earnings. I like the volume on the up days compared to the down days... so I'm going to stick around for a few more days. Might sell all but a couple of contracts and ride out earnings, if volume on up days continues to be energetic.

Any suggestions about % portfolio heat and number of positions?

I currently have 14 positions open but with a minimal amount of contracts (an avg of 2-4).... should I increase my risk tolerance for each trade and get more contracts (cutting my # of positions to 8 or 9)? or leave it as it is? My portfolio risk is at 10% right now and I want to bump it up. I know its up to me, but hopefully some of you can share.

Your input would be appreciated.

I've been learning so much from this blog and have been growing my acct thanks to Jeff and everyone here. So I vow to "try" and contribute more!

FFIV might be a good entry for some here if it closes above $43

CTEL would have been nice, but there was no way on god's green earth that any of us would have taken the trade ahead of time. Besides today's action comes on volume that is 59,113% of normal. FIFTY NINE THOUSAND PERCENT!!! It's like a Grundle... only bigger.

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