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I've been experimenting with the blog today since the market has left me with nothing else to do. In the right hand column below my archives, I have added a media library with all the Marketcast episodes. I even created our new logo. However, none of them will play yet. Sweet!

Kind of reminds me about this video I spent an hour creating today only to have it not upload (Revver refuses to return my calls). I am putting in all these useless hours creating all this crap that doesn't work.
I'll continue to work these issues out. Option Addict to the rescue!


Every effort is worth, pls. do not be discouraged. Will look forward to the Marketcast Archives.

Have a great day and stay energetic as always!!



I wrote about this months ago, but just a reminder. I think it would be a cool idea if there was a group of us that got together and went to the CBOE. Do they have tours?

Also check out IFN, for a nice double bottom off a long term trend line support, easier too see with line chart.

GRMN is parked on support with a spinning top.

GLBL is flagging near a 52 week high with some big volume coming in, stock looks realy extended though

I really don't see FDS as breaking down yet, however the volume action on 3/20, isn't reassuring. However, I thought the same thing with MA, but it's still bounced for a good trade.

Marc in Asheville

AMAT had nice breakout today


Some brokers have tour to the cboe. I think the cboe even has classes where you mock trade next to the market makers (not really sure)


I don't know if you knew this or not, but YouTube hosts all of Jeff's videos, including the one that didn't post to the blog yesterday.

Hey Brett:

I see older videoes but not the most recent one. can you post the link?

David S

got it thanks
David S

retest BWLD yesterday and today??

Earnings coming up and look at that 3.3% drop on strong and increasing volume. I'm predicting a big drop on earnings.

I won't touch it with a ten foot pole, mind you.

Chris and Catherine

PS Jeff, what email address do we use to ask a question on (sound of music... duh, duh, duh,... sound of more music) Marketcast?



the address is


Jeff -

Another thank you for all the hard work you put into this blog. We all appreciate it very much!

Anyone else in MON? Any thoughts? Time to bail if it closes below 57?

Dallas, Texas

I am in MON too and PCAR just stopped out on me. Others like JBX are getting close. My original stop for MON was 56.3 and I have not moved it so that is where I am until close. Anyone getting into downside plays today and if so what? I have not been able to be near my computer for the past several days and then it that is.
Bob H.

Thank you, Brett, for the video address.
Jeff, another great video! Thanks for all your hard work.

Trent, I don't live far from Dallas. I plan to attend Advanced Technicals and Advanced Options this fall. Have you attended these classes?


I am looking at FLML, INFY and the notorious RATE to the downside. They are all at resistance. I can't take credit for them. They have been mentioned already on the blog.

OOPS! I just took INFY off the list. Earnings are Friday, so I will look for another trade.
PCAR is taking a hit, but LEH is finally going in the right direction.

Anyone jump on the CTSH double top this morning on the gap down?

How about FDS?

I got in both FDS and CSTH (got knocked out of being long on CTSH the other day- so now i hope to make up a small loss...), also got some ATI calls right at $111..

Sweet Bob! Let's roll buddy!

You smoking POT too?

Also, and this goes for everyone: I'm not going to say this again...if you miss the boat on SNDA you're going to have to hear about if for a good long while.

Arggghh..I missed POT..need to wait for a new entry.

And I am still in and long on X, PCP, TEX, and just sold my Arpil calls on BNI (great trade) and sold half my GRP calls.....another good trade..

Sold my BWLD calls on the 5th,(bought them in 3/19) watching for another good entry..

I took Chris and Catherines advice and bought VIP on the dip :) We will see what happens. Also riding TSO to new highs
LEAP is looking good for a bounce

David S

Maybe BEAVer is on the move today....Hope so my patience is running thin on this one..



What do you see on SNDA that I don't....

Some good chatter going on today! I wish I had more time to be in the game.

Is anyone still in ATI? It's pausing a little and reminds me of PCP a little.

Also WCG - was I crazy not to get out of the trade when it came back up to it's previous high?

I'm getting better at spotting when to get into these trades (waiting on Beav to end of day) but not necessarily when to get out - particularly when they are at 52 week highs. I do have a stop on them, so I guess ultimately I know when to get out, but it's the $75 - 100 drop in value during that period that I really question.


P.S. - go ahead and be a HOG today, it might make you happy!

David S,
Don't put the VIP thing on us. We just announces 'em like we sees 'em. But it'll be interesting to see what happens on earnings.

Bob R, I'm not sold on the BEAV yet. It faked a breakout this morning but has pulled back and volume's not good. I'm very wary of this one. But good POT is not hard to find, my friend. I'd still take this trade. It makes large moves and I wouldn't be surprised to see this one keep going for a bit.

Anyone else think TSO could be running out of steam? There are so many good stocks out there right now that I'm tempted to take my 90% in a week, and run. I think it could take a break for a while, and I'd like to get in to SNDK so Brett can't gloat (like I like to do) without me gloating too.

Brett. you're looking like a genius on FDS (again), so I'm thinking you might be right on RATE, too. Just might punch the eject button on this one today.

Sarah, thanks for the email address.

Chris and Catherine


i am still in ATI, and added to my position a bit when it bounced off $111 earlier today..

Also still in PCP and letting it ride along with X..

C & C..I hear ya on BEAV, I got in on it 4/2....waiting for it to show me some love now...

H'mmmm ..I suppose good POT is a good thing....and apparantly not too hard to find...

Still trying to figure out SNDA...

I was joking on vip. Gary, stocks move like the tide on the ocean they go up and down. I am also on WCG but look at the trend, lets say you bought in at 70 if you would have gotten out when it hit $80 that was also a 52 week high then you would have never made the new 52 week high. I use to think that way too, you have to wait until the trend reverses in order to get out. Do not try to pick tops or bottoms it does not work.

Tso i would not get out either wait until you get a lower low or break in the trend. You have to learn to give profits away temporarily and trade the chart.
No one knows where the stock is going just put odds in your favor.

Just my opinion :)
David S

David S,
I'll tell my lawyer to stand down. Glad VIP's not on your radar. I hear what you're saying about TSO. I've let a few winners run and it's been worth it. I just hate to watch it re-trace a bit while some other hot ones start their run. What is it that Jeff says? The two things that will kill you are greed and... something else. Apple pie? nope, nope.... um, Baseball?... nope. Can't remember. Hmmmm that's not good, if I don't know what'll kill me I can't watch out for it, can I?

By the way, I'm up today, overall. My Iron chicken on MA is within a whisker (not that chickens have whiskers, of course) of breaking through the $110 part of my channel, but it seems to be holding strong. Don't think all this stress is worth the twenty five bucks I made on the trade.

HOORAY!!! The marketcasts are on the sidebar now!! Thanks Jeff. I loooooove the marketcast. Especially the PLKT debacle. How on earth can a stock trade for -.25? That's what my company would trade for if I had one. I'd pay people to own my stock. But that's just the kind of guy I am.

Chris and Catherine


If you don't see a trade on SNDA, DON'T TAKE IT! I don't think today is a perfect entry, but i do see a flag break from a week or so ago and a nice new support level forming.

WCG is great, why would you exit?

C & C

I will respectfully disagree with you on TSO and it running out of steam while it is currently up nearly another $3.00 as I write this. Just when I think it is losing steam it does what it is doing today. I have been in this since the beginning of March and added to my position on 3/28. Maybe taking some of the position is the right idea if you think it could do better. I will personally let this train ride on until it does slow down. Good luck.


Thanks Brett..but a bit too late....

I saw the flag breakout on 3/30 after getting my head out of my you know what and took the trade earlier today coming back up through $26.90...

Disagreeing with me is the best way to make money. This is why I love this blog. I think you're right, and I've been through this many times before. Letting your winners run is usually the best thing to do. Getting out of crap (oops, can I say that, Jeff?) like Iron Chickens and RATE is where I should get my money to jump in to SNDK, and FSLR and stuff.

Chris and Catherine

I don't think I'm out of line in suggesting we should all be GLBL right about now.

The only thing running out of steam is my mouse clicker from raising my stop on TSO. If you exit TSO, PCP, WCG, X or any other of these strong trending stocks without a damn good reason you should have your head examined.

Mine needs examining anyway. Someone tell Catherine to put the hammer away.


PS I'm in for the long haul.

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