The video will not load up. anybody else?

Have you taken a look at cf it was down big this morning and it bounced up good sign I hope.

Also PBR is looking like it made it across the bar

Hey jeff maybe the revver people are trading your ideas before they post it, they found out how good you are
David S

It appears I'm not the only one that has been busy the last couple of days.

LM looks like a decent PUT play right now.

VIP - Jeff I was surprised that it made it on your market cast list due to earnings coming out tomorrow. Is this a hold over candidate? I was thinking about playing the straddle but don't have the money in the account right now to do it. Any thoughts?



I think the volitility in the straddle would kill you when it dumps out tomorrow unless it makes a big move. If I were to play it I would look to position size very small 1/4 percent of the account and use it like a lottery ticket. I did enter a put on the sym triangle on CME today. I put an order in last night that if it broke the resistance line would trigger. Broke the line went up a little and has been falling all day ;-) Picture perfect (for now) I am looking to get 80% of the triangle and get out. Also jumped into GT yesterday on the slight pull back. We will see how that goes.

For all of the Mastertalk guys and gals NFLX had a nice pop today ;-)

Tom D in Des Moines, Iowa

Tom D,
I like the look of CME's triangle, but I see it as still forming... no break-out that I can see. The only thing that looks certain is it falling down to the bottom of the triangle which will be around $530. Am I missing something?

Gary, LM looks like it may have hit some resistance at $95 and if you look back over the year that seems to be a bit of generic resistance/support quite frequently. If it breaks below $94 I'd jump in, especially if volume starts to pick up.

CG is continuing it's upward trend after a bit of a breather yesterday. MLM looks to me like it could be running out of gas. It still has a couple of days before it hits it's diagonal support line, but I'm taking my mittens off so I can hit the eject button if need be.

Chris and Catherine

PS the video is still telling me to come back later. I just finished yelling at my cell provider and am in a foul mood. If the video doesn't show up soon I'm going to give someone else a piece of my mind, and the snowmen have all melted. Better let the cats out before it's too late.

Chris and Catherine,

That is what I am seeing in CME also, just a bounce off of the resistance and hopefully back 80% of the distance to it's dia. support. I see the DOW extended and I have alot of Longs going right now. Felt that if CME touched resistance I could use it as a bit of a hedge and pick up some quick cash. If I was wrong, I figured I would know by the end of the day and the market would be going up. I am trading what I see, and I am not seeing too many Short plays setting up. Kind of scares me to be soo long after the market has crept higher for what 5-6 days now. Trying to let the winners run and am getting the usual pull backs on some positions, hard not to pull the trigger and get out of X, PCP, RS, GT ect. They are all good trenders, but without a hedge a day like the 27th would make me kill a snowman with a blow torch.

Tom D

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